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  1. Here is one that sounds like it's very similar GC1ATHZ
  2. We often cache in a group - it really depends upon the day or. more often, how many skeeters are lurking about. Sometimes we all sign - sometimes we all find and then make one poor person stand still and sign for us all as the rest of us smack off the attckers.
  3. Exactly Who knows what the background time was for each of you but it is what it is - the end result - 2 new EC's that offer something new to learn in a beautiful setting - WAHOOOOOOOO! Take a deep breath, exhale and go cachin!
  4. Thanks Genegene - I remember that one. I agree the hard part is that so many people, most in fact, really do put the effort in and earn the smiley. I just have a hard time deleting a find because I try very hard to remember this is a game and it should be treated as such and not taken so seriously - just MHO. I have had cachers make comments about doing the cache and the next or last cacher didn't complete all of it and they were not to happy that the smiley was still there - I completely understand and they have every right to mention it. I feel it says more about the cacher than anything else and truly affects me very little in the big picture - it's the whole being fair to everyone thing that just tends to bug me and instigates my "delete" trigger finger - although as a softee (apparently not as much at TerryDad2 ) it happens very little - actually, once - I guess there are worse things we could be known for.
  5. Excuse me? I know my professor made us chew on rock slivers to "feel" the difference between a clay or sand majority in the specimen - but, lick a building?
  6. we always try to respond - especially when someone is kind enough to email prior to logging The usual response "good answers, hope you had fun" Sometimes if they are way off OR if they ask to be told if they are right or wrong, I'll send the correct answers along with the reply. A lot depends upon the cacher's email to us.
  7. So, the common question comes about - what makes you delete a find? Some of our EC's are a little harder - you will need to crawl around on the rocks and find the locations of what we have described (honestly, who wouldn't want to do that!! ) In our description we say upfront - it's not the right or wrong we are looking for - it's the " I read it and tried my best" that we want. There are some who try and the answers are wrong - no big deal - I reply thanking them for trying and tell them how they did, etc. Hopefully this way they will learn something new and have a little fun. THEN, there are the ones - I forgot to take a picture, I didn't want to get out of the car so I took a picture while driving by (its a bike path along a 2 lane highway), or the ones who log and never send anything at all. I admit, I am a softee and I have only deleted one log because it was obvious he had never been there. What do you do?
  8. RubyHunter - go to the NYCRG link and check out our next breakfast location (7/13/08) - we usually do some group caching afterwards. http://www.geocachingny.org/ look for the "semi-noisy, lots of laughing going on" group in the back of the restaurant - just walk right inand sit in the middle of the biggest table and say "hi" - we're a pretty friendly group. Once people get to know you a bit you'll have more caching partners than you know what to do with. We've done a couple of those night caches you are talking about - Be Happy is easy, the other nearby one is about 2 1/2 - 3 hours in the woods and ~3 miles of walking and stream jumping.
  9. We have various EC's with different logging requirements, almost all require a camera and unless we are convinced you were there, it's not up for debate - read the cache page and be prepared, we've all run our for a disposable when needed Old sand dunes - use GPS to measure height difference and take a photo (so they don't just topozone it) Intrusive feature - find and photograph a xenolith, find and photo "marble stew" Gneiss or Granite - both are throughout the park - read the info we gave and tell us what you see, phot some feldspar, etc Erosional feature (we wrote this for someone else) - measure the width of the land strip and using a pretermined erosional rate, tell us how long it will be until the stream breaks through and forms an oxbow. Photo a depositional zone. Sedimentary feature - find and photo mud cracks and drip stone Folding feature - measure the fold and determine the length of the section prior to folding - photo the fold. photo the vein
  10. When we called on a couple of NY ones along public routes we were told by NYS DOT that permission was not needed on any public thoroughfare PROVIDED it was not a limited use highway that prohibited stopping for anything but emergencies. Rest stop pullover, roadsides, etc were fine because we were not leaving anything behind as is the case for a regular cache.
  11. too funny - you never know how the words that come out of your mouth are heard by another. We had the same thing when a friend from Austraila came over a few years back - some of her common phrases were socially unacceptable here. On the other hand when we finished dinner one night and the unmarried 16 yr old at the table said she was "stuffed", our Aussie friend was in shock - apparently what we say to mean we are "full from eating" - they use for "pregnant"! OOPS!
  12. Yes, that would be what happens when one types too fast prior to having enough coffee....will change that...pretty funny though! NYCRG 6th Annual Picnic Event
  13. We have had the same situation - several caches that we have found have led us to an interesting spot that were great spots. The traditional did not make a difference for us - it was the EC across the street that conflicted - we just needed to get the "ok" from that EC owner (easy) AND Geoaware gave us some leeway on the distance because the features of our EC were different AND we made sure the EC was more involved. I was not aware that a traditional could impact an EC - we have many around here that overlap because there is no container to be found at the EC.
  14. I agree - being a rocknerd myself I tend to get all happy about the backround info and then my other half reads it and tones it down a couple of notches. Having a classroom of students to run it by sounds like a great tool! We really enjoy giving the backround info and then having cachers search to find a corresponding area. Keeping some of the terms in there while not overloading the geek speak is key but, be careful of getting info on line - its not all reliable. There are many local teachers (college and HS) who also may be able to lend a hand -most of us Geo's love talking "rock" and always welcome the chance when someone is interested (especially since we can sometimes overload our other half's with rock talk ).
  15. We also like the idea of categories based upon the geologic element. Our EC's encompass glacial, metamorphic, sedimentary, etc. This will encourage a larger variety and hopefully a better quality of EC's. Although we have caught some grief about our harder EC's (can't just pull up and read a sign to get your info) we really feel cachers will learn more if they need to read, think, and find. A quality/difficulty/content type of requirement could be useful as well.
  16. Check out the link below for info on the NYCRG event picnic - all geocachers are welcome and it's always a great time!! NYCRG 6th Annual Picnic Eveny
  17. We'd love to see a MEGA event in the area - we didn't attend GW6 ut GW5 was simple a fairgrounds area near a cache dense area - there ahas to be similar areas in NY somewhere between Albany and Westchester. Post on a couple of local forums outside of your area of NY (NYGO, NYCRG, LIGO, etc) as well as Westchester and get the buzz started...then ask for location suggestions....then committees........ If you post it MANY will come
  18. we have the same question - we are holding an event and we want to do something new. It's usually a fairly large turnout (80 - 100 people) kids and adults. We do the poker run, ice breaker bingo, etc. We are looking for a game that involves finding a cache but somehow you will need to talk to other cachers to get info for each step - in other words something to make everyone talk to each other and help the newbies get into the group. Maybe asking a question and saying which cacher does XYZ - then a choice of three or four answers - each one leading to a different cache final - only one of which has the log book. Any ideas?
  19. ....your sister plans her wedding on the same day of an event you want to attend and you actually ask her if she can move the wedding and don't undertsnad why she doesn't see your point!
  20. We did Geolobo's Limerick cache while attending his and Bluegirls Mid-Winter Event in Long Lake, NY (which was SOOOOOO much fun - we need to do a summer one too...hint) anyway to get back on track - there were 6 of us caching that day that headed off to this one together. We had a great time laughing at each others ability (or lack there of) to come up with a rhyme of any kind. This was a great idea for a cache and gave us all a good laugh.
  21. We have found a couple of these throughout the Adirondacks in Upstate, NY. Some used projections from a point on shore - others had descriptions to get you there. Some were hidden in Nalgene containers, others required a crayon on a waterproof piece of paper anchored to the bottom. The tricky part can be holding the apparatus while you sign and then getting it rehooked correctly - but, that's also the fun part.
  22. Our coins just arrived!!!! We're like kids at Christmas - thanks to everyone who ordered through cointracking or privately - we will be mailing out all paid orders tomorrow.
  23. Living in NY and caching througout NY, NJ, CT, MA, etc - We run into many caches hidden on or near stone walls. Most of the ones we have chosen to do state "no need to move any rocks to find cache", "NOT hidden IN wall - do not touch wall", "hidden NEAR, not IN wall", etc. There was one in the Syracuse area that we recently decided not to do - not only was it hidden in a stone wall, the stone wall was part of a historic site. Although we just moved on and didn't post a note - several others posted a note regarding the choice of location - GC15RWG. The day we were there it was obvious some type of searching had been done on the wall and the site is also on a very busy corner in plain sight. Although I don't like the idea of imposing rules on a hobby such as ours - as cachers, we do need to be repsonsible and remember to hide and search responsibly - taking care not to disturb or destory. Just our 2 cents.
  24. Good question - we should have added that. The answer is yes. Oh yeah, and thanks to AtlantaGal for adding the link - like we said, we're new to this!!
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