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  1. Phil&Phil2008

    Any Point?

    Hi all, Is there any point in connecting my GPS 60 to a computer other then for downloading maps and cords?
  2. Ditto, good thing no-one mentioned LPC's!
  3. Instant Access . It is KILLING ME! It's only rated like a 2, I just can't find it!
  4. Hi, Dad and I we'll probably buy, can you hold it for like 3 hrs (Max). Thanks, Phil
  5. Hi all, Was caching when my Vista must have fallen out into the leaves, the leaves are so deep, we aren't even going to attempt to find it. Anyone got a free, or cheap, GPS for sale?
  6. Hahahha... I guess you 2 are right.. alright I'm dumb.. thanks!
  7. Go for it, tell others to make sure the seal isn't broken
  8. Thanks guys! Phil Jr, PS-No I haven't found any, just great ideas. (have read 'bout them though!)
  9. Hi all, Dad and I are (were) making two caches, I just realized they would make an awesome muti! So what is the protocol for a multi? Do you put a log in each stage, or just at the final? I'm planning on a four-stage multi, is this allowed? Thanks, Phil Jr.
  10. No need to send em back, the numbers just need 'adjusting'. So...I should contact them?
  11. Hi Briansnat! Maybe socks is a good idea.
  12. Oh and if the markings are meant to be gone by the time they're surplus, should I notify the store I bought 'em from to send them back?
  13. Yeah, that should do. It doesnt have to be completelyunreadable, it just needs to be obvious that you intended to 'destroy' the number, which marks the can officially expended. Most of the time our armourers just give it a once over with black paint. It's just a quick drippy bad paint blast, but it gets the point across. K, thanks man.
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