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Combining hobbies when making a geocache


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This comes to mind since I recently made a geocache that combines... well... geocaching... with one of my other hobbies of making string figures.


Check out "String Figure It Out".


Other than that... I've been trying to come up with a way to combine chainmail with a geocache (at least in a manner different than my signature item being chainmail-based, as well as my FTF prizes), but haven't come up with anything useful. Possibly covering an ammo-can in chainmail... but that really doesn't have much to do with the actual method to finding the cache, or any kind of puzzle or anything.


But... random ponderings aside... how do other people combine geocaching with other hobbies? Links if possible to caches that do just that :surprise:.

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Not sure if this would count as a "hobby", more of a fascination really. Anyways, I really like places that most people know nothing about (abandoned, middle-of-nowhere, hard to get to, ext.) I've made one geocache (GC10T4C) that is located on one end of a long-forgotten airstrip. Now houses have been built over most of it, but very few people know about it. The few that do know that it exists (or used to) don't have a definite reason what it was even used for. The latest conclusion is that it was used by the CIA/FBI in the '60s to fly in & use as a safehouse for illegal german immigrants that the government smuggled in to use as US spies. So yeah, that's my "hobby" cache!


*info edit

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This may not really be one of my many hobbies but.... We have placed two caches that have history themes. The first one is the cache at our house, it has a driving tour with descriptions of the historical features near our house. The other is a puzzle micro, the puzzle is not real hard but it requires you to read a bit about the historical marker that the cache is placed on. To me getting the puzzle micro would be worth it. I made it a puzzle because micros are not real fun (IMHO) but if you get some lerni'n in that is better than any mctoy ever made.


On my puzzle micro I enjoy the logs that state "Drove by here many times. Never knew there was a marker here."


The cache at our house gets lots of compliments on the driving tour. Many logs are from people who grew up in the area and remember some of the points of interest. They make me feel good to read about how the cache has brought back childhood memories.

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For me, Geocaching naturally goes with hiking, biking, sightseeing, vacationing, and business travel.


Toss in Jeeping and recreational travel, and you got my planned geocaching adventures.

A few times a year I go for daily trail rides with my local Jeep Club, then plan to stay an extra day (or go a day early) to geocache the area.

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Check out "String Figure It Out".


Cool puzzle! I'll have to try this out when my co-crab is home.


I laughed at this log:

Satefy tip from Safety OHMIC:

Do not use rubber bands for this!!!

I think that anyone who has a cat (and tries to solve it while the cat is in the room) will end up with "R", regardless of whether they follow the instructions correctly or not :mad:

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Great Topic


I combine geocaching with a few hobbies of mine. I'm a big fan of historical treasures found in my area.


I did lots of research, and placed four geocaches in LA County's only Ghost Town.


The Llano Del Rio Geocache

The Treasure Trove (LDR Farm Operation)

The Treasure (Limekiln Ruins)

The Treasure Limekiln Ruins #2


I spent two years doing research to complete my Operation Wreckhunter series, which highlights military aircraft crash sites.


Operation Wreckhunter

F6F-5K Hellcat Drone Wrecksite

EA3B / P38 Crash site

The Last Flight of the Hercules

C46A Commando Crash Site


Almost half of my caches relate to my love of hiking and the outdoors.

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Fishing is my most favorite activity after geocaching. Two of my six hides have involved the fishing theme.

Take A Kid Fishing, (GC13KNA), and Rainbows and Browns, (GC14ZN3). My next two will also be hides to take geocachers to two of my favorite launch ramp and bank fishing spots.

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A few of our caches are based on some of our hobbies/passions:


My son and I enjoy a good game of chess so we created Tour de Equus.

I'm a pinball enthusiast (aka pinhead) so I created Bumper Cache.

We're all big Lord Of The Rings/Tolkien fans which inspired The Road to Mt. Doom.

Our love of dogs inspired our newest multi-cache, K9 Walkabout.

Finding Nano came from our love for fresh water fishing.

We combined our love of humor, with the puzzle geek in me, and my wife's passion for writing, to come up with Reveal Parmesan. We're hoping to release a sequel at some point.


Now to figure out how to create a cache based on another passion of ours, ...local microbrew appreciation! :grin:

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I just looked at our list of caches, and it appears that our biggest hobby is... plagiarism.


One third of them (7 out of 20) either continuations of concepts started by someone else (GZ: Equidistant, Crabby Gas Saver, Return to Tradition #8 and Return to Tradition #11), or part of a group series (Stargate P4271 and Green Monster - Harvard), or an outright copy (Hermit Crab Eggs).


(At least we always give credit on the cache pages to the people with the original ideas :grin:)

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Love your string trick.

I've worked out plans for one to combine my love of gardening and geocaching. Don't think I'll ever place it though. It's a puzzle cache and people don't go so much for the puzzles around here.


Where in NY are you, I love puzzles and if it's a reasonable drive from 16365, I'm in! hehe

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Love your string trick.

I've worked out plans for one to combine my love of gardening and geocaching. Don't think I'll ever place it though. It's a puzzle cache and people don't go so much for the puzzles around here.


Where in NY are you, I love puzzles and if it's a reasonable drive from 16365, I'm in! hehe


pretty far -Central New York -about five hours. We'd stop in Warren to shop at Blair outlet when visiting brother at (Fredonia) college. Now if you ever decide to come to Cooperstown...

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Now if I can just figure out how to incorporate guitar playing.


You could design a puzzle based on guitar chords




Sure! even it's it simply lines equating numbers, First string, second, etc.


I'm afraid that working with notes might call down ET's mother ship. Dah dah dah...da...dahhhhhhh!!!



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That's funny one of the pics in my gallery is titled: Mixing Hobbies




I routinely use my board on bike-path caches.

I guess it goes without saying I combine photography as well.

dadgum man, just looking at that picture makes me feel like falling down and breaking something. The fact that you managed to take that picture without falling on your a** is amazing :o

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One thing I said before starting this hobby, was that now I would have something I could do with all the crap I find while METAL DETECTING! Leave it in geocaches! I find matchbox cars, junk jewelry, nice jewelry, tokens, toys, I have bags of stuff. I think I'll have to make up a cache with all that stuff in it. Or spread it out over a few caches.

Thanks for getting me thinking about this again!

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I love playing cards. Bridge, poker, hearts, spades, pitch, canasta... Problem is that it is hard to get people interested in playing card games these days unless it is poker. My first (and only cache right now) is a tribute to that and to try and promote the classics more. In the cache is a set of Copag playing cards that are not for trade, but for cachers to sit down and play a quick game if they like before continuing on. The cache is Shoot the Moon (GC13X0Q)

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