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  1. A print out will do fine for your first cache hunt. Later on, if you really get into it, then you may want to consider going paperless. Also, for you first hunt, I would reccomend looking for caches with low difficulty (1 or 1½ stars.)
  2. Any photos you add to a Travel Bug page will also be added to your gallery.
  3. I don't know about where you live, but around here, only a small percentage have stickers on them.
  4. GC4D03 La Raza del Sol (at the end of the Cat Walk Trail, near Glenwood New Mexico) Edit: fix link
  5. Will it still work if you tape the prepaid envelope to a brick?
  6. No, sorry. This feature is only for caches that you have posted a will attend note to. ie Events, and CITO's. I think you are confusing "plan to attend", with "plan to find".
  7. Plan to attend refers to Geocaching events, and CITO events that you have posted a will attend log to. Edit: fix spelling error
  8. You might want to check out this thread. There are many talented artist's aroud here. Maybe someone will design one for you http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=72689
  9. It's a nice paint job, but I can't help but wonder where you will hide it. On a Navajo blanket perhaps?
  10. Your collage is very cool, maybe you could set it as the background image, on you cache page.
  11. You could move to Alaska, the UV ray's arent nearly as strong there.
  12. You should just leave one piece in each cache. This way the collecters will have to hunt around to gather all four pieces.
  13. If you leave your point A waypoint loaded in your GPS. head off on a bearing of 118° (your reverse azimuth). When your GPS says that you are 408 feet, bearing 298. You are at point B. This is how I used to do it with my old Explorist 200. My new Legend C can project a waypoint, but I still use this technique, as it saves time.
  14. Oops, I stand corrected. If you only have the distances from the known two points, there will be two possible solutions. One on each side of the line between the two known points.
  15. The unknown corner could be calculated either by distance, or bearing. No need for both.
  16. Did you mean biggest cache, or biggest cache container? Just in case you really meant biggest cache, I am Submitting this one. Assateague Lighthouse
  17. Are you sure the TB isn't there? I've seen TB's logged into caches, where the cache is actually in the ziploc with the TB.
  18. I use personalized dominoes, and refrigerator magnets.
  19. And if it's not the same spot. Check to see that your GPS is set to WGS 84 datum.
  20. You will have better luck in the Midwest Forums
  21. I have personalized dominoes, and refrigerator magnets.
  22. I think they do, I get strange readings too, when around power lines
  23. Most people I know think I'm pretty weird anyhow. So this is just another drop in the bucket.
  24. I've been having the same problem for months. After sending several E-mails, Eventually I got this response on December 8th Did you notice the priority level? Maybe you will have better luck then me. There was also another incident where a member was having a similar problem. His problem was handled quickly. See old thread here
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