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  1. I would play if I could use my GPS enabled netbook. Do they have any plans to make a player that can be used on a regular computer?
  2. Harbor freight usually has a small hand held detector. metal detector I use something similar when I am pinpointing targets in the ground when I am detecting.
  3. When you hide one on private property make sure that you explain explicitly that you have permission. Also try to hide it in a spot that the people looking for it will not think people are watching or could be suprised by someone. It is also a good idea to clearly mark the cache location and use a giveaway hint. These types of hides are not the opportunity to hide a difficult cache. Make it fun. I have people knock on my door and say hi. Have fun with your hide. Make it unique in someway. Mine is a 50cal ammo can hidden in an irrigation pipe. The headgate covers it perfectly.
  4. I have used a metal detector when hunting for caches in the winter. I see nothing wrong with it. It does not guarantee success. One of the caches was an ammo can and I couldn't find it. When I went back a few weeks ago I found it with no snow on the ground. So I say go for it. It's not cheating its geocaching.
  5. Call me crazy but I like it when my cache becomes part of some game. Many of the logs beat the tar out of TFTC SL. I try to avoid naming my caches with names that start with "The" or "A". I do that to try and help out the people trying to find the alphabet. I can't really imagine someone not wanting their cache to be book marked.
  6. I made it. It was a request from a local cacher. It is the first concrete cache that I made. I can imagine that they will get better as I get some experience.
  7. Your reviewer may have something to say about it, as well. Unless the new cache is significantly different, they may call you on it if you decide to create a new cache in the same spot that is essentially the same as the previous hide. I think I should have said that from that point on when I consider a new cache I pay particular attention to a durable hide. My problem with the cache I archived was the camo kept coming apart. I took it as a learning experience. I get a kick out of new containers and camo. When I come up with a new camo job I make it a point to pay particular attention to it. I won't hide any other caches for a few weeks until I am certain the hide is going to last as is. I really don't want to be a problem cacher.
  8. I feel like I have let someone down if I have to archive a cache. Like I didn't do a good job selecting a hiding spot. After I archived one of my caches I really try hard to come up with a suitable container and spot.
  9. First sorry for your loss. I hope your family is doing OK. Second. That is great that you found those. It is so cool to see TB come back into circulation after a long vacation. You may know someone who caches. Perhaps someone at work. I am sure that they would like to take them from you and get them back into a cache. Finding another geocacher might be your best bet as it seems the two people that own those bugs are no longer caching. But having activity on their bugs might get them interested again. Thanks again
  10. I think that is a false and unfair stereotype. Well I would say that many cache thiefs have been shown the booty box by someone they know. I took some cousins along on a cache trip in their home town and latter learned that they returned to take items from the cache. I had a cache thief in my neighborhood who was shown my cache by their older brother. It took several call to the mother to get the activity to stop. I did manage to get the several TB's back. I seen another cache that ended up missing immediately following a scout troop visiting it. Although it can not be proven, my experience says that one or more scouts returned with out their leader. Another cache here that went missing was near a park. When the last few people to hunt it were there the kids from the skate park would yell "You won't find it". So my experience says mums the word around kids you do not have absolute control over.
  11. Oh so correct. I have had someone try to hunt one of my caches while on a different datum. They were across the road from the cache. This will get you every time.
  12. It depends on the vibe I get. Sometimes I will try to hunt for the cache while they are there. I have on occasion shown the cache to someone near by. Most people will leave the cache alone and will leave you alone. I have seen logs on my caches where the finder showed it to a muggle. The cache is still there and is actually not a bad hide with nice swag. If it is anyone under the age of 21 then I would leave and not bother. Teenagers and kids have a tendency to steal the caches or at least the items in them.
  13. I am OK with the occasional cache being detonated. It is just a risk in this game. I just don't want to see the game harmed with these rare instances. We should all evaluate our geocaches periodically for environmental impact and the effectiveness of the camouflage. Both of these things affect our image in the public eye or lack of image in their eye.
  14. When I do cache maintenance I pull the log and scan it into my computer. I then post the picture to the cache page. I don't necessarily check every signature but if someone has a habit of not signing everyone will be able to see that. I usually have to check my caches once within the first week or so. If it is a nano then I pull the log after I see about 20 found it logs. When I post my maintenance log and post the picture then I can tell about how often before I have to replace it. Bigger caches can go longer unless I get an email or see a log mentioning problems with the cache.
  15. I have an acer netbook that I use with MS S&T. I can load my pocket queries from it into my hand held. The streets and trips is nice because I can create a route with the caches that I load into it. It is especially handy when you are planning a numbers run in town. It is also very nice when you are planning to hit a few on the trail. I give my navigation unit to my mother because the netbook is the perfect size and is much more powerful.
  16. Here is another one I just made today. It is a decon container wearing a guilie suit. HEHE
  17. Here are a couple of mine. The gum caches turn out to be entertaining for folks. Not real hard but a bit entertaining. The preying mantis cache is cool because some people don't want to touch bug type things. When it is hidden in a bit of a shadow it is a very good illusion.
  18. Ok, I'll bite - what is the significance of that particular symbol? Royalty free logo of all things geocaching.
  19. This was seen this Monday about 30 feet from a cache.
  20. My caching partner (6yo daughter) makes great cover. If you have a kid you can do all kids of crazy things. LPC's are a breeze with her. I lift, she grabs. Its done in one continuous motion that takes less than 5 seconds. When we spot the cache we make bold sure movements so we don't look suspicious. Don't look around when you are making your move, you should have done that when you got out of the car. OH, and after all that I have said, people still wonder what the heck you are doing. I found a cache a few months ago that was entertaining. It was a micro near a repair garage. While I was parked and making notes on the cache the owner came out to ask if I had fixed something. I said "NO". He then asked what I was doing. I then had to spill the beans. I showed him the cache and told him that he could laugh at the crazy cachers. He mimicked exactly what people do when being stealthy about finding micros. Boy his hands were all over that bus stop. I had to laugh. All the Stealthy behavior of previous cachers had been burned into this guys mind. He must have thought crazy people are on the loose.
  21. I agree with the op that there are too many micro's some areas. My personal goal is to hide and equal amount of trading caches as I have micros. I also do not hide Micro caches that are normal micro hides. I try to disguise the micro cache as something so that it is more interesting to find. I have a couple of hides that I get complimented on quite regularly either for the container or the creativity in hiding bigger caches in town. It is possible to hide large caches in town. You can also make them difficult to spot and make the hunt very fun.
  22. I tried to place the bolts back into place, but I don't bring along anything to replace bolts. sbell111, In my mind if there is noticeable damage to an area then yes cachers most likely did it. My reasoning is that even if it wasn't cachers the fact that there is a cache there will bring suspicion upon our hobby. So to be good stewards of our hobby then we need to be sensitive to damage done near caches weather it is done by cachers or non-cachers. I am sorry that you are offended by the assumption that damage is done by cachers. In my mind we need to look at this from the angle of conserving the image of our hobby. Not the angle that it was always someone else.
  23. Is it too far out of the realm to think that maybe someone was doing maintenance on the irrigation system and isn't yet finished? I guess anything is possible. If I were in charge of that crew I would not be happy about them leaving the bolts out laying on the ground. It makes me believe that another cacher has done it. It is also possible that I am more sensitive to seeing damage than most people. I care about the sport and when I see something that could make us look bad it makes me sick. I emailed the cache owner and asked them to go check it out. I may be a pain in the rear. My personal feelings are not to hide caches that are difficult near any equipment that can be damaged. So I will continue to hide caches in my style and alert folks when I think I see damage to an area.
  24. Minor rant. No Geocide just a small self righteous rant. Why is it that people feel the need to tear something apart in order to find a difficult cache? When I come up to a cache and notice that the area is torn apart I generally stop hunting that cache and try to notify the owner. I would like to see cache owners temporarily disable such caches and check out the area for themselves. They know what the area looked like when they hid it and can judge weather the cache should be archived. Yesterday I went to a cache and it appears that someone has undone bolts on access panels and left them laying on the ground. Some of the other access panels were ajar. These were access panels for an irrigation system. If someone feels the need to make hides like this then they need to offer up a small hint like " No extra tools are needed" or make the hint helpful. The high difficulty urban hides are especially bad for this type of behavior. I have seen trees shredded and branches broken from people either trying to climb a tree not meant for climbing, or their search was so vigorous as to destroy small branches. It upsets me because it makes me look bad. I am really getting tired of being involved in hobbies that others are hell bent on destroying. This is not the only hobby I have that have inconsiderate people in it. I guess I am just trying to say that, if you can't find the cache without ripping stuff apart then please don't hunt for it. If you make a hide because you want to see how much damage cachers are willing to do for a smile, then please DON'T.
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