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  1. Just have one as a spare in the car, works on my Nuvii too as well as the 60CSx. Allows passenger to sit normal in the seat and not hold the GPS to the front window for best signal coverage. Is it necessary? No, but cheap insurance if the antenna craps out on either the Nuvii or the 60 CSx.
  2. Dressed head to toe on camo today, freaked out security LOL Surprised they didn't taser me.
  3. Gotta watch out for those Spam folders, it's worth checking them occassionally. You never know when you might need some Viagra
  4. I didn't complain but a recent event (not yours) led to the demise of one of my TBs. Well, it's MIA in any case. While it's not the organizers' fault maybe a reminder at he event to log stuff might be worthwhile as well of cautious to the TB owner.
  5. Like most forum discussions this topic goes no where fast. Maybe we need another button rather than "Needs Maintenance", how about "This cache is damaging the local environment and should be archived" button?
  6. No tats on me now or ever. Not my thing.
  7. Sure, the potential for injury is there but so far I've escaped. Almost stuck my hand in a rattlesnake den (little guy was sleeping), almost fell off of a rocky outcropping when I lost my footing and took a 4 miles hike in the desert at 105F and returned safe. Did, however, jam a cholla segment with all those spines into my ankle. That took weeks to heal. The greatest chance of injury would be driving to and from a cache.
  8. Deliberately giving misleading or wrong coordinates is a poor way to make the find more difficult. As stated above, someone will post the correct ones anyway. Being creative with the hide will generate a bigger "Wow" factor rather than a negative experience.
  9. If you place a cache near sensitive objects, sprinkler heads, electrical boxes, etc why not add a sentence in the cache description that says that the cache is NOT hidden in these objects? While the hider is not responsible for the finder's behavior, he/she placed the cache there and is ultimately responsible. The seekers would not be there otherwise.
  10. Yep, crooks are a problem. I'm more concerned with urban or suburban areas than I am with wilderness parking, however, crimes of opportunity are a problem. Stow your stuff and make the car look as uninviting as possible. Some people use a lock box, in a truck bed or cable locked in a car. Given enough time though anything can be broken into.
  11. No caching today, still way too many ticks and skeeter in MO.
  12. Losing 10% of a charge every 3 days sounds terrible, not much of a battery in terms of storage. I have mostly the duracell recharables and I can use them a good 8 hours before they need changing. I haven't tested how long the keep there charge when idle.
  13. Why do these discussions always have to go to the absurd extreme? Of course marine navigation can be done without the aid of electronics. The US Power Squadron (http://www.usps.org/newpublic2/index.html) a recreational boaters group, teaches all kinds of navigation techniques that just require a watch, compass, and chart. Silly statements like the 1492 aren't worth answering. If SA were turned back on I think it's effects on geocaching would not be of much concern but rather how it would affect the big business that has grown up around GPS aided navigation.
  14. I'm sure that it is only a matter of time before I have to archive my Cracker Barrel cache but at least I'll have this log to remember = "Log Date: 9/13/2007 Ok, finally logging a couple caches I found a week and a half ago. Of all the "Off Your Rocker" series, this is probably the best done cache of the series (that I've done) simply because this is not a simple little "stock" micro. Thanks! "
  15. $5.00 would not be so painful to lose as with what most are running now adays True, not knowing what all coins are costing these days $5 seemed like a generic enough figure.
  16. A cache is a cache, found or not. However, if I place a cache my intent is that someone should find it. If they don't bother to look or I get a DNF I feel that I have failed in some way. An occasional DNF is OK but a steady diet of them when I know the cache is fine would bother me.
  17. Also, it's hard to know when to consider them lost. Sometimes after months they pop back up again. My loss rate has been greater that 15% but less than 50%. At $5 a pop or more it can be expensive but just getting a few emails from folks who are genuinly thrilled at finding them is worth the effort and cost. Buy what you can afford and release them with no expectations.
  18. True for commercial shipping but that still leaves recreational boaters who have grown to rely on GPS navigation. Plenty of people routinely cruise offshore and in the Caribbean. I, for one, don't want to break out the Ol' sextant.
  19. How about reefs, channels, inlets... it's not just wide open deep water out there. Not to mention (but I will) the locating of objects under the water, the trawls of traps, sunken vessels, other obstructions all which need fairly precise coordinates. Ever navigate in the fog or in a snow storm? An accurate GPS is a major blessing when you can't see the bow of your boat because the fog is so thick.
  20. American Merchant Marine vessels that travel throughout the World's oceans would probably not be happy with SA turned back on. Even recreational boaters who no longer have LORAN C available to them would probably not be happy about SA.
  21. Stay home Chief and watch TV, Geocaching is not for the faint of heart. It's dangerous, i.e Dog, poison ivy, thorns, spines, cacti, snakes, wild pigs, scorpions, cats of all sizes, skeeters, chiggers, black flies, mud, rock, rain, snow, heat, below zero temps, lightning and MUGGLES. Think long and hard about exposing your family to such things.
  22. I second the rechargable, I even have a charger that work in the car using the cig lighter (or now called the DC Power Supply Plug).
  23. Being new to AZ I am certainly not an authority on the rules and regulations and how they apply to geocaching. State Trust Land can be used for recreational activities. I have not yet found a reference to geocaching but here is the site for approved activities: http://www.land.state.az.us/programs/natur...tion_permit.htm Regardless of whether a permit is required to PLACE a geocache, one IS required to used the land. Having been on STATE land, many places appear well used, as mentioned some of the land is leased (ranching, mining,...) and one can not interfere with those activities. That said, I see lots of dirt bikes and ATVs, hiking and geocaching. I also see lots of trash which is sad.
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