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  1. I found it in the wayback machine https://web.archive.org/web/20101122103641/http://bdweb307549.bluedomino.com/resources/brochure1.pdf
  2. When I went to the city clerk's office there were a bunch of old ladies who didn't know what I was talking about and didn't really want to know. So I thought I'd send the mayor a letter with a brochure. Didn't know geocachingu was no longer around.I can use the brochure that geocaching.com has, but it is a lite version of geocaching and I'm going to have to include one heck of a letter with it to get the idea across.
  3. But what would it say? It needs to be something that I can give to the mayor that would explain geocaching and impress upon him the legitimacy of the game, not just some kooky hobby, so that he hopefully would allow me to hide geocaches in the parks.
  4. Yea, I read where people have been posting on TikTok that caches have money in them. Bad publicity. What I liked about the trifold brochure from geocachingu is that I could give it to people I was trying to get permission to place a geocache from that didn't know what geocaching was. I also had one with me to give to the police should they ever question what I was doing. It made geocaching sound very legitimate unlike having this crazy woman trying to explain what she was doing. Thanks for the brochure webpage- it will have to do.
  5. I saw a printout for a brochure offered by geocaching. com explaining what geocaching was. Can't seem to find it now. Anybody know where I can find it. (I miss the trifold one geocachingu used to have)
  6. Does the distance regulation apply if the other cache is a virtual?
  7. The youngest of our group always is assigned to do any difficulty. I'm 66, my caching friend is 70. "Okay, I'll climb up that incline, struggle over the loose rocks, and wade through the pricker bushes and spider webs to bring the cache back down for you to sign."
  8. My friend and I went looking for a multi in a park. We started it, but couldn't finish it. I came back later to try for myself. One of the stages was up high overhead. When I went to pull it down all these earwigs that had made a nest behind it fell down on me. "Agh!" I managed to find the rest of the stages and log a smiley. Later I was with my friend and we decided to stop and eat lunch in the park. She went off to complete the stages to the geocache. I had just settled down to eat my lunch at a picnic table when I heard my friend scream. I grinned, "Ah, she must have found the stage with the earwigs."
  9. Right now adventure labs are labeled mystery caches- can't we get a new symbol so I can exclude them (no smart phone)
  10. NYpaddlecacher- This website I'm thinking of using is java enabled and is probably used to run their games. I wonder if there is someone at headquarters who could look at my the webpage before I publish it. Don't know about running it by a reviewer- would they be able to tell me whether or not it's a good idea.
  11. I'm just thinking about the time I downloaded some music into a well used website and told someone to look at it. They got back to me and said to send it to them in an email. When they went to the website all kinds of bells and whistles from their antivirus went off. I know if I go to a website without the "s" on https in the URL my antivirus tells me I could be heading for trouble- not that there is trouble- only that the website could be compromised because there is no security "s". The program I want to use is run as .html. I don't now how to make an app- not that computer savvy.
  12. Hi all, If I wanted to do a puzzle cache and it involved playing a game on another website or doing some computations on another website to get he answer, would you be willing to do it? Would you be risking getting a virus or tracking cookies or malware? Would having an antivirus on your computer be enough for you to want to run it? Would it make a difference if it was a well used website by many others and not some flybynight?- maybe even get my own website, but not sure if I'd have protection with that? Am I even allowed to do that?
  13. I do see how to download each one. I used to be able to download multiple caches, but now I can't see how to do it. Did they change it? (since you're both premium members maybe your search pages are different.)
  14. Do I have to be a premium member to download waypoints?
  15. coachstahly,- I do that too....usually. I thought I'd be far enough away that I didn't need to, but apparently 528 ft is a lot farther than I thought.
  16. arisoft, I had a problem checking the map. The stage coordinates didn't show up as too close when I typed them in. Nothing showed up until I typed in all 11 stages. It wasn't until I typed in the final coords that they then all said I was too close. Then I came here:) Being new to the new system I thought maybe the problem was that I couldn't place my physical stages so close together, not that I was too close to another cache. Maybe I need to start with the final coords first so I don't have to do all that typing?
  17. Yup that was it. It was too close to another cache. Oh darn. It was on the opposite side of the road, but still too close. Interesting, I used the new mapping system to see how close my coordinates were to other caches. With the old system I could type in the coordinates of one of my caches and it would tell me how close to any other caches (but not any hidden stages of those caches) those coordinates were. This new system doesn't do that. The old system says one of my stages is 178 feet from Tundra Wolf's cache, Wolfsbane. Wow, one more reason not to like the new mapping system, but then I wonder if the new mapping system is designed more for smart phone use. Does any one know if there is a way to use the new system and learn distance to other caches?
  18. Nomax, I can't think of any that might be in the middle of the area where I placed the caches although it might be too close to Tundra Wolf's cache. Hmm I'll have to check. Being on the opposite side of the road it didn't seem so.
  19. I don't remember having to put stages for a cache 528 feet from each other. I believe I used to only have to keep caches that far apart from other caches. Now it says I have to put stages that far apart as well. When did this change or didn't it? Might as well skip stages all together and just make caches. Guess I can just forget the multi I'm working on. I spent yesterday working on placing stages in a small enough area where a group of people could wander around and spot the hidden hints as well putting the coordinates in their GPS to where they were located. 528 feet apart is an awful large area to have to cover when you have 11 stages.
  20. What I do and I do not like about the new maps. I had no warning about the new system being tried out. I have a message box, but don't believe I ever got a message from headquarters so was surprised when I came to the website and found myself with this new system and no trace of the old. Couldn't figure out what was going on so went to the forums for help. I was directed to the release report about the new system. Ok, so on to my opinion about the new system...since you asked. As a cache hider I'm concerned that people are not going to look at the cache page. The information they show about the cache in the description on the new map page at times seems limited from the original. Sometimes it is imperative that they look at the info on the original cache page (not that they necessarily do anyway) because that is where I put notes with things they need to be cautious about like property lines that could get them in trouble if they cross them, places where they are not permitted to park or anything that might be dangerous like a big cliff drop off near the cache, etc.. I'm not sure whether that info is transfered in the description on the new map page . For my cache, James Fenimore Cooper's Town, it left off the short description which tells how the cache works. Not sure if the short descriptions for any of my caches were included. Looking at the size of the new map cache information it seemed maybe you were trying to make it more in keeping with something that can be used (size-wise) with the phone apps. (I don't own a smart phone. I have a Garmin GPS.) My caches don't show up as stars on the new map. Had to click on several smilies before finding it. When I put my zip code, 13820, in the search box for caches one came up. We have more than one cache at that zip code. When I put Cooperstown's zip code, 13326, in it said it had no matching results, but then I moved the map around until I found some. Apparently if the map opens up to an area where there are no caches you have to move the map around until some show up. That could be confusing. I do miss having a listing of the caches for an area. If I am searching for a cache it seems a lot easier to find on a list, but then when I make a list of caches that I need to look for I usually make that list using the map anyway rather than the cache listings. I am so glad the map shows ALL the caches as I move along a route so I don't have to try to figure out how to see those caches where the route extends beyond only that area that shows caches. I guess if I still want a printout of the cache page (With my Jame's Fenimore Cooper's Town cache I tell people to bring one) then I have to go to the original cache page. I don't see any way to print things out from the new map page. It seems the hints I had encrypted on the original cache page are not encrypted in the hint on the new map page. For that matter nothing is encrypted.
  21. What happened to my old website? Can't find the cache pages- Search takes me to map. Can't find a cache listing other than the tiny one on map.
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