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  1. Ground level just gives me an idea what to expect. Around here that could mean a huge cactus patch. I don't mind exploring for hiding places; but when I am planning on hiding 35 caches by May 3rd, it is more efficient to do my research first. (When I am doing a special gadget cache or looking for an interesting place to put a cache, I definitely will take more time to find the perfect spot. I am known locally for my ghost town, old cemetery, historical marker, and scenic caches'). Another problem is that I need to hide these caches as close to the event date as possible. Muggles aren't the problem. Critters are. You would be surprised at how many caches get stolen by pack rats or chewed up by whatever. If I want to be sure they last at least through the event, I have to put them out as close to date as possible. So doing my research for locations first works best for me.
  2. The website map is a good solution. Only drawback is I can't see area from ground level. But that's ok---can select likely spots from map and then check them out at GEPro. Just discovered another drawback--can't measure distances from one cache to a chosen location. Will work that out. Thanks everyone for giving me some options.
  3. I don't use GE for coordinates. The viewer just gives me some general ideas where I can look for available spots.. It has worked well for me over the years. The fact that there is an off set hasn't been a problem because I usually know exactly where the local caches are (either I have found them or they are mine). After determining where I might locate a cache, I load the nearest ones into my GPSr, drive out there, pull up the nearest cache, and work out from that location. I suppose there are better ways, but I am technologically challenged so have come up with this method of doing things that works for me. The creation page is helpful but doesn't show me ahead of time what the area actually looks like. I like being able to view a location both from above and at ground level before I make a trip thee. Thank you for your suggestions though. I will try the PQ method.
  4. I discovered that Geocaching Google Earth Viewer wasn't working last week. Did what everyone else did--deleted and reinstalled. All to no avail. I use this feature frequently. Especially when I am planning to put out new caches -- saves me huge amounts of time. I have hidden over 1000 caches so this is an important resource for me. I can determine where there are open areas for new caches before I even leave home. Currently I am planning an event with 35 new caches and without the viewer I am having a hard time trying to figure out where I can put them. Please HQ fix this problem.
  5. Well, this wrinkle is just adding to my frustration. First, it was Photobucket holding my pictures for ransom-$400 to be able to use them on another site, They said I could download my albums, but then informed me I would have to download each picture individually—all 3000+. All my caches now have to be fixed---over 600 active caches- some dating back 10 years. I figure it will take me months to download every picture that I still need if I can’t find it on my computers. That task of finding them on my computers should also take months. And then uploading them again and editing every cache page will take more months. And now. I have to determine if an animated gif is window-dressing or necessary to the cache page, i.e. puzzle caches. Wonderful, Thank you, Groundspeak and Photobucket. I love creating interesting and/or humorous cache pages—1004 , in fact-- so this really is exasperating.
  6. There are 3 lists (Cemetery Caches, Texas Ghost Towns, and Texas Historical Markers) that are historical in theme. Together there are 200+ caches to add to your collection. http://www.geocaching.com/my/lists.aspx
  7. I have over 600 hides so here is my two cents worth. I do not ever do a PMO cache. I WANT people to find my caches. That's why I hide them. Over the years I have had caches disappear. I suppose some have been deliberately muggled; others I know were "lost" to wildfires, flooding, construction, and clean-up crews along highways. It is to be expected and I have the choice to replace the cache or archive it depending on the situation. There were a few that went missing that I spent time and money on. And that made me momentarily sad; but it hasn't prevented me from hiding new ones that I also have spent time and money on. Knowing that they have provided cachers the opportunity to find and enjoy them before their eventual demise has made hiding caches more fun for me than finding caches. I know that I have taken cachers to places they would never have known of and to places where they will have learned a bit of history brings me satisfaction. And a clever cache that brings them enjoyment/amusement even if only for a short cache life span is worth it to me. So I do not intend to ever make a cache PMO. If a cache disappears, so be it. There are still places to explore to hide new ones and I have faith that the majority of the caches I place will stay put for years to come for cachers old and new to find and, hopefully, to remember with pleasure.
  8. Wow! Logging one's own hides. Never thought of that. Let me see, I have only 512 finds. If I find my hides and add them that would kick me up to 870. And I have 60 cache hides ready to submit. That would get me to 930. I might just reach 1000 sooner than I thought. Nah, not going to get there that way. Doesn't seem like that would be the way to play the game.
  9. Recently my caching buddy and I were out along a normally deserted park road just out of sight searching for a new cache. I heard a vehicle coming along the road and then it stopped. I just figured it was someone concerned about a car just sitting there. Then suddenly I heard a voice yell "Hey, mommio, did you find it yet?" Was a local cacher I hadn't met but he recognized my cachemobile from, as he put it, .10 of a mile away. My jeep is a TB and there have been pictures of it on event pages.
  10. 350 most still active and 55 about to be submitted.
  11. The purpose of the slideshow is to give the coordinates for the cache. What I had in mind was to have each slide show a specific number of objects which you would have to count to get the numeral to place in order in the coordinates. I looked at the source of the cache referenced and I guess I am simply too inept to figure out how to replicate it. I have the slideshow partially prepared in photobucket but haven't figured out how to write the html code to place it on the cache page. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Is it possible to put a slide show on the cache page? I had an idea for a puzzle and although I know I can put the pictures on the page, I thought it would be kind of neat to do them in a slide show--a bit more challenging. If it is possible, how do I do it?
  13. Is it possible to put a slideshow on the cache page? If so, how do I do it?
  14. No acronym here but an interesting coincidence. I have a cache at a restaurant that serves, among other things, barbeque. GC11BBQ I didn't even notice that until a cacher told me about it in a log.
  15. How about just any poem? There once was a cacher named Nate, Every cache he would meanly berate Too big or too small Nothing suits him at all Too hard or too easy Too rainy or breezy. Too hilly a spot Too cold or too hot Log is all wet Hint doesn't get Camo is bad Placement is sad Rating is wrong Have you all heard this song? His logs I deleted And now he's defeated!
  16. Recently we found a cache where the hint was "arribe." Had no clue what it meant. Read it aloud and my seven year old grandson looked up at me and said "Grandma, that means up." I asked him how he knew that. His reply: "I learned it from Dora, the Explorer."
  17. You should see a happy face. He must have looked long and hard to find a spot to make this series work!
  18. I live near an Air Force training base and we often have military geocachers stationed here for short periods of time. One is being transferred shortly and he decided, after finding many, many caches in the area, that he wanted to thank the locals for all the caches we had put out. So he created a series for us. GC1N1V4 Start with this one, zoom out on the map and see what he did. Way cool!
  19. A friend gave me an old vinyl covered toy chest. We spray-painted it to provide some camo and I filled it with toys, games, and children's books. Knew it would disappear quickly if I put it out in the "wild," so I simply put it in my front yard. Has been very popuar with cachers and their children.
  20. Not a road sign but this cracked me up. Portable restroom we came across on our way from Whidbey Island to Seattle.
  21. Never a Boy Scout, BUT.... I was a Brownie and Girl Scout. I was also a Cub Scout Den Mother, Den Leader Coach, Webelos Leader, Asst. Cubmaster, District Den Leader Coach, Cub Scout Summer Day Camp Program Director, BSA District Merit Award recipient, Assistant Girl Scout Leader, and am currently Assistant Troop Leader for my granddaughter's troop.
  22. I am “guilty” of hiding lots of micros. Some folks have chastised me for it. My micros are usually pill bottles—yes, they are free and that helps since I have nearly 300 hides. Here is my reasoning. When I started hiding, I used a variety of sizes for my containers and the contents have deteriorated over time. My only monster cache sits in my front yard and remains well stocked because I keep it that way. Most cachers in this area seem to be interested in the hunt and signing the log, not in trading. Eventually I decided to limit my hides to unusual containers (camouflaged, etc) and interesting places (ghost towns, old cemeteries, historic places, etc). I may even hide a few caches along the road to out of the way “interesting” places to induce cachers to go to the spot and these may be more pill bottles that will get you the extra smileys you desire as you seek out the final cache. Thus, the container became either the reason for the hide or secondary to the location for the hide. If it is secondary to the location, then a pill bottle with only room for a log seemed appropriate. Many of my caches are miles from home and maintenance can be an issue. Smaller caches tend to go missing less often than larger ones at the distant places I have hidden caches. If I have to replace a large container with another large container repeatedly, the expense would cause me to place less and archive more. Most area cachers have come to realize that if one of my caches is one for a historical site, they will be looking for a pill bottle and think accordingly when searching. None local cachers, obviously, will have to simply use their powers of reasoning as to where the cache is located and what it might be.
  23. A recent cacher pointed this one out to me. I hadn't even noticed. GC11BBQ This is my cache in a nearby town. Someone bought the old schoolhouse and turned it into a restaurant that serves, among other things, barbeque.
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