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With Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines entering bankruptcy today I'd be remiss if I didn't share some concerns. As of right now the flights look just fine. The number in red below denotes the seats available for our return leg. What I saw between the time I last looked at 9AM today and tonight was a significant drop in those numbers which raised a red flag for me. There are still 82 open seats for the flight to ANC. At a minimum what I see is a need to return to ANC by 2:20PM Thursday. Should we start to get a load shift from NW and Delta those numbers may become untenable for our trip. With a group of this size I need at least 2 flights to have 30 seats available prior to our departure.

884 SEP 22-Thu ANC 10:12 AM SEA 2:38 PM 30

92 SEP 22-Thu ANC 12:28 PM SEA 4:50 PM 31

148 SEP 22-Thu ANC 3:41 PM SEA 8:03 PM 17

124 SEP 22-Thu ANC 4:20 PM SEA 8:38 PM 47

164 SEP 22-Thu ANC 4:48 PM SEA 9:04 PM 46

890 SEP 22-Thu ANC 5:47 PM SEA 10:05 PM 32

112 SEP 22-Thu ANC 9:09 PM SEA 1:25 AM 30


I did state early on that we may need to be flexible. Should the situation continue to deteriorate plan B pushes us into the following week which just opened back up for me if needed. I'm sorry this is happening as I am looking forward to the trip as much as anyone. I also understand this is a difficult situation for all.


As a last ditch plan I can convert any of the ACD holders slots into a round trip Guest pass anywhere Alaska Airline flies within the U.S.. They would have to be used by Dec 31 2005. Thats about as good as I can do if it all falls apart.


Right now lets keep our fingers crossed and see what happens over the next couple days.

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I hope I'm doing this right..it's a little after...gads! 0400...anyways, got a pix which sort of resembles :blink: me right now. I'll change it later if I wake up completely... :blink: No...the pix didn't come out and it looks like I accidentally posted before..!!! Where is the picture????

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