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  1. Is it possible that your etrex is full?
  2. Just out of curiosity, where is this written? I can't find it in the guidelines.
  3. They moved the android app "discussions" to the feedback site http://feedback.geocaching.com/geocaching/...ing_for_android Just so you know where to look when you find issues with it. There a few but there are working fairly quickly to fix them
  4. I still have a legend that I use occasionally and I still get WAAS on it.
  5. I know when people use blackberrys and other smart phone for email that they usually attached that as a default sig line. I usually take it as a way for them to explain why they are not going into detail in there response. So my answer would be to explain why they are leaving a short log. but it could be just to annoy people
  6. michigansnorkelers is on the right track but it's not the MAP Datum but the position format. My guess is that your position format is set to "British Grid" and should be set to "hddd mm.mmm"
  7. You might want to post in the South and Southwest forums http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=22 Might be easier to find some one from your area
  8. Caching along a route is a premium member option. So you would have to upgrade access this option. After that you can access the option from your profile where you can either search for a route or upload a route. You can make a route using google earth and export a kml file which can be uploaded to the website.
  9. If you press and hold the button in the middle of the wheel it should mark a waypoint and then you should be able to edit the coordinates by highlighting and selecting them
  10. Glossary of Terms Should be most of them. THere are some odd and new ones that might not be covered Welcome to the addiction
  11. Depending on the software you are using you should be able to "ctrl A" and select them all at once and then press send. What are you using to tranfer to the GPS
  12. Your cache got rejected for a cache that was submitted before yours but is not yet published. Probably the only thing you can do now is relocate your cache and resubmit
  13. I have never hid a Christmas gift, but I have hid a friend's birthday gift as a cache. I gave him a card with the coordinates. They led him to a pavilion area where I hid the gift in the rafters. I had plans on setting up a multi cache to the gift but I was running late to the party and had to settle on a single.
  14. I typically stick to the road or path and get as close to the cache as possible before I go off road. Not only are you not trampling plants, but I find it is easier to get to. When I started I tried the straight to approach and ended up having to start over because of an obsticle. Not that it doesn't happen now, justr less often.
  15. From what I was able to find it depends on what model you have and what OS it uses. Cachemate has a version for both palm and Pocket PC. It looks like the some of the casio use Pocket PC os, but I am not sure what version. you need Pocket PC 2002 or later to use Cachemate.
  16. Images are not allowed in forum signatures
  17. But what I am saying is that when I hit logout, and close the browser and even restart. I am logout, I have never had to remove the cookie to keep it from remembering me.
  18. I would say it is when the manager say it is ok to walk out with stuff. The back door has been acknowledge by Jeremy, so it it's really stealing. Please see the link below. Link to Thread
  19. Ok, I might be missing something, but when I log into Geocaching.com the "remember me?" is already unchecked. Second, Shouldn't the logout thing work either way? I could be wrong but this is how it seems to work on me computers) When you hit the "remember me?" it is saying keep me logged in until I log out. So if you press the logout link, it logs you out and ends the remember me Am I missing something?
  20. easier way to tell if the cable is both a tranfer cable and a power cable is ther number of contact on it. If it is both it will have four contacts, two (the outside ones) if it a power only, and 3 if it's a data transfer only.
  21. LOC files contain Waypoint name and the coordinates. A gpx file contain alot more information, such as decpsription, logs, and hints. Not real useful for most gps, but if you are paperless caching it make it easier.
  22. The profile gallery is filled with picture you post with logs. I don't think there is any other way to upload files to it. As for you palm, Paperless caching is much simpler if you have a premium membership. Since with a premium membership you have pocket queries that allow you to dowload the info for the caches to the palm including desciption, hints and past logs. The best way to take advatage of the palm and paperless cache is to get a premium membership and cachemate, an $8 palm. Since your close, if you want to do some caching give me a holler Polar B
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