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  1. Without having better details I would say that this is a D1 as the nano is hidden in plain view. Regarding terrain I will say it is a 3 maybe 3.5. Is the pole made of iron, wood or alu (must not be iron pole to be a magnetic cache, or was it Velcro)? Is the pole covered in grease? What is the height of the pole? How many beer milk cases have to stabled upon each other to make the hide reachable?
  2. Why stop there. If you give me one favourite, I will let you log 10 smilies on my event.
  3. The most used datums today are probably WGS84 (World Geodetic System of 1984) and EUREF89 (European Reference Frame 1989). The difference in coordinates using WGS84 and EUREF89 is less than one meter.
  4. Obs. Sorry wrong device,GPS60-spec see
  5. With zxing availabe on the net, using QR codes in the listing is moot. However if I found this as a stage of a multi or puzzle in the field the cache would go straight to the ignore list. The best would be to inform about QR code in the field on the listing, so that I could ignore the cache in advance without getting upset.
  6. What is finding a cache? Find the cache, sign the log and then put back the cache as you found it? Does the log signing and the putting back have to be at the same day? I have not read anything about that. Find the caches. Spend a few days signing the logs properly. And then another few days to put back the caches where you found them. And finally path your own back for being clever.
  7. I think you'll find that the multi-log was due to a glitch in the system as quite a few logs entered from Iphones today seem to have multiple entries. That aside, I use a smartphone with the Trimble application, but that just enters a fixed message into the fieldnotes, which I then convert to a proper log on my return home. If I need to enter a real-time log from on-site, then I'll enter that via the website directly. What system?
  8. GCQJG6. Four logs from same nick with the same message. What are they called? Apps? Time to call the apps users sumpin?
  9. Me thinks CT stands for Connecticut USA And the two series is from Christmas day (25?) until 12 days of Christmas. Maybe
  10. Regarding Christmas caches, here are some clips on YouTube to match up to. Clip 1
  11. Hi r2d290. I see you are based in Norway, so therefore take a peek at this Christmas calender in the Oslo region for further tips. There have also been other regions doing the same. We have splendid reviewers in Norway. One of them is Makuta Teridax. Email him and ask politely (He is fluent in norwegian as well). edit: typo
  12. So. Everybody should hold back so that zapfrog could get their FTF. Everybody please hold back. I will not be back before Christmas. Please.
  13. This is what I recive when trying to go to GetSat: Only once have I been able to login on GetSat.
  14. My fastest was 10 minutes - beat STF with 5 minutes. My slowest was 19 days - beat STF with 4 days.
  15. Sorry. I tried to defend you. I regret that. You are a youngster that needs to talk to your father.
  16. I don't think Cptnodegard is a bad guy. He has just been a little bit unlucky expressing himself. Can happen to anyone when exited. I have done so once or twice myself. Maybe it is sound? Come age come experience. And I am about to become experienced (I think/hope).
  17. About 480 here. It is winter and I have been lazy. (Oslo, Norway)
  18. Viewing my own log (on separate page) on any listing the display is garbled. See picture WV64 Opera 10. Browser cache emptied. View of other's logs works ok. Renders ok in IE8.
  19. The good news is that wap.geocaching.com seems to work.
  20. No PQ's No Insta-notifies A few owners logs What the heck is going on?? Chapter 11 or what? Must be much more than 1 PQ server down. Where is QA?
  21. Several of my caches were logged today. Online logging after dark. Doubt wap logging. No mails received. Later notifications of new caches came through fine. Bug?
  22. Actually what I expect is a Mod to come along and provide some direction about staying on topic. Now if you have a problem with that I'm going to sit back and watch the fun. Me too
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