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  1. I have used my gps many times in commercial aircraft. The airline's flight magazine will generally tell you what devices are permitted. I'd say about half the airlines allow gps use above 10,000 feet. Because satellite reception IS an issue in any airplane, even next to the window, often times, my gps would only lock onto three signals, thus giving only 2D information with no accurate elevation information. It is also my impression that with WAAS reception, elevation information is better than barametric altimeter. Additionally, WAAS information idoes not rely on setting the air pressure necessary on a barametric altimeter. GeoForse
  2. Two in Iowa come to mind, CacheMachine, whose original cache in the Ames area is now approaching five years old: and Squeamish who creates very inventive puzzle caches.
  3. Does anybody have any experiance with this combination DVD player/Navigation unit? There seem to be many available on the net. But there is no information of the source of the maps, whether there are updates available, or whether additional data sets are available. I can't even find a website for the manufacturer. Does anyone know anything about these? Geoforse
  4. CBC News has a story about geocaching and Parks Canada, the federal government agency that runs our national parks: after banning physical geocaches earlier this year for fear of disturbing wildlife, Parks Canada is working with geocachers to develop a policy for geocaches in parks for next year. In the meantime, here’s a link to where your can find more information about the interim policy. http://www.mcwetboy.net/maproom/2005/10/ge...nal_parks.phtml GeoForse
  5. How about a clipboard to carry your PDA. (edit for fat fingers) GeoForse
  6. Criss Cross Cache in Ames, Iowa is an inventive cache. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=15909 To find the cache, you must locate four sites, and then mathmatically solve for the intersection of two lines joining the four sites. While it could be done graphically on a map, the mathmatical solution is more accurate. This coupled with a devilishly difficult final location makes this one one of the more interesting caches I've found. GeoForse
  7. What gets me is there is little effort to move travel bugs toward stated goals. GeoForse
  8. Possible this one for farthest west? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=83346 All the caches in this cluster seem to be virtuals. GeoForse
  9. The state of Iowa has free wifi access at all its interstate highway rest areas. GeoForse
  10. I've tried to log in to the Waymarking site, but I get a message to validate my account using the link on the page, put I can't locate any link to validate my account. Can someone give me some assistance, please? GeoForse
  11. Well, according to my handy-dandy internet latin-english translator, that means... "If you wish this legere scis too much instruction government" GeoForse
  12. Let's not forget that not every geocacher owns a digital camera. GeoForse
  13. There is no such thing as "free" access. The other side of that wireless access point is attached to a network that is not free. If not, then THAT network is attached to one that is not free. Somewhere along the line, someone is paying for that bandwidth - and if it's your city or municipality that is providing the "free" access, guess who that someone is? The point is not so much the "free" aspect. I realize everything has a cost, but economies of scale do figure in. It's more the fact that private and regulated utilities are blocking area-wide wifi access. GeoForse
  14. There have been a number of small to medium-sized cities that are attempting to install free WIFI for all who live within range. Even in (I think) Philadelphia. the city was trying to install wifi to cover an entire segment of the city, tho' I'm not sure how large an area it was. Doesn't that sound like a GREAT idea? I think so!! One problem--the DSL telephone companies and the cable companies think it's a lousy idea--why should a city give away what the ISPs sell for $40/month/customer?? In fact, they think so little of the idea that they actively lobby state utility agencies and state legislatures, as well as congress to block such free access. Their efforts have had some success, so it is an uncertain thing as to whether this type of service will become widespread. If your interested, keep an eye on your local happenings and be prepared to react if there are objections to efforts to provide free city-wide access in your area... Sorry for the slightly OT posting GeoForse
  15. you haven't noticed the awesome new sky colors???? GeoForse Edited for fat fingers
  16. We had a similiar situation occur at a cache which was archived, but the cache container remained in place. I had previously found the cache, and one day while scouting new cache locations, came across the now-abandoned container. It had been found by four different persons or groups, who wrote in the logbook. One person even returned later with items to trade!! GeoForse
  17. You may need the math plug-in. When your at a cache description page. select Cachemate, Calc, Project Waypoint. Then you fill in the bearing and distance to get the new waypoint. GeoForse
  18. It doesn't sound right to me. GeoForse
  19. How Odd...I thought it was a big violin GeoForse
  20. Who sez engineers kaint speek and spel gud. GeoForse
  21. Daytribe, no one doubts that your interest is genuine and personal. Keep in mind, that ANYONE can access this website, and maybe their motives are not so pure. GeoForse
  22. Okay, I'm no expert in RSS feeds, (or anything else) but my guess is that people would want a list of new caches that would be ordered by distance from your location. It would seem that that would have to be dynamically created and would cause a load on servers. GeoForse
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