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Christmas Day Caching

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Just curious if anyone placed any caches and requested the reviewer to publish them on the 25th for first release? I'd also be interested to know how many people plan to go out caching on Christmas day with their new caching gear they find in their stockings and under the tree. I must admit that if my phone goes off at 3 AM on Christmas day, I'd be tempted to rush out for the FTF attempt. Chances are, as I go barreling down the stairs, I'd run over my kids trying to sneak back up to bed after giving themselves a preview of what's under the tree. :laughing::mad:


On a side note, is there any way to see how many finds are logged on a particular day? I know that this would be a little bit difficult, given that you can record a find after the date and just back date it, but I'd just be curious to see how many Christmas Day finds get logged.

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I had one published today. I was thinking of having it published tomorrow, but I figured the reviewer wasn't going to crawl out of bed just to look at new cache listings that day. I know I wouldn't. Besides, when I was a kid Christmas always started the evening before, and that's when the gift-giving began. By the next evening Christmas was basically over anyway, which is about the time I'd expect a reviewer to get bored enough to look at cache listings.

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Three local cachers placed caches and had them published for Christmas:








No one has of yet found the puzzle cache, and I'm struggling from jet-lag too much to work it, but I think it is such a cool gift from one cacher to the caching community to give the gift of a Christmas morning cache!


I want to thank everyone who goes over and above to do that.


We also have one where a local cacher annually buys nice toys and puts out a "Take Something, Leave Nothing" cache for kids - GCZQFA



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If their is ever a great time to go caching in your local urban setting full of Wally Worlds, Targets, and Best Buys......Christmas is the day. Why? Because everything is closed and you can be so much more time effective with your driving time, and then do Christmas with the family on the 26th.


For as do-able and making since as that sounds, I have a family as most of the others out there does...and they want to do Christmas today! DARN.....so my big cache run will be on the 28th. Just as everyone is making their returns to the shopping centers. We'll see how well that goes over.

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If their is ever a great time to go caching in your local urban setting full of Wally Worlds, Targets, and Best Buys......Christmas is the day. Why? Because everything is closed and you can be so much more time effective with your driving time, and then do Christmas with the family on the 26th.

Not to mention that you can park right next to the cache. :o


I spent several hours caching yesterday.

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My wife got a "Just Published" email at about 3:45 PM on Christmas day for a Multi Cache less than 2 miles from our house. We decided to go for it as we had yet to get a FTF. Left the food and Turkey in the oven and bolted out the door.


For those in Lousiana/ West MS these is a great one.


Check it out. :o

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Well, I did not get them submitted yesterday after all - had no oppty to get the containers into their places as familial responsibilities, though not onerous, were definitely constant. I did get them placed and submitted today, Boxing Day. They are both puzzles - we shall see if FTF happens this year or next. :P

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I think a lot of factors can make Christmas either a major caching day or very much a non-caching day.


Why Christmas Day may have a LOT of finds/activity:


1) Almost everyone is off regardless whether they celebrate the holiday or not (it's even the one day the entire year they do not run the NY State lottery for example!)


2) Because so many places that are almost never closed close on that day, things like shopping mall or Wally World finds can be as muggle-free as possible.


3) Many people are out-of-town and can go after new finds they normally don't have access to.



Why Christmas Day may NOT have much caching activity:


1) Busy with family, dinners, etc.


2) Weather, either bad weather that day (in 2002 the weather here on Xmas was rain turned to ice turned to snow) or ground conditions (extreme cold and/or heavy snow cover).


Here, it was raining the 2nd half of yesterday, but it was also warm and no snow cover, so I'd consider it a "moderate" Christmas Day. Didn't do any caching on the day, but I imagine many others did.


I'd say to some extent the above applies for Thanksgiving as well, with family/dinner being more of a negative factor (many people who don't celebrate Xmas celebrate Turkey Day), weather being somewhat less of a negative factor, and the "people off/stores closed" still being very true, but to a lesser extent that Christmas.


Happy Holidays everyone!

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We had christmas the day before. It was raining here and after endless hours of my 4 year old playing the flute, we jetted her off to the grandparents. No new caches were open, so we drove an hour away to finish off 2 caches we had attempted before.


These two caches are in the woods. It is raining and cold. We are bundled up like eskimo's. Christmas nite. And we have two flashlights. Almost got lost in the woods 3 times. All the while holding hands. We did find both caches. And sealed the deal with a kiss. Don't ya just love the holidays. Merry christmas to all and to all a good dry nite.

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There is a cacher in my area that usually publishes a cache on Christmas eve. Last year my wife and I were FTF at about 10 minutes after midnight on Christmas morning. This year my son in law and I were second to find, at about 10 minutes before midnight on Christmas eve.


Hiking a mile or so through the woods, in the dark, on icy trails, (this year it was snowing) makes for a memorable Geocaching Christmas. :D

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