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  1. we found an old wood box (treasure chest) with a lid and have kept most our cache swag in this box and has been fun to go through it for fun memories.
  2. Nano in urban setting can be very challenging & fun....Nano out in the middle of the woods..not so fun for me.....
  3. Hey, I think I remember this cache, I found it earlier last year without any snow, FYI: this pic is a SPOILER!!! but if you look close, it may help you find this cache (FYI: it's not one of the bolts!!)...GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  4. wanted to share that we wanted to find a cache every day for one month (x30, 31 days). We started last month and as of Dec.23rd we had reached 30 days!!! now, we are to see if we can finish out the month of Dec, now we are trying to find a cache at least once for every day of the the year, this may take some time, but something else to strive for...fun, fun!!!
  5. i have had several TB's, coins end up in the 'Black-hole' called: EVENTS! have had to track down the event organizer,etc... just had a coin show up missing, after left at an event. I like the idea of stating on the TB site do not leave at events. maybe that will help.
  6. like any good cacher should do, ALWAYS bite the coin to see that it's real! AARRGH!
  7. geocaching is a fun activity that our family enjoys, PLEASE to do connect this activity with some social issue, esp. a myth...as noted in prior logs. What next geocaching and saving baby seals??? let's simply keep geocaching...geocaching.
  8. lots of wooden nickels in our treasure box, lots of plastic animals of ALL kinds, Noah would be proud of us!
  9. No Ray you are worse than any low life. Im sorry to say. So you have an opinion about what you think is a fair price. You know what. I am sorry you feel that eveyone should just give away something they paid alot more for and used lightly. I paid well over $300 for my 60 and threw in all the extras I had with it. I just feel that if you dont like what someone has for a price keep your nose out of it. Do you be an Class A JERK and walk up to a used car lot say I can get that cheaper down the road so you are a low life thief for trying to ask that price for it? Because that is what you are doing here. I will never sell anything here on this forum because of scum like you that do nothing but trash anyones sale that you dont agree with. Damin, a few weeks ago our jeep needed new brakes/rotors went to shop 'a' and was quoted close to $900 for everything...shopped around a few other places, and one place offered to do it for little over $400, so guess what we did go back to shop 'A' and told them we could get it done for cheaper and they came right down to the other shop's price.....so what is wrong with that?? Are we simply suppose to accept that $900.00 quote and pay it out?? NO! you shop around, I would go to a car dealer and share with them a lower price down the street and see how much they want the sale? I know at some point on an item on E-Bay if the price gets to a certain amount, guess what, I can go to Wal-MArt and get it for cheaper....so am i suppose to bid on that item, just because that is what is being offered??? I think you need to apologize to Ray, how very rude to call some one a jerk for simply sharing info! How about I sell my garmin e-trex legend for $1,000.00 and you buy it from me, simply because that is what I am asking, and don't you dare come back at me saying how you think you can buy one cheaper elsewhere.....see how silly that is....i hope so......Happy Caching to you & yours......
  10. We love virtuals....We saw Foam Henge also!! We NEVER would have pulled off the road to see it...except for the cache! We just got back from Washington DC....Virtual Mecca! simply start on one end of the Mall and go to the other end...we picked up about 12 virtuals. Most of these caches do offer something interesting or fun to see....What was that guy making at Foam Henge?? LOL
  11. 600+ for us, we go in spurts...we have plenty of other items of our plate of life. Normally come winter time we back off, re-group some and look forward to Spring! we have been caching for 4 years, and it remains of of many great activities our family enjoys!
  12. i found a little rubber balloon-like device the other day searching for a cache...hmmmm......Maybe there was a clown near-by? a parade?
  13. lots of Mountain Dew...No-Doze....and waypoints for public toilets!!! good luck!
  14. FYI, if ever in TEXAS.... A TEXAS NANO!!
  15. a sad part of caching when TB's go MIA....who knows they may show up elsewhere! we have had a few that we thought for sure were MIA, but a few months later, with amazing stories they did reappear! take care of your cache....good job on checking!
  16. here is one: Meatstack's Travel Bug Meat Locker and Day Spa, GCTTA8 it is simply a huge 21 gallon rubbermaid storage container right beside a home, no camo, you park, walk up and there it is!
  17. lots of hand sanitizer for me!! one urban one was in Columbus, Ohio right in the Ohio State campus area behind a bar, in an alley, Oh the scents & smells you had while finding this cache. but at least the cache owners came right out and warned the cachers about how bad the area was. Sanitizer anyone.???
  18. Ok, I had placed a cache up in a tree hanging from fishing line, the container was a camo old thermos. about 10 feet away from the trees was a phone company 'box' sub-station type of thing. The cache had been up for a few weeks, and i received an email from someone and the events with this cache. The email was from a local fireman that had been called out to the cache because the phone guys saw something up in the trees and called the cops, so the cops called the fire dept. and they were getting close to calling the bomb squad....the one fireman had done a few caches and thought maybe this was a cache and was able to have someone look up caches in the area and shared with everyone what it was.... The fireman told me the cops simply took the container with them. I never received any calls, visits, etc... form anyone directly. I simply put that cache to rest........
  19. WOW! Thanks, never would have looked there!!
  20. They say there is a cache at this location, i took a pic to analyze it, to see if there are clues....no luck yet...I've gone out 2 times so far...if anyone can help with this that would be great!!!
  21. just picked up some PI last week going for a cache, I saw it(PI), knew it was there(PI), but I had to try to try to find the cache....No cache, PI behind my right knee...ITCHY!!!
  22. kids or a dog! between them, it looks like you are trying to take care of them, or let the kids crawl under that park bench to find that urban micro! And I agree with everyone else: just act like you know what you are doing! It's very normal to walk up to a lamp post and lift up the metal skirt and reach under it!!
  23. in one of my son's closets! 5/5 rating for sure!! good luck...very scary!!!!
  24. 1971 & GPS....hmmm....top secret military cache??
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