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How far is too far?

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Ok ive been scaning maps and thinking and i have even been out for some good old fashioned recon work!(good excuse to go 4wheelen) but i want some advice before i go and place this one in the spring!! IF you like park and grab micros dont even bother!!! it would be a 4 to 5 mile staight line hike (one way) over some world famous sand dunesto a local butte add a mile more if you want to take the easy trail!! or a decent atv ride on public trial, you climb 1200 to 1500 feet in alt on the last butte!! there ia a triangulation station near so you could get a benchmark too (yes i benchmark too)!! would it be worth it? Im just wondering!! Let me know!!!

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Sounds good to me, and I have a bad back. I have a small series of caches, with others, on a 4.5 mile all uphill hike with no wheels allowed (other than mountain bikes). There is a 2,000 foot altitude gain. Let me tell you, the 4.5 miles down is a lot easier.


Just be prepared for few finders, but those that go there will have fun.


Now how about coming down here to do my maintenance run.

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I don't do a lot of that sort. But it's nice to see some caches with class and challenge! Don't expect a lot of finds, as Boda said.

One of my brothers does that sort of hike/cache. If you're in the Las Vegas area, check out some of his hides, like Poop Mountain . Three finds in three and a half years! Can't say that I ever plan on hunting it!

There is room in geocaching for all sorts of caches. Something for everyone.

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I'd be up for it if I were even in that timezone... Indiana isn't exactly known for it's mountains, but we make do with other great styles.


Your idea actually seems tame compared to some I've seen. I am sure many of you have heard about the Psycho Urban Caches. This one is my favorite to read about and laugh at some of the crazier types in our hobby: Psycho Urban Cache #9. The owners of this cache have quite a few on that level.


I've had lots of fun showing my friends this series, though my wife has made me promise to never attempt any of them, or even think about it... :huh:

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Go for it, but expect very few logs, maybe 5 a year max.

As long as you don't mind having a cache that gets only occasional activity, then go for it. One of our favorite cache finds was called Rugged Ridge (GCT27T) and it was several miles on a winding road and required 4 wheel drive to get to. It was SUCH an awesome spot! We are currently the last people to have visited this cache -- and that was last August! (it has a total of 6 logs for 2006,) Still, it's SO worth having for the people willing to trek up there. If we're out in that area again this summer, we'll probably REvisit, it's that good.

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We'd do it. We are planning to do the 'Upper Yough Trek' in Maryland on March 24th. Since we don't Kayak, we're hiking in. We expect it to be at least a 4 hour round trip hike, and 3 hour drive from our house just one way. Make sure you explain on the cahce page what people will need and people will come.

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