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    Explorist 210

    I don't think it needs to be enable, just given some time under an open sky to get a good fix. At least the first time. Had a 210 for a couple weeks, and didn't want to get a WAAS fix at first, but after some time it did. (exchanged it for a 500 a couple weeks later for the color screen and SD option).
  2. Pocket Queries. Input your criteria, it emails you the file. Load that into your 500 (keep in mind the 500 has a 200 waypoint limit though). Easist to use GSAK to filter your file down to 200 and then export it as a Explorist file and put it on your GPS.
  3. micro SD's are a different card. Thought they can sometimes have adapters than turns them into full SD cards. http://www.supermediastore.com/sandisk-512...emory-card.html This is an example...the small thing is a microSD, the larger one is an SD (or actually an adapter to make it into an SD)
  4. For some changes you have to enter your password. Try editing your profile again, and make the change and put your password then submit.
  5. I use MS Streets and Trips, and pocket streets. GSAK export, inport the pushpin data into ST, then export it as a pocket street map with pushpins for all the cache locations in the area. Works pretty well, plus if I hook up my bluetooth GPS I can see where I am at on pocket streets too, though it does not do turn by turn. This method only works on pocket PC's, not palms, as pocket streets doesn't run on palm.
  6. ACK! *cough* *cough* *spit* *couch* Quickly runs and washes out the Bud taste with some Guiness or better yet, a bottle of my homemade Irish Red.
  7. Good choice. I would have gotten that one but where I had store credit didn't have it. So I got the Magellan 500 instead. Working great so far.
  8. If those are your choices, go with the Legend. The Magellan 200 and 300 don't have PC transfer capablity I believe. Something you will want if you don't want to have to manually enter all your coordinates. The 210 is usually about the same price as the 200, and it does add a PC cable.
  9. GeoBuddy has a 90 day trial. And does have maps. Will download aerial and topo maps. Though I know for sure that the aerial maps are quite out of date.
  10. Hence the COULD and IF in my statement. I doubt they would unless they had reason to believe he did it for the purpose of causing a bomb scare, even then, they would just arrest him.
  11. True, but they usually have other duties, and having to answer to a bomb scare takes them away from those duties. Some states will pass the the expense of wasted resources to someone they think is at fault. Example: (in texas at least) If you have a home alarm system, that is monitored. And the police are called when it goes off. If you get to many false alarms they will start charging you for the calls. Those police officers are still on duty, not sitting on a couch, but they could be doing something more productive. Your false alarms are wasting tax payer money. A bomb scare, COULD, have the same results. Trust me, if they decide to make the cache owner pay, it won't be for just gas.
  12. Plus the salary of the bomb squad. Say a 3 man team (guessing here), at $100 per hour (guess here too...hazardous duty pay?)...seventy miles..each way is at least two hours..plus another hour or more for paperwork. Thats $900, plus the $11.45.
  13. Haven't created a cache, so I can't confirm..but you may need to use BB code. Bold Its what the forum uses at least...look up BB code and give that a try.
  14. The m105 and a lot of other AA palms actually have two batteries. The second is not normally user replacable. It is a battery that will not run the palm, but will keep you data from dissappearing while you change the AA batteries. If you leave the AA's out for too long you will loose your data. Or in the case of old palms, that battery might have died completely, in which case just removing the AA's will kill you data. Some palms (actually the m105 is one of them) are notorious for having a defective backup battery, and so you loose you data anytime you change the AA's.
  15. I would do it. The longest I have found around here so far is Four Cache Loop GCD100. Which is a 10 mile loop. Its a day run, but I going to start late and overnight it just because I am in the mood to camp out.
  16. I am new, but here is my take on it. If you spend a reasonable amount of time looking, you should log a DNF. If the cache owner gets a 2 or 3 DNF's in a row, it should be an indicator that MAYBE something is wrong and that they should check the cache.
  17. If it did, I think I would get a prize, I seem to find more dead ones than live ones. Been cacheing for just a month now, and the two dead deer spring to mind. An a host of other smaller animals and bones.
  18. Personalizing is fine...advertising is frowned at.
  19. I can answer #1..yes you can. I did it to my 210. It added a few new screens, some of which I use, some I don't.
  20. http://www.chqualitycoins.com/geocoins.htm then click on Custom Stamps. I haven't ordered one yet, but its on my list.
  21. Again, depends on the business. Some are on a case by case basis, basically pay for access for a limited time, like 24 hours. Some have a monthly subscription. Personally, I wouldn't pay for any WiFi access because if its a business like a coffee shop, my patronage should be paying for it, the WiFi is a way of lureing in more customers. If I want to pay a monthly plan, I would use a cell phone broadband coverage plan (and I do, actually work pays for it).
  22. Wi-Fi has a very limited range, max of 300 feet, under ideal conditions outside, and much shorter than that indoors. So no, you won't be using it out in the woods. Away from home you would need to be near a WiFi access point, usually located in a place of business. Each business is different, some have free access (for customers), some make you pay. Who do you pay, that can vary too depending on the business. Some are paid directly to the business, some business use a 3rd party service that might be located if lots of locations, like McDonalds.
  23. Happening to mine too, so it may not be limited to just one picture/log.
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