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Everyone that has hidden more than one cache has one they feel is a cut above the rest.


I have hidden caches that are for the challenge, for the fun, for the history, or for the scenery.

My favorite is one in a peaceful quiet spot with a great view.GCZ7TD


So the question is, which of your hides is your personal favorite?

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Everyone that has hidden more than one cache has one they feel is a cut above the rest.


So the question is, which of your hides is your personal favorite?


I have a personal favorite among my caches in just about every catagory.


My most favorite cache for just a totally cool location that many finders gush about is:


A Claustrophobic's Nightmare/Just Say NO to Crack




My favorite cache for the logs it gets:


Quantum Leap (Fizzymagic's logs are among the best.)




My favorite hosted Event Cache: (Sheesh it was nearly a mega-event. Close to 400 people showed up. :( )


One Degree of Separation



That's approximately 300 regular to large caches containing 12,500+ micro caches. I think it may have been the largest micro proliferation in geocaching history. :mad:

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I have a few that I really enjoyed placing. My wife and I had a blast placing this one a few weeks ago. Its barely 1/4 mile from the road but it was a pretty challenging bushwack and it took us close to an hour to go that 1/4 mile (actually our track was closer to a mile as we made our way around cliffs and dense stands of mt. laurel).


This one was one of my first and its still one of my favorites. A somewhat rugged hike in a beautiful area.

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Of all my 18 or so hides, there are 2 that stand out, both in my mind and in the logs...


Uh-OReviewer, I MissPlaced my cache!




High & Low


The first is a challenging hike (or bike) up a mountain for a minimum round trip of about 4 miles depending on whether you take the road up or a boundary trail straight up. Elevation change is about 1100 feet. It was hidden in honor of 2 Pennsylvania Volunteer cache reviewers, OReviewer and MissPlaced. I upped the stakes a bit by offering to buy them dinner if they scored the find, so far only OReviewer has collected.


The second cache is probably my personal favorite, because it's a very challenging hide for another reason -- part of it is hidden deep inside a cave. The terrain is very challenging, and the hides themselves are none too easy. It encourages teamwork to complete the find, and pushes folks to go farther physically and mentally than many caches do. The puzzle is a necessary evil to keep the unprepared from just trying this on a whim and biting off more than they can chew. Doesn't get many finds, but the logs are always enjoyable.

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There's a bunch more great caches.

Thanks for sharing them.


Doc, that puzzle will keep me up tonight.


CB, I didn't ask for your best, I asked for your favorite.

That said, you have an interesting sense of humor.

I remember that from my childhood, it was the show my sister watched when it was her turn to controle our only (B&W) TV.

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I would say that the most I elicit from my cache hides are a great big YAWN. However, I do have one that I am proud of . I wish I was smart enough to highlight it...maybe it will do that all by itself...


Its not been found by many, though it is directly over a major highway through California. I spent literally days on this cache, even though its a dagnab MICRO. A Micro was ALL that it COULD be! What cracks ME up, is that after spending So much time matching paint color, the county has painted over the actual cache, twice!

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I personally love all of my caches... But my favorite for uniqueness in the hide (at least the first stage) is http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ec-82d58cbc598f


My favorite for overall... the why I put it there thing, is my first hide. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...46-4bc287bce760


We don't tend to place easy caches, so we don't hide as many as other people do, and we put more energy into the ones we do hide. So really, I like them all...

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Hard for me to come up with one cause we like all of our caches for different reasons. Instead I'll break it down to two favorites - one traditional cache and one puzzle cache. Passing Time became unintentionally better simply due to the presense of a local resident that most of the finders have reported in the logs. I've talked to one of the finders that took a picture with his phone - I must convince him to add the photo to his log!!!


For the puzzle cache, most cachers in this area don't care for them so they are rarely sought out, but I think this one is in one of the better locations in town - a photographer could have a field day at the final location. Anyway, if you ever plan a trip to Central Wyoming, do the puzzle for Comfortably Numbers in advance for the coordinates and make this a stop on your caching adventures.

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