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What is the largest cache container ever hidden or found?

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I think you might want to specify what 'container' means. I think there was (is?) a cache that was hidden in a concrete WWII bunker in Europe somewhere. But it may be have been there was a smaller container to actually hold the logbook/trinkets. so does the bunker count, or only the thing holding the logbook?

Personally I found one that was in an old school bus... but same problem, there was a smaller container for the 'cache'.

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I just dropped in this forum topic to see what it was about and I am in hysterics looking at these caches...I went to the large green cache page resembling a large ammo can and loved the hint....written in code, of course..."if you can't find it, look under the basketball hoop...." and a picture of 2 small children inside of it! Now that's a cache....so where are these car caches? The Pathfinder?? The largest I had heard of before this is the APE cache in the tunnel in the Cascades...I plan to go there next Spring...the largest I have done is a fairly large ammo can, but of course nothing like this!

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