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  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!! Good luck to you!!!!!!!
  2. I do not live to far from there, about 15 miles as the Crane flies. Yes they are still here the radio station keeps talking about it. We have been out there several times and it is just so magnificent, something that you will never forget. The best time to go is in the evening when they are coming in for the night. There is so much information there that you will come away a Sandhill Crane professional. If you get up this way Also check the Kankakee Game Preserve not to far from there. It's at the intersection of highway 8 and highway 39. There is even more kinds of different birds that hang out there even more cranes. There is also a virtual cache there and soon to be more from me. Shydog I think you are going to get your wish. I have to meet with the Property Manager 10:30 in the morning on hiding more caches at Tippicanoe River State Park. I hope it goes well. I'm almost out of room at the parks in Knox.
  3. I believe a cache is a cache. A TB or coin in a multi just makes it worth completing if you want it bad enough. Kinda rewarding.
  4. Here's my question: Why didn't the two people that were seen acting "suspicous" speak up and just open the container up? Maybe they left before all the festivities. Who knows?
  5. I put those DVDs that are a dollar at Wal-mart in ours when there's room. The ones in the big box by the registers. There is all kinds of old Looney Toons in there usually, and they are a treasure themselves.
  6. Maybe add a stipulation: Must split with cache owner at least half of any thing over $100
  7. I don't see a problem with it. That's the way I do it. I try to put them in new caches. We have 4 that are going to be hidden this week. Just waiting on permission to hide. . We have a cache by us that a coin has been in for a month and half, I'm thinking about going to get it and put it in a new cache. Just to see if it will help it along.
  8. You start marking the coordinates of things around the house, so you can find them later.
  9. This cache will self destruct in 10, 9, 8, 7,.........ROFLOL. Hey an idea?
  10. I think a well placed cache at a cemetery, as long as they're not on tombstones, could bring some recognition to litter, vandalism and detiorating forgotten cemeteries. I can't believe all the unreadable headstones out there, and some of them are famous people too. What a cemetery cache does for my family is teaches the kids a little respect for the dead, and a little history lesson too. I get so mad at the vandalism that goes on at a cemetery. Maybe then when they get a little older, they won't be the ones that I read about in the papers that vandalize cemeteries. Seems to happen quite a bit around here for reasons that can't be explained. Can't believe the disrespect that somebody has to someone that can't defend themselves. So being at a cache in a cemetery doesn't bother me at all. I will not stop at one with a ceremony going on. But whenever at one, we will always straighten flowers up so the dirt won't ruin them. Straighten up military medallions, that were obvisiouly bent by a riding mower. When ever possible try to stand up a Marker that was obviously kick over by vandals. Fix broken flags whenever possible. I too thought of the play "Our Town" when I started reading this thread. Maybe that play is the reason I feel this way, I don't know. But it would be neat to sit there and watch somebody come a long and ponder over your life and just wonder about you. "Look Ma there is someone here to see us!"
  11. "All of this for a gift card? Why don't I just GIVE you ten dollars!?!?" That was cute! I can't think of any thing for our kids. But we've only been caching since September too.
  12. Nascar and Cast Iron Cooking!
  13. Some of the things people leave in caches. What if a kid would stuck his hand in there and found that razor blade.
  14. For some reason when we're out geocaching, it's almost as if we don't even notice the rain.
  15. If I ever make it down to Florida to do some caching. I gonna look for yours. A letter opener could be a handy item in fending off one of them gators. He He. LOL
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