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  1. A couple years ago I was working when my boss posted a memo that one of the maintenance guys at the hospital had placed a geocache in front of our ambulance station. I became a member and spent the next 4 hours looking for it with the old Garmin 72 that we use for establishing helicopter landing zones. He was called in that night to fix a water leak so I drug him out to show me where it was. Been doing it off and on since then. LCAS-271
  2. I dont worry much about LE unless I find something that warrants their attention. However we do notify the local PD and Sheriff's Office before our annual event. We make sure that they realize that there are people from 4 other states present and not to be overly alarmed when they see a vehicke with Wisconsin plates in rural southern IL. LCAS-271
  3. I've checked the email address and it's supposed to be sent to my primary. Also checked the spam filter and no Groundspeak addresses are included. I'm completely lost with this problem LCAS-271
  4. A cachin buddy and I are planning a trip for saturday. I've been trying to get PQs made for the area that we're going to since Wed. night. I've managed to generate the PQs but haven't had any of them sent to my email. I double check each time that I create a PQ and still dont get an email. Any idea what's going on. LCAS-271
  5. I placed a 2-stage multi a few months ago and I think i might have made it a little too easy. The 1st stage is an evil micro that I made with the final being a Camoed lock & lock about 90 ft away. The area is a small rest area along US 50 that is the perfect place for a cache. The problem is that the final is being found without the coords from the 1st stage. I'd like to move the final to another area in the same rest area to make finding the 1st stage necessary. Is it considered "Ethical" to move a final stage after it was already been found. The cache is GCYH4R. LCAS-271
  6. 1) Cut down on my DNFs (I'm hoping that going paperless will help with that. 2) Try get get a few more friends interested in Geocaching. Those should be simple enough
  7. I just got my refurbed M130 for paperless caching and have been spending most of the day trying to figure out how to use GSAK and Cachemate. Normally I load caches into my Etrex Legend using the waypoint ID (GC****). When I loaded my PQ into the Palm it came in with the cache name. How do I reset both GSAK and Cachmate to sort the entries by waypoint ID? LCAS-271
  8. I've only attended one event cache but I had the best time of my life. It started off with everyone signing in (around 100). Then receive the list for the event caches, around 7 i believe. The caches were set up on a poker-run for the grand and 2nd prizes. It's hard to talk about everything that happened to just check out the pictures and logs. GCXGAE Cache Slash Fest 2006 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...c4-e3f3ebc942d1
  9. I had what is probably my funniest encounter last week while looking for a cache. A friend and I were looking for a micro at a 4-way stop in a town of around 1500ppl after 9pm. There just happens to be a bank at the same area. After just a few minutes the local police drive by and give us "The Eye". Over the next 20 minutes or so he drives back 3 times, watching us all the way as we search around this bank for the cache. Finally he stops and says "You guys are just trying to get my attetion". After explaining what we were doing he started naming off local deputies that also cache. After a few minutes he left and parked a couple blocks away and watched. My guess is that he was laughing at us from afar because we couldn't find it. LCAs-271
  10. An idea that I've seen and will probably copy is using a strip magnet. I 2-stage multi that I tried the owner took a 4" strip magnet and carved the stage 2 coords into it. The strip was black and was placed about 8' high on a black sign post. One of the coolest multi's that I've seen. LCAS-271
  11. While cleaning out some cabinets I found a couple of plastic peanut butter jars lying around. After throughly cleaning them I thought I'd try to make them into caches. I have a nearly full roll of camo duck-style tape but would rather paint them. Has anyone tried painting over tape and if so how did it hold up. I'm looking to make the jars a little bit sturdier and also add abit of a personal touch like my other camo painted containers. Is it a good idea or should I stay away from it? LCAS-271
  12. The biggest that I've had a chance to find was "Lawrence County's Largest Cache Container" (GCQZAX). It's a 7.5' long missile crate hidden in the owner's back yard. http://www.geocaching.com/track/log.aspx?l...11-731f80f6a610 There is the link for the container pic.
  13. Also don't forget small game hunting (rabbit, squirrel, etc). Hope everyone stays safe
  14. After my 8th FTF I finally found a cache with a FTF prize. The cache is a TB hotel at a local truckstop and sitting right inside was a brand-new Miller Brewing Co. Trucker's hat. It's a little tight on my fat head but I'm wearing it right now. Think I might be buried in it.
  15. Ok, what I was trying to get at is that some of the caches that used to be incredibly difficult are now just run of the mill. For instance, when they first came out the electric covers(the flat ones) were terribly difficult. But now if a person sees one at the GZ then it's the first thing that they check. So that style cache isn't a 3-5 rating on difficulty now. The idea of pine cones as caches is another example. Any time that I'm around a cedar tree the first thing I look for is a pine cone that's been converted. But 2-3 years ago it would have taken many caches awhile to find it. My point is, Are the difficult caches of yesterday becoming ordinary today? And if that's the case then how should one rate the caches that are being put out?
  16. I dont know about any else but I'm starting to have trouble rating caches. The terrain rating's are easy because it all stays the same. But with the new techniques of cache building are making it harder for me to rate my own caches. For instance, I'm in the middle of painting 4 ammocans and 4 lock-n-locks using the Criminal camo technique. Now I know that these wouldn't be rated as a 1 but they aren't even close to the spanish moss covered containers. Another example are the flat electric covers. At one time I'm sure they would have been rated at 4 or 5, but when I only had around 60 finds I was able to walk right to one. It seems that the difficult caches of yesterday are just run of the mill now. If that's the case then how should one rate the old high-difficulty caches today. I'm sure that a few years ago a Criminal painted ammocan could have been rated at 3 or 3.5, but now where would they be rated at? LCAS-271
  17. Former Vol. FF and Full-time and Volunteer EMS for almost 6.5 yrs. Working on finishing my Paramedic now and then who knows.......Maybe Tactical EMS.
  18. Well after caching for about 8 months now I think it's time to go paperless. The only problem is that I'm not the most tech-savy. That being the case I"m looking for an AFFORDABLE, used PDA with the basics that's needed for caching. I'm hoping to not spend more than about 70-80 on the set-up. Anybody have what I'm looking for?? LCAS-271
  19. I'm trying to think of a good camo pattern to use on a few ammo cans. I've picked up cans of Krylon Camouflage paint in 4 different colors. I've thought about trying a tiger stripe pattern but I'm not sure if the technique would work. Any other ideas on a good camo pattern?
  20. Read my log for GCRPWX. It's probably close to the worst thing experience that I can imagine having.
  21. I was picking up some groceries the other day and found some small 1st Aid kits for around 90 cents apiece. They're about 4"x4" and are made by Johnson and Johnson. If I remember right they had a couple of cleaning wipes and an assortment of adhesive bandages. My idea was to pick up a couple dozen and print out a label for them and leave them in regular caches. Any ideas on whether or not someone would pick them up?
  22. I'm wanting to get some sort of map software for my Legend but dont know which one to get. I'm mostly wanting software that would be able to display county roads and local highways while I'm out GCing. I've noticed that alot of people use topos but I'm not sure if it would do me any good. Any ideas?
  23. Red Hills SP is a very nice park with LOTS of caches in the area. I They have primitive camping and a great place to eat in the park called the Trace Inn. There's a few different intermediate hiking trails and is located along US Rt50. http://dnr.state.il.us/lands/landmgt/PARKS...HLS.HTM#Camping You can also check out Forbes SP in Illinois. It's a little out of the way and only has about 10 or 12 caches nearby but it's a great park for the family. It includes some great fishing, primitive camping and a small beach. http://dnr.state.il.us/lands/landmgt/PARKS/R5/STEPHEN.HTM
  24. I've preparing my first traditional cache in a 5.56mm ammo can but had a question about an idea. Illinois is known for wild seasons so a cache container with one type of camo wouldn't be the greatest. As such I"m planning a spring/summer container that would be switched out with a fall container, and then followed by a winter season container. What I'm wondering is if this would be "ethical" in the world of geocaching. LCAS-271
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