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What is your favourite picture you have taken at a cache site..?

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I'm a big fan of photography though i'm not so good at it myself. I also have this thing with trying to see how good of a picture you can take with a mobile phone so here are some of my efforts near cache sites.


This is from a cache looking back across the lough towards where there is another cache.



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Raphael getting to grips with my GPSr...On my last caching trip- he's such a cutie (not mine, I must add) and an excellent caching buddy! We were getting out of the house while the lounge was having a new carpet put down!


He wanted the GPS for THE WHOLE WALK to the caches, and kept whining at me, but obviously, I was using it at the time- but as soon as we'd picked up both, I let him have a play. It kept him very quiet!

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I was checking out my route for my Snowdon event in July just yesterday and I took quite a few photos, but two in particular stand out (in my mind).


The walk up the PyG track, still inside the main cwm. Looking south with Moel Siabod and its dusting of snow to the left and the dark pointy mountain of Y Lliwedd to the right.




And the view from the summit. The cloud cleared! :mad: And the view south east, with the trig point in the foreground, Crib Goch on the left and Moel Siabod again with its dusting of snow on the right. I WAS THERE! :mad:



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Cornish Mouse,Pudgmeister and KernowThrasher! I luckily escaped without getting muddy!! Cheers Birdman (Bet you can guess which one this was considering we did it on April 6th!)


Just a top tip for future reference. If you upload the picture to the geocaching website and then link to the picture on the geocaching website from the forum it will be smaller picture and will download lots faster for everyone else.

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Sorry these pictures weren't taken here in the UK, but Canada seems so much more photogenic than East Kent B) .



My first Canadian cache that required a climb up a steep hill. Not too easy having been awake for 20 hours and suffering from jet lag :laughing: .




Can't remember what cache this one was, or even if it was a cache at all B) But I think it sums up caching in the Canadian Rockies very well.



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Not a scenic photo, but we were surprised to find this tombstone on an hill top on the California/Nevada border. We were on our way to this cache GC67EC RIP Yermo

It was just weird finding the last resting place of a woman all the way from England, and then we noticed that she appears to have died when her son was 10 and he presumably spent his life alone, otherwise why is he also buried here.

This is the fascinating stuff that makes a good cache. This tombstone is driven past by many 1,000's of people every day.


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That didn't quite go to plan! How do you get the photo to show in the post?!



First, get the web address of the picture by getting the cache page up, then your log, then clicking on the photo you want to show to bring it up in a fresh window. Copy it.

Then, start a reply (not the quickie version), click the little icon of the tree and Paste the address into the box that pops up. Thus:


(Sorry if this wasn't the shot you were aiming for, but I liked it :) )

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