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What is your favourite picture you have taken at a cache site..?

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Hello another useless thread by DRC, Just killing bordem so I thought I would share my bordem "He He!"


So there I was looking at my gallery and thinking to myself "WOW, They are proper BO pics!" So why don't you have a browse in your gallery and show the whole world what you come up with!


I will start so here is one to start things off!;



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This was taken in Malaysia on our honeymoon. It's of a Macaque that is about to have a look at a cache I just tried to get.


NB - Macaques go out of their way to bite you given half the chance............


The picture isn't that funny - however;


- Nick down a bank retrieving the cache


- Ali 'Nick come back up here please'


- Nick 'Why?'


- Ali 'Just come back up, I'll explain in a minute'


- Nick 'Hang on, I'm getting the cache'


- Ali 'Just come back up here quickly please'


- Nick 'But I can see the cache'


- Ali 'Come back up please, it's behind you'


- Nick spinning round 'What is?!'


- Ali 'It's behind you! Just come back up NOW!'


- Nick still looking round for god-knows-what


- Ali 'It's on the fence, come back up here now'


- Nick seeing a macaque about to launch itself towards him, runs up the bank to join Ali saying;


'Why the bloody hell didn't you just say!'


- Ali 'Because it would have realised I was talking about it and just jumped on you........................'

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From Wasdale Head, the night before our big climb of Scafell Pike for my Death or Glory, Preferably Glory! event.



From a cache-site in Berlin, Europe's second tallest free-standing structure. There's quite a view from the top!



I didn't take it, but I do like it! Me looking for Criptic Souls Crew's Vertigo cache.



Caching in Docklands with SenseiTSKC, and wondering if anyone ever tries to obey this...



Some great pictures on this thread though - I should get out with my camera more :D

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Here are some of our favourite photos from more recent caches...



On the way to Drew's Mistle...



At the Hunt and Munch... (Dogs and bones, you know how it is...).



Another one that is just how it came off the camera and was on top of a windy hill at Borderline View Two.



Stobb Cross.



On our way back from setting our cache at Dry Rigg.


We take photos at pretty much every cache we do (that way we can remember which one was which), so check out our profile for more.



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Mine is one of these two....


This little chap literally flew right in front as I was doing I Smell Breakfast


Little Birdy


And this was taken after a cycle around some of the caches south of Basingstoke.


Corn Field


** OPS!!! I've added links as the pics don't seem to work on thier own. Will fix when I get home from work! **

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:laughing: This is definatly one of the better posts on the forums of late so thought it deserved another post.

This one was Cadair idris in feb!





Elan valley,mid Wales



Nant y Arain,mid Wales



April Folly (The Horton Tower,Dorset) Gary and Janes cache at sunset.

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Although it wasn't taken by us, this is our favourite cache photo. The cache is one of ours, You Must Be Oaking, and the teddy was one we had left from our own wedding last year. This photo is what makes putting out caches so worthwhile. We have since met Alboy, who told us that the bear is now called Treasure Bear (IIRC..!)


I hope Alboy doesn't mind me posting a piccie of his lovely daughter!



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Just a couple of the many pictures I have taken. Many of them are of only personal interest.


Here is one that sums up the beauty of Dinton Pastures, which I took on November 29th when doing Dinton Butterflies:




And the next is one of my grandson, who is a budding cacher. It was taken at the Millennium Sails II cache in Portsmouth:



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What an excellent idea for a thread - I've really enjoyed following it. We just love looking at photos taken at cache sites and it's one of the things that really makes this site for us.


So far there seems to be a shortage of coastal pictures, so here's another photo of ours from a while back taken at St. Abbs while doing Roond Hill.




This cache has a couple of nice photos including this one, which was taken by leftrightorstraighton...





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