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  1. mumbo jumbo is just me, although I am occasionally joined by Mrs mj and even a kid or two.
  2. Previously, I could access gc.com on the move from my work BlackBerry. No idea what it runs on but it's terribly slow. But the point is I could access gc.com. Now I can't. I can get up the homepage but when I try to sign in I get "HTTP Error 413: Request Entity Too Large". This means absolutely nothing to me. Can anyone enlighten me; is there some setting I can tinker with which will resolve this? mj
  3. I particularly like the whistling bit (when the muggles appear)
  4. I have a cache which uses Streetview to gather info for the parking and final co-ordinates. One piece of info was derived from the % off sale sign in a shop window. The listing originally mentioned the name of the shop but this was declined by the reviewer as "clearly commercial". Cods wallop! It was simply a very prominent and clear appearance of a number I needed for the co-ordinates and I was helping cachers identify it. I was sorely tempted to argue the point but what's the point? Without reviewers the game falls apart. Why give them grief over the non-critical wording of a listing? Still, they were wrong all the same mj
  5. Faves include Gorgeous, Paddington Dare, Pachyderm Passage, aii que dolor, Turnover - Corporate Cruelty... Then, of course, there's my own brilliantly named caches. But I'm not allowed to mention them
  6. Faves include Gorgeous, Paddington Dare, Pachyderm Passage, aii que dolor, Turnover - Corporate Cruelty... Then, of course, there's my own brilliantly named caches. But I'm not allowed to mention them
  7. Excellent - another parchment, quill and abacus cacher! I had an Oregon 300 until I lost it at the O2 last November. I liked it a lot having previously had a Legend and a 60CSx (the latter also lost) but doubt that I made anything like the use of it that other more technically minded folk are able to. I too fear the entire caching community rushing off into the technological distance. My brain switches off the moment I see forum posts about greasemonkey script and the like :blink: ??? So I'm back on the Legend at the moment which is frankly painful. But I cant justify the cost of a sparkly new replacement just yet. What I notice about the Legend though (which I think was also true of the 60CSx) is that it has a rubberised back, which the Oregon doesn't. If you put your Oregon on the car roof and forget about it (like I did), it will slide off pretty much as soon as you drive off. Do that with a Legend and the chances are it will still be there miles down the road. But I have resolved NEVER to put anything on the car roof ever again so that shouldn't be relevant to my choice of GPS - when I get round to it . . .
  8. There's a lot of "quality not quantity" replies to the OP here. Being a relatively slow cacher (and having "slowed" in 2010), I'm all for that. No to carpet bombing micro series(es). Yes to interesting / delightful locations, clever hides and well crafted puzzles (provided degrees in astrophysics and further maths are not required ). It's already clear to me that the new Favourites feature will enhance my future caching activity as a number of great looking caches have come "on radar" which I was not even remotely aware of before. Maybe a couple of clear "fave" caches would reinvigorate the OP's interest. mj
  9. If you'd said that on a cycling forum, this thread would be red hot by now! [i generally do wear a helmet] mj
  10. It'll be interesting to see how this settles down over time. Someone has "favoured" (like a previous poster, I can't be doing with favourited!) 6 utterly unremarkable caches of mine (perhaps they just like the Unfortunate Street Names concept?). But many of my better caches (which I know people like cos they tell me at events etc) have not been so favoured. While I'm at it, I'm in the 1:10-is-the-wrong-ratio camp. I have 78 points to award. I've been through all my finds and still have 31 left. And several were awarded to archived caches! 1:25 for me. mj
  11. I've had buffs for years, mainly used for cycling. It was -11 when I set off on my regular bike commute to the office 2 days ago. I probably would have died without it! mj
  12. I had my contact details on the start up screen of my old Legend but never worked out if / how I could do that on the Oregon. Probably just me being dim. So, no - it's a gonner unfortunately. mj
  13. Last photo of it is in this log at Manchester Invasion GC17CYK
  14. We were at the O2 for the Masters tennis the other day. I had my GPS cos I wanted to take some E/W meridian photos, preferably at a cache if time permitted. Time did not permit but I checked how close we were to the meridian in the car park on our way out. Just time to take a photo or two of a TB with the O2 in the background. Job done, off we went... One hour later, on the M1, it dawned on me that my Oregon was on the roof of the car... Oh BU@@ER! I know what I want for Christmas mj
  15. I doubt this one is going to get beaten! Well done 104dsv (as we know you round here)! My humble efforts are: Furthest from home - 309 miles: Cahermore (GC1FETP) in mainland Ireland. It was published when I was on an island off the West coast called Inishbofin. FTFing this involved waiting overnight, catching a ferry in the morning and maybe 2.5 hours driving. Furthest when at home at time of publication - 159 miles: Ryders Hill Trig (GC2CX69) on Dartmoor. Puzzle solved at home. Cache found 9 days (I think) after publication. It still awaits the 2TF . . . It needs finding cos I left 2 trackables in it! mj
  16. Hmmm... Good luck with the series. But I have my reservations... I'm known in my neck of the woods as something of a cycling cacher. I wont ignore these caches if they turn up round here but I'll do them with trepidation. As a cyclist there is nothing I hate more than a "shared path" (apart, perhaps, from ninja stealth cyclists who give my kind a bad name). It's a recipe for confusion, acrimony and, at worst, disaster - drsolly hints at the problems caused. A bell can help but can be misconstrued as intentionally alarming / startling (honest ). Anyway. Who needs a shared path when there are tens of thousands of miles of purpose built paths out there to enjoy called roads? After all, I've paid my "road tax". mj
  17. Slightly off topic, but does anyone remember North v South geo-rugby? There was a (now archived) cache in Meriden (centre of England reputedly) which counted as the half way line. I'm a bit fuzzy on the details so if anyone can dig them out maybe we could get that started again? mj
  18. Before joining gc.com the only other internet moniker I had was on a cycling forum. I was a total newb at internet stuff then. Thought I might be meeting a bunch of wierdos in chat rooms online or something . Which makes it all the more bizarre that when prompted for my username I put in my real name . I soon realised my internet faux pas but couldn't change it! As for my geocaching name, I wouldn't change mumbo jumbo for anything now. Very attached to it. mj
  19. I'm getting the same. I've had a couple of notifications but a manual check through all my listings revealed several finds and DNFs for which I had no email notification. Same for my trackables. Hopefully they'll sort a fix asap. mj
  20. Saturday - 1 cache (Shaldon, Devon - fabulous weather) Tuesday - 1 cache (Haytor, Dartmoor - crappy weather) Weds (today) - 2 caches (West Mids - thunderstorm in the morning; glorious in the afternoon!)
  21. The first power trail I did was the Brummie Cut canal series. 26 caches in 6.5 miles. I did it by bike but without the hints. 15 finds; 11 DNFs. Sort of fun. The next one was with the family. 14 caches in 4 miles. Lovely countryside but the caches became a problem - stopping all the time to look for caches, sign the log, do swaps, rehide the box etc. We ended up missing out the last 4 or 5 caches just to get some continuity into the walking. At about the same time a new (hintless) series was published very close to home - 19 caches in 3 miles and all within 2 miles of my home co-ords. I called it carpet bombing and deliberately avoided the series for a couple of months. I've now had a go and confess to thoroughly enjoying the series - some of the best hides I've seen in a while. Overall I'm not a fan of power trails but I suppose they have their place. But a trail of not-too-close-together well conceived and executed hides would be a pleasure. mj
  22. Choosing 'recalculate mileage' works for me but having someone dropping one of my T/Bs off in a different cache and writing a suitable 'placed' log on the cache page, doesn't. I still have to do the manual update if I want to see the new total mileage. All back to normal now except for the trackables auto mileage updating. Thanks for the reminder about the "recalculate mileage" in the drop down menu - I'd forgotten about that. All trackables now up to date. mj
  23. I just saved some changes to my profile, went back to my main page only to discover the the "hello mumbo jumbo" box has now lost my avatar and my find / hide stats are showing zero . Mercifully they have not disappeared from my finds / hides page but it's disconcerting nonetheless. As is the fact that the mileage on my trackables doesn't seem to update anymore! What's going on? Am I alone? Philip / mj
  24. I got 3 new coins. Two now released. The other needs to be released in a night cache - I'm still trying to work out where my nearest one of these is! mj
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