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Most popular UK cache name?


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I was idly wondering, upon doing a cache called 'Weir is it' the other day, what's the UKs most popular cache name? So far I have :


"Off yer (your) trolley" - 9 examples

"Weir is it?" - 4

"Wind in the Willows" - 3

"Teddy Bears Picnic" - 4

"If you go down to the woods today" - 4


Anybody know of any more contenders, otherwise the Off Yer Trolleys get it! Oh, excluding series such as "route canal 1" , 2 3, etc as they have been deliberately named the same.

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"A Bridge 2 Far" GC513C

A Bridge Not Too Far !! GCHT03

A Bridge (Not) Too Far GCWNHC

A Bridge To Far GCN0MG

A Bridge to Far GCT0PR

A BRIDGE TO FAR (Splash & cache 1) GCVV7G

A Bridge Too Far GCMMQ1

A Bridge Too Far? GCJCAN

A Bridge Too Far GCN4PE


A bridge too far GCPB4K

A Bridge too Far GCQ7Q9

A Bridge Too Far GCQBJF

A Bridge Too Far? GCVDG4

a bridge too far GCVFQ3


A Bridge Too Far GCWQH7

A bridge too far... GCHR2T

A Bridge Too Far (Hampshire) GCQCVC

Bridge Too Far? GCKJY8

bridge too far [sutton park] GCX59Y

The bridge too far GCP0NW

WW2 Series - A Bridge too Far - Pole Cottage GCJ5E7

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Having a cache of the same name: "The View", I started to panic. Of the 179 caches listed with the words "The View" in the title, just 26 contain just the two words. Of these one is disabled and one is called "The View II", presumably to differentiate it from any other view - as if!!


Aaaaarrgghh - give me a new name for my cache!!!!!!

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Did anyone actually read the OP!!!!

Excludes caches that have been deliberatly named the same!!


And the "Off yer trolley" example given isn't a series? Quite remarkable, considering several of them are set by the same cachers.





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Oops, my mistake, I just thought they had been breeding. Typical, the OP breaks her own rules straight away!! :D


I thought you were testing us and put it in there on purpose B)




Er, yeah, that's right, that's what I meant to say! B)


Mind you, some good ones have been found so far. All interesting stuff... or perhaps I should get out more? B) Naming caches can be of the hardest bits of setting them.

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Here's a bit of a jolly jape. If you know what Googlewhacking is, the following will make sense.


Put a GC.com Keyword search in for a random word -not a part of a cache name you already know is unusual- and try to find just one live result. I'll start you off with 'Bonzo', which gives you just one cache, Bonzo's Dog by Troop_Cat (GCYHJV) -Oh, so close with Ostrich! Dam.n.

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