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Coin Design Idea

Dr. Whoever

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Add your geo-Nick to the coin and make it personal.



Consider rounding off the points of the star or it will slice through cases and binder pages.

But they'd make such great throwing stars the way they are! :(


I like this coin, but rounding off the points is probably a good idea. And I agree about adding your geo-nick. If you don't want to "mess up" the simplicity of the front, put it on the back just above the "2006". That way, it looks like your personal coin for this year. If you decide to do another personal for next year, the trend is established. But there's also no obligation, either.

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Thanks for all the suggestions so far, but I really wasn't wanting this to be my personal coin, just a GEOCACHING themed coin. personal coin is coming soon. Here are the rounding mods..suggested by AG and a little different back. I still will absolutely appereciate more suggestions. cda2bf7d-68cb-4a5e-a8fd-4e46a528dc5e.jpg

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Go personal :o and don't be afraid to break the borders with the design. I like the castle and would like to see it fill up a little more space if it can. A lot of designs end up with "floating" elements surrounded by a lot of negative space. This is an excellent candidate (because of it's unusual shape) to really break out of that mold. You might even consider a clear red enamel over a 3d castle or leave the castle 2d and texture the surrounding area to attain your glitter look. ;)

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ohhh.......hmmm that was quick. Now that's a nice looking coin. Well, time to think of a different slogan or this may be the time to go personal


Personally, I don't like the geocoin store coin at all. I don't see it as a competition. I like your coin, it has a different shape, look and style.

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I think you need something on the front of the coin. I'm not sure what, but as it is, its a rather plain design. Need some pizzazz.


I thought that the front was unique because it was so simple and plain. I guess it only goes to show that no matter what you are going to have people with different ideas and you only need to please yourself.

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Greets, I have 2 ideas, Perhaps another silver raised area in the center of the star so the red glitter becomes a line raised metal center star, on back move the castle up to where the writing is this will make room to make it larger and move text down and smaller, Just some rambling thoughts, I like the design, Also unusual shape coins, so count me in for a few . ;) Good luck with the coin !! Glenn


EDIT:: I vote personal :o

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At this point, you've now got two really different directions that you can go. I liked the original star's "plain" face, as it was simple. I can see why some feel that it needs some pizzazz, and they could well be right. But I like it as it is. As has been pointed out many times, you can't make everyone 100% happy.


I think a castle-shaped personal coin could be a fabulous coin, but I'm not sure that you need to abandon the star coin. I agree that there need not be any competition with the geocoin store coin. You might be able to come up with another theme for the back. Or just keep the theme as it is. The geocoin store is going to issue a series of coins; no idea how many. Your coin covers the whole gamut in one, much as the spinning coins have. I wonder if you can make *this* coin a spinner? Make the inner star(s) spin. Maybe it's impractical; I dunno. I just think that the original idea has a lot of potential, and I don't think that you should give up on it.

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