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Free Gold Geobone, Free Red-hand Coin

Lemon Fresh Dog

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I sure like the SCUBA cache! wow! (it doesn't affect the ability to win -- it's a draw, so everyone keep entering!)


This fall I am beginning my National Geographic Divers course, -- so maybe one day I'll head down there and see that cache. (of course, that will require much more training and experience than my 1st-level cert)


Thanks for the post!

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As planned, my wife and I went on another geocoin safari today. We only did 4 caches, but we drove over 150 miles, had a nice hike, visited a strange little barren urban park, explored the solar system, solved a difficult puzzle, and found 5 geocoins (including 2 unactivated geocoins!).


I will only mention coins that we finished moving today:


I dropped off one of nielsenc's Thanksgiving geocoins at The High Road.


My wife (mjleelim) dropped off a California wooden nickel at Planet Mercury.


We have too many coins in our possession now, but we didn't want to concentrate them in only a few caches. We'll be spreading some of them around the next time we go geocaching.



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I thought I'd give it a couple more weeks.

Oh, I thought you were going all through December. I guess it doesn't really matter.


My wife and I did our first deliberate night caching tonight. (We cached at night once before, but it wasn't planned.) This cache has a special "firefly" that helps you at night. I dropped a nielsenc Christmas geocoin at A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose.


We will finish moving several coins this Sunday. Then next weekend, we will be driving down to Anaheim and moving a few more coins along the way.



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I gave away an Iowa coin at the Coin Quest Meet, Eat, and Greet event I hosted Dec. 3rd, I placed a bronze BuffaloWings coin in my Rivertown cache as a FTF prize, and I gave an EU coin and a Compass Rose coin to a fellow geocacher who helped me by observing my students in a class and giving feedback.


I'm planning on releasing one soon and see how far it goes before it disappears, but I haven't decided which one yet. It will definitely be a trackable one.

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My wife and I finished moving 4 geocoins today. (They were 4 nice coins too.)


It was an interesting day. After we finished the second cache, my wife locked my keys in the car. It was a challenge just getting back into my car! Made all the geocaches today look easy in comparison.


I dropped an unregistered California geocoin in Secret Trailhead #21 - Sausal Creek. We picked this up last week from Where's the benchmark?.


I dropped a Mount McKinley geocoin in Missile View.


I dropped a Mount Everest geocoin in Inca Gold: Last Words.


My wife (mjleelim) dropped off another unregistered California geocoin in Wholesale Cache. We picked this up last week from The Man in the Middle.



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It might be better if you picked a date to end on...


Because my wife and I have been moving coins every weekend lately. :) We would have been hunting for new geocoins anyway, but we probably wouldn't have bothered picking up 3 USA geocoins on Sunday if it weren't for this contest.


As I mentioned earlier, we're driving down to Anaheim this weekend. (Disneyland!) But now we're making a little detour through Palmdale... :)



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Okay! This post will bump the topic to the top of the forums -- the contest ends when this topic falls off the first page (as determined by my sporatic visiting to the forums)


I suspect that will be sometime at the end of this week

Not too soon, I hope. I plan on releasing at least one of my New York coins, and perhaps a couple of the extra coins I have like Iowa, MIGO and North Carolina. I just need to find the time to actually go caching!

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I'll go ahead and count this as an entery -- 5/5's are special!

In that case, I have four entries:

TBMCF8 placed into SRT - Single Rope Techniques (GCK5TN)

TBMDMN placed into Orange Crush (GCPHJ0)

TBMEY2 placed into Under the Waterfall (GCG1MB)

TBFEF7 placed into Last Time in '05!.... 8:30-10:30! (GCRDT2)

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On Saturday, my wife and I did some more geocoin hunting on the drive down from Northern California to Southern California. We found 3 new geocoins and finished moving 2 other geocoins.


Our first detour was to the little town of Prunedale. We had a nice little hike to a nice hiding spot. I dropped off a USA geocoin at Prunetucky.


After a lot of driving, we took another detour to Palmdale. It was dark by the time we got there, so we walked in the dark in the middle of nowhere to get to Dry River. I dropped off another USA geocoin here.


We continued on to The Haunted Forest (Night Cache) Part Two, which involves some difficult night orienteering. Bushwhacking in the dark is definitely a challenge.


We're now enjoying a break at Disneyland!



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My Gypsy coins are in and I just couldn't wait to put one in a cache! This Gypsy coin, was released into the wild at a local TB hotel (GCGVTP). I had heard about this cache for awhile... it is inside a coffee shop and wouldn't be approved under today's guidelines... but it is a nice big, safe hotel for traveling bugs.

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Nothing really impressive but they're out:


This Caght Red Handed went to cache gcgv2f

Not really an interesting story, but it as with all caches in sight of houses you feel out of place. Especially near a road... and of course this set of tracks in the snow following me everywhere I go :P .


This Iowa went to cache gcr13x. Going to this cache requires a short trek along a very open area. The snow varied from an inch to drifts above my knees. On the way back I stopped to make a snow angel but the snow had crusted over from the sun the last couple days so my angel looks more like someone fell over and had an epileptic attack then got up and left :blink:


This "NYGO" went to cache gcpehe.

Normally a very easy cache, but since the main users of the park right now are icefisherman with 4x4 and snowmobiles not all the roads are plowed (or that well). but I did make it to usuall parking spot ok. Finding the cache was a lot more fun because the location is fairly nondescript so grabbed a 4' ice probe off the shelter at the top of the hill thinking I'd use it in my search. But instead when i got close to the cache I looked around trying to decide where I should probe first. Selected a location and stepped forward basicically right onto the cache B) (Don't worry its an ammo can, no damage done)


This United Kingdom went to cache gcpx06

Lets see what haven't I said yet? I took a detour along a frozen backwater pond in an attempt to hide my tracks from the main trail, but nothing happened (sorry I didn't fall in or anything exciting B)) Also, there was snow on the way in, snow around the cache, and yet more snow on the way out.

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Since I like your coins so much, I better get entered in this contest.


I placed one of your 'Red-Handed' Coins in the cache Stash n Dash

The coin is in there as a 'gift' all nicely wrapped for someone to find during the Christmas break. I comes complete with the Sheriff card and everything :lol:


Here's hoping I am the lucky one.


Thanks Lemon Fresh Dog.

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Finally i can post a coin drop!


I activated my very first geocoin today! No i mean it the very first one i got...


I dropped my Maryland geocoin in this cache Turkey Roost Cache


I had a blast out caching with my buddy prairiepartners and decided that a cache that has a round trip of 3 miles is worthy of my first coin drop.


Thanx for the entry in the contest and finally getting me to activate a coin!



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