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Free Gold Geobone, Free Red-hand Coin

Lemon Fresh Dog

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My wife and I are still having fun at Disneyland, but we couldn't resist a few sorties to hunt for geocoins. We finished moving one geocoin and picked up another geocoin we hadn't seen before.


On Monday, we visited Full House near Irvine and I dropped off a Georgia geocoin.


Yesterday, our good luck with geocoins ran out. We drove to a cache in Rancho Santa Margarita and another cache all the way out in Palm Desert. In both cases, the geocoins we were seeking were gone. No logs in the log books or online. Hopefully, the geocaches are just busy during the holiday season and would not actually steal geocoins during the holidays.



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Okay!  It looks like this isn't getting off the first page anytime soon.....


The contest will end at.......




This gives you a chance to cache with your brand new Christmas GPSr and get coins into caches!

LOL - I was wondering how this would ever get off the first page. Cool. Midnight on the 31st I WIN!!! (Oooohhhhhhhh, how I hope I win. :lol: )

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I placed Cool Yule (TBPE0C) into Allien Airport Diguise (GCRPAA). It was a standard tree climb with the lowest branch out of jumping reach. I just moved back to get up enough speed to run up the trunk so I could reach that branch. Then it was a simple climb. I found it to be a fun cache but my Hoveround will never be the same.

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We dropped one of our EU coins (The Speckled Band) into a cache in Oxfordshire (Wonko Cache), while on a family tour to deliver Christmas pressies... An important one to us as we've done a few caches in the area and the coin was released to say thanks to the local cachers who set them. In addition, Nanny died earlier this year and this will be our first Christmas without her. So given that it was such a lovely day, it was really nice to walk to the cache through the village, past the church where her funeral was held.



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On our way back home from Disneyland, my wife and I picked up another geocoin and finished moving two other geocoins.


I dropped off a Tennessee geocoin at Propeller Head. It was quickly picked up the next day by another geocacher.


I dropped off USA Geocoin TT-XXXV USC Red VW at Pea Soup Cache. Then we had dinner at Andersen's Pea Soup. I had 3 bowls of pea soup. B) But I'm not sure if this drop counts, because it's not really a geocoin anymore. It was originally a USA geocoin. When it got lost, the owner reissued it. Now it's really just a kind of travel bug. It's frustrating when we go hunting for geocoins and find stuff like this.


We currently have 3 geocoins in our hands that we will be dropping in the San Francisco Bay Area before the end of the year. At least, we hope we can drop them. We also picked up colds at the end of our trip so we need to rest for a few days.


Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas,


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Not much of an adventure for us as of yet, but we have a coin that was dropped for us. We gave it a mission of traveling to us marking out caches to do on future trips.


It has skipped many states in between, but looks as though it may be getting some more miles logged soon.



Happy Caching!

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;) We've recently realeased two EU GeoCoins (since this thread started) and have loads more to go in the near future.


The first of these was very special, as it was dropped off in a cache in my Grandfather's village. It was particularly important to us, since we walked from his house to the cache, past the church where my Grandmother's funeral was held earlier this year and through the graveyard where her ashes will be interred between Christmas and new year. It was a beautiful day and we will remember it with great fondness.


The second was dropped of nearer our home, with the goal of travelling about in the North East of England - Also special in it's own way, since it's our way of saying thank-you to local cachers for placing caches. On this occasion the weather was horrid!


We are trying to release coins with as many of the icons as possible, so these two would be a nice addition to our release collection should we win.






Edited to add that I've just noticed that I've already included details of the first of these somewhere above... D'OH!! :)

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This is a great thread and I really like what everyone is doing. Thanks to the financial support of may cachers who bought the Delaware limited edition coin, there are now over 70 activated Delaware geocoins placed (or being placed) in every state and 9 foreign countries with the help of local cachers. Watch for a Delaware geocoin in your state. To find the status of all these coins, pull up the stats page for "Delaware Geocaching" and look under the Delaware icon.


Technically I did not actually physically place coins in a cache (Except for one coin for Delaware), so only count this a a single entry.


Many thanks to Lemon Fresh Dog for starting this.

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Activated and dropped 4 more state coins this weekend Delaware, North Carolina, New York, and Maryland.....


So in the last month, besides a couple of our f0t0m0m coins, it's those 4 plus San Diego, Tennessee, West Tennessee, Seven Summits, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, European Unio, Wisconsin and New Mexico...


All activated and placed into caches..... so far only 2-3 of them have disappeared into collections....

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Hi, I'm not sure if this counts towards the contest but we recently gave a Seven Summits Mount Everest geocoin to a cacher who visited our cache: Boise River Adventure GCR787 (sorry I'm not sure how to do a link). We mailed it to him to make sure that someone who hadn't already visited our cache had a chance at getting the coin. He seemed pretty happy ;)

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Not sure if this qualifies or not. On 12/8 I picked up a Seven Summits--Mt McKinley geocoin from GCR2F9. I then passed it to another cacher who placed it in a cache on 12/15.


There isn't a coin actually in a cache that it is listed in or any one available for moving within 50 miles of my house! :rolleyes:

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My wife and I still have colds, but there's a break in the weather so we managed to get out today a little bit.


Our first stop was 911 Police Department. I dropped off a nice big New Mexico geocoin in this nice big cache. The cache is right in front of the Foster City Police Department and they have cameras all around the building. This should be a safe place for geocoins. :laughing:


Our next stop was not so productive. We went to a 4-star puzzle cache to drop off another geocoin. I had used a Pocket Query to search for nearby caches that were 4 stars or harder and weren't micros or virtuals. When we finally found this cache, it turned out to be a micro even though it was listed as small. Argh! We couldn't drop a coin here. It was dark by the time we finished here, so we had to call it a day.


We're still holding 3 geocoins, but the forecast says it's going to rain until the end of the year so we probably won't be able to drop them for the contest.


Good luck to everyone else in the drawing and Happy New Year!


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Tomorrow at midnight -- I WIN!


Well, maybe. Whether I win or not I want to thank LFD for the drawing. What a nice thing to do for folks you will likely never meet.


As for something else on topic - I did a cache two days ago and saw a USA Geocoin in the cache. I thought, "Cool! I'll grab this one and move it along." Then I looked at it and realized it was MY coin someone else had dropped into the cache. (GCRMGK) So then I thought, "Sweet!", but I left it in the cache for someone else to find.


Here's hoping all of you have a GREAT new year (and find a gazillion caches!).

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