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Thanks for all the good wishes. Thank you too to all the Geocachers who have made this possible. Keep placing them and we will one day be able to double this tally! :rolleyes:


When we hit 4035 caches we could cheerfully say that we had found 4000 SA caches (the 35 being in neighbouring countries). It's been wonderful travelling to all corners of SA which includes having cached in all 52 municipalities. Our 4000th milestone was doing Blood, Sweat (and Sandy Bay) cache and we can say that most of the caches involved a lot of sweat and sometimes blood too!

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A few belated congrats from the GEO936 team...


Jors, "jors truly" well done on reaching your 1000. We certainly hope you will keep in the game as we enjoy your company, your logs, just you!! So you cannot stop now and we hope to be able to share your 2000 milestone .... soon!


iPajero, WOW, big WOW...it seems just like yesterday when we were discussing your 2000 finds Achievement Coin. The planning behind getting the coin, how the community was going to give it to you, and all that. And all of a sudden you've hit over 4000. That is an amazing feat and we are very proud of you! Congratulations!


dakardrix, sneaky, very sneaky. You got to your 1000 without a sound! Or is it a case of GEO936 sleeping on the job and not keeping abreast with the happenings? We still remember following your frantic race to reach 500 within a year and how you pushed yourself to the limits, blood, sweat and some tears.....etc. And then WHAM! before you know it you've just clocked another 500 without us knowing about it. But it is cool, we are proud of you too! Well done!


MadSons, the mad one of us all but the most entertaining too. Who would've said on the 24th September 2010 that you would've achieved 1000 cache finds in just 6 months? Does the Busa have something to do with all this - the lightning speed? Or is it the pure determination of the Lion not to give up? It is one hell of an achievement and we congratulate you. We enjoy reading your logs, listening to your caching stories, so please keep them coming. Well done! Here's to the next 1000!

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A big congratulations to Oom Louwtjie who reached his 400 cache milestone today. Well done, and a nice little FTF , his 20th to go with it. Wish we had celebrated it at the event but I guess somehow the numbers were slipping us... Well done and we hope to see many more finds in the future....


Also congrats to Dakardrix on the 1000. I seem to recall that you were just ahead of me at some stage and rushing towards 1000, not sure why I thought you were already past it... Well done.


Also a big 1000 finds to Madsons. I still remember bumping into you at Hein's View wondering who the newbie was... think you were still only on something like 100 or so finds.... that was just the other day. An exceptional race to 1000 finds... Great going. I hope that you just don't run out too soon and have withdrawl symptoms...


Congrats to SawaSawa on the 700.... remember mine been the 10 year event only the other day... Hope that you have many more coming...

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Big numbers for all my team mates on the trip to Bloem, GerhardoosMPsa 1900, Technonut and Scott Scott 800, Scmeirei on 500, Bakgat 700, Tinkerbell-GP 350..... But who knows when they even reached them.... It was so hectic.


And to some of our local KZN cachers:


Kwenda Tafuta 1100

Flying Syringe 500

I & J 200


Well done guys nice too see I&J finally reach 200....

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Thx guys!! I think I will always be a bit on the slow side in accumulating milestones. I see cachers like Andy, who have been caching 1/3rd of the time I have, whisteling past me in numbers found. As long as I get my fix every now and then, I am happy. I am not about the numbers, I try to savour each cache for what it is.

I think I am more of a hider than a finder. I was very happy to have one of my caches found for the 100th time the other day. I also placed my 50th a while back. Those milestones are just as important to me.

Thx for the good wishes! I do enjoy being part of this funny little community! I like the spread of people I have met. The sport seems to attract an interesting, curious, an gentle type of person.

Good to be one of you!!

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