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trevorh7000 just hit 400 finds!!!


Well done!


Indeed Trevor. Congratulations on your 400 and it was a privilege for me to be out caching with you when you found it. Thanks again for a great afternoon out caching with you while I was still in Cape Town and for your hospitality. Here's to the next 400 and onto your 1000. :D

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Congratulations to:


GerhardoosMPsa 1700 finds

Batsgonemad and his Squirrel 1250 finds

Hosta 500 finds

Bakgat 500 finds

Scott Scott 500 finds

Geo-croc - 50 Finds


And all done with me on Majuba mountain or at my event yesterday.

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Thanks so very much for all the good wishes received for our 4000th cache find - they are all so much appreciated.


We have had such fun these last few months and wish to thank all those cache owners whose caches we have been lucky enough to find - without you and your hides we would never ever have got there!


Special congratulations also to Trev on your 400 finds - well done.

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Very Well done to Fish Eagle on your 2000th cache. I feel very honored that this was achieved on one of my caches. An excellent choose for your milestone.

Thanks for your kind wishes, and thanks for creating great caches which provided us with such marvellous entertainment in East London.

Our 2,000th milestone cache, your Bat's Cave cache is one of the best in the country!! Thank you.

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WOW - a very big CONGRATS to Trick Vicky & Mickey on reaching just over 4000 finds. That is a fantastic achievement and we look up to you!

A huge congrats too to Fish Eagle for reaching 2000 - well done! Here is to the next 2000!

We are very proud of you both!

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