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  1. The commercial aspects of such a venture will always override the environmental issues - sadly. :(
  2. Well done to all the cache placers! We need you around. After hitting the 300+ mark I've started slowing down a bit. The maintenance starts becoming an issue.
  3. Very interesting! I wonder what caused this?
  4. I don't think Hanover Foxhole exists anymore. I think a number of others have also been archived.
  5. cincol


    That would be interesting to see. I wonder if it could be done through Project_gc?
  6. I remember when I started caches some years ago I also didn't have a clue what trackables were either! I had a couple in my possession for a while until somebody pointed out to me that they were in fact NOT swag or trade items! After that I developed a distinct liking to all trackables and have subsequently build up a nice collection of my own. I think it all boils down to how you started caching and who your "mentor" was.
  7. Crazy what people will do! Maybe place this post on the Geocoin section of the Forum as well.
  8. Thanks Danie. I only have 4 African countries!
  9. Once again thanks for the stats Danie. I have recently added 2 new countries to my tally - namely Vatican State and Andorra. Unfortunately our trip to Malta was curtailed due ti extreme weather conditions! Please could you run a list of the cachers who have cached in, say, more than 10 countries? - Thanks.
  10. Hope you enjoy your new found hobby! Good luck with getting the cache count up in Kuwait.
  11. Interesting that the missing ones are pretty consistent - 25-30%
  12. A thought on why the log length has diminished over the years - nowadays many cachers use smartphones and hence write very short logs, especially while in the field. I don't use a phone to log and wait until I am at my computer to write a decent log. If the CO took the trouble to place the cache I take the trouble to write a decent log. My 2c worth.
  13. Thankfully that hasn't been our experience, except with GeoawareGBL. Guys, I feel for you. I have had similar experiences but will refrain from venting on a public forum. So much so that I no longer submit ANY EarthCaches that are not on a specific continent.
  14. Obviously, but which subgroup of cachers finds fewer now than before? All/most of us? And what changed? I think that a lot of the active cachers find themselves in the same predicament that I do. I have found all the caches within a 80km radius of my home and yes, the price of petrol is a HUGE contributing factor for me. The only opportunity that I now get to cache is when I am traveling away from home. Another issue is the safety factor. As I cache alone I am loathe to get into the car for a caching "spree" in Gauteng for example. There is no way that I will tackle caches alone in Gauteng - period. When I do cache when I'm in Pretoria it is with much complaining from the other half about the constant stopping! I now have to wait to cache when I have a fellow cacher along for the ride. I thought that when I moved back to SA on retirement that my figures would rise rapidly. How wrong was I? My "hides" figure has risen faster since returning!
  15. Thanks for generating these stats Danie. Great to see that that 3 of them close to Rustenburg feature in the FP's with 2 of them mine!!!!! - albeit 1 jointly!
  16. I have at least 1 EarthCache in my vision for next week - possibly a few caches on the N14 and a couple north of the Orange River en route to Rosh Pinah.
  17. I travel there every now and then, as do others that I am aware of such as HeinG. I have placed 1 at Upington Airport and another at Aggenys along with an EarthCache near Pofadder. I would like to place a few more but obviously one needs a local custodian. I will be there again next week and was thinking of placing another couple. I will see what I can do. The N7 between Springbok and the Namibia border has quite a few but the Springbok - Upington road [N14] lacks caches. So does the Upington - Keetmanshoop road.
  18. The FINAL is still available. You just need to co-ordinates!
  19. TONTELDOOS SERIES - Tusk O'2 and myself were the co-ordinators of this series a few years back. Unfortunately a number of the caches that formed the series have been archived or just fallen into "disrepair" by the respective CO's. That said, a number have survived and overall the quality of these caches was really good. My gut feel is that these caches are now just normal caches and the original objective of the series has served its time. In order to do all the caches in the series and collect the required information meant a road trip in the region of +6000km! However, any stats that can be generated would be interesting to look at.
  20. cincol


    Just had 3 EC's published bring my tally of EC's developed to 25!
  21. cincol


    Looking at a few possible sites!
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