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Thanks, finally.... And there was a time I never thought I would reach 100. Then 500 came last year and I thought no way.... 1000 is too far, but when I did the 148 in Feb I decided that 1000 was going to happen.... Was a little later than I wanted but still... :anitongue:



Well done KT we were neck and neck in the end but that Bloem trip helped you a lot. That is OK cause I will be going again.... then it is time for you to chase again... LOL

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We are planning to have another milestone celebration. Cache- fan is due for his 2000 find coin award and Noddy is close. We are planning an event for both of them together - if not then we will plan two separate events for these great milestones.



1. I can not get hold of Noddy; he is logging but is not answering any e-mails. Can someone help me with this one, someone that is close to him? Please contact him and ask him to drop me an e-mail. Maybe his e-mail is not functioning.

2. If an event must be held for Noddy in KZN I need volunteers that will arrange such. Please drop me an e-mail is you are prepared to walk this extra mile.


Well done.


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