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Congratulations to cownchicken on reaching 2000 - quite an achievement I must say. I know that many have been off-shore for you guys. I for one would love to see a breakdown of the countries cached in for interest sake.


7 in Germany

40 on the Isle of Man

25 in London

Total: 72


Not really caching extensively offshore!!


Many thanks to everybody for their good wishes, we really appreciate it.

And to everybody who achieved milestones while we were away, congratulations!

To Littleclan - Howard and Debbie, congratulations on your wedding on 1st May.

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[ :rolleyes: ] Congratulations to Trevorh7000 on the 200 caches. Keep at it - see you out there soon. [ :ph34r: ]


Thank you - I just scraped this 200th one in the day after I started caching two years ago! If I keep up my century per year I'll be where CnC are in 8 years time!!! A belated congratulations to Cnc for the 2000



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