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  1. Good news..... We are making progress, slowly but surely. Damhuisclan, Fier and myself brainstormed earlier this evening as how we are going to automate the scoring of the Mega TB Race 2013. Shortly you will be able to get up to the minute score for each trackable in the race. Until then I am posting a list of the 103 registered TBs, or coins currently in the race. If there are any discrepancies, omissions or any other queries, please let us know so that we can get an accurate list of all the contestants. Please check that your entry is actually in the right race. For some entries, it was difficult to determine from the listing into which race (Distance / Points) the entrant should be placed. The list is on the geocachingsa.com website. Thank you for your patience in getting the list published. Enjoy the race. The Team.
  2. See here for more interesting information on GC codes.
  3. Some PTs can be very unique displaying much ingenuity. Take for example this cache start and think of the effort that went into the whole series. (select the Geocaching map and zoom out.) Alternatively,try this link... and also zoom out.
  4. As soon as I can get an appointment with JPMZA, who is flying very much under the radar at the moment, I shall get his list of all the TBs currently in the race and list them accordingly. At this point in time he is taking a well deserved break from geocaching after the pressure and much midnight oil from the MEGA. In time, everything will be hosted in the GoSA website. Please be patient...
  5. I attended a Mega last week In South Africa, that smiley to seek! People came from afar By plane and by car And their logs can be found on Groundspeak.
  6. Just when you thought this was forgotten in the dark mists of time..... Unfortunately, with the demise of Apple's MobileMe.com along with it went my 2011 TB Race website. All is not lost, though, it will all be up an running again for you to see the winners and browse through all the winning photos once I can get space on the GOSA site to republish it... Make sure you come to the MEGA in Pretoria on the Saturday evening at 19:00 because this is where we shall be closing this race with the prize giving as well as launching the next 2013 TB race. So start getting your ideas together for your new TBs to launch at the event.... See you there... 19:00, 6 October 2012, Voortrekker Monument PS. It will be a 'smiley' event too. Watch this space...
  7. BruceTP

    Where am I?

    OK then - The forgotten Waypoint. Indeed it is the forgotten waypoint with the cache owner who had to return because he forgot to note the coordinates the first time round when he placed the cache! Over to you.
  8. BruceTP

    Where am I?

    Thanks, I enjoy the desert and areas like Augrabies. OK. This should be easy... Either GC3AVTF (Time to get high) or GC3EC7M (Thabana Ntlenyana)- both at virtually the same co-ords. No, try again...
  9. BruceTP

    Where am I?

    Thanks, I enjoy the desert and areas like Augrabies. OK. This should be easy...
  10. BruceTP

    Where am I?

    It looks suspiciously like GC1WQZM : out of this world at Augrabies.
  11. Thank you for the nomination, Rodney and affording me the opportunity to give back to the game in the form of helping you with the task of reviewing. From the little I have experienced of it so far, the task is quite daunting but I know that you will keep me on the straight and narrow. To the rest of the South African geocaching community, bear with me as I find my feet in the whole process. I may be asking questions in the review notes which you may consider pedantic but I need to follow the process as laid down by Groundspeak. I am still trying to get to know all the new rules and regulations which, I may add, change continually just to keep you on your toes! But in a short while I should be up to steam and be able to review your submissions and answer your questions timeously. I look forward to working with you all and assisting you to make South Africa a quality caching destination. Bruce BruceTP / Pte Curb
  12. Indeed, you are correct. Thank you for the welcome. I am still very much a newbie at this but under Rodney's watchful eye and ongoing mentoring, I should come up to speed fairly quickly. The task is daunting but I shall endeavour to serve the SA and Africa geocachers as best I can. BruceTP / Pte Curb
  13. You can't go too far wrong with BruceTP@me.com. Yes thanks, I got your suggestion. So when you do you want to go live with it?
  14. Thank you all for your kind words. It was fun throughout the year and I enjoyed it too. I must say I was getting totally cross-eyed last night trying to reconcile the totals. That is why I am sure there are errors and omissions. In that regard Wayne, I shall go back on my e-mails and update your FTF totals. Once finalised, I shall publish the spreadsheet in Excel format so that you can sort on different criteria and have fun with the statistics!
  15. The Race is over and all the logs are in. I, with the help of B and C Inc, have compiled the first draft of the final scores. Consider the winning international TB : Little Miss Giggles : there were 1239 records to plough through. This TB went on a Power Trail and ended up in the lead in the international section, not unlike the local winner: Sylvester Sea Turtle who visited 1878 caches and just short of 1900 logs and who also benefitted from a certain local Power Series. Congratulations to PORKY2 for provisionally coming first in the International race and last in the Local! Please check your own TB scores here and tally up the various options. Some of the final distances may be out if the TB has moved subsequent to the end of the race. Also, please let me know the final FTF tallies too as they are difficult to pick up when tallying manually as you have to open up each individual log to check. If you consider your TB irretrievably lost, let me know too so that I can flag it as missing. Some of the statisticians out there may like that kind of data to determine attrition rates and the like. Please let me have any changes / corrections by 14 February 2012 after which the score card will then be cast in concrete! Also, have a look at the final selection of December photos and choose your favourite as well as your overall choice from all the other months. There may even be a prize for the best photo of the whole race. Thanks to everyone who entered a TB or just helped them move along. The race has been great fun! I hope you have enjoyed it too.
  16. The race is finally over. It has been a good year and there has been much interest in the race. November's photo of the month went to g.i.s. for the Scatterlings of Africa at bats*** insane`s TB/GC- Hotel The cut off for capturing the logs and posting photographs will be 20 January 2012 following which I shall tally up the final scores. It is difficult for me to have to go into each and every log to determine whether it visited an FTF so may I ask all the contestants to please tally up your own FTF counts for your TBs and let me know by the 20th as well. It will help me a lot. Once the scores have been determined I shall have them ready for appeal and most probably in early February release the final scorecard. After that, the prize giving at a suitable event that will be scheduled accordingly. Thank you to everybody who has participated either by entering a TB or helping the entrants along. There were a few casualties along the way but all in all they have done well and achieved what was intended: to travel the world and have a great time documenting it. The nominated photographs have also been of top quality and have portrayed the essence of what the race was about as well as where the racers have been. Thanks to the photographers. Until next time..... Have a blessed and peaceful new year filled with good geocaching memories.
  17. Great to see the cavalry out for added protection. I shall join you and look forward to seeing everybody at 08:30 I do believe. I shall be accompanying GEO936.
  18. The Techno Event has ben published so if you have more questions relating to GSAK v8 com along to this event on 28 January 2012 and hopefully we shall be able to answer them all. Otherwise just come along and enjoy catching up with other geocachers round a good braai fire!
  19. There has been a flurry of activity recently. I suppose akin to cramming for the finals. But that is great and so I have published and interim score sheet. It certainly makes interesting reading. * I wonder when the accumulated total distance travelled will exceed the 2 million km mark? * Little Miss Giggles accumulated 161 photos so far this month! * Zakumi is still ahead at 163199km - Will it reach half way to the moon? Only 29000km to go! Statistics, statistics... There are other forum posts dedicated to them. However, you still need to choose your winner for October's photo of the month. You have until the end of Sunday 27 November to cast your vote.
  20. Thank you both for your kind words. I thought I had kept the race simple in contrast to previous ones but it certainly has had its challenges. As for the prizes - I think I am in line for the "going nowhere slowly" prize with my TB having spent the most time in any one cache! As yet, I have no one picking up the cudgels which means that the 2012 race may not even happen. Based on the number of entries in the race this year, I don't think there is the available stock of TBs for people to use either. I know for starters, I have no new TBs and would have to acquire them from overseas first which takes time. Also, with the R/$ as it is at the moment, they would work out quite expensive too! But there are still 44 days left in this race and a lot can happen in that time. The race is on! If you have race TBs lying in your draw gathering dust, get them and yourself out and go and place the TBs somewhere now.
  21. A big thanks to hein78 for rescuing my Race TB from a cache after lying dormant for just on ten months. Congratulations to Team Fly for their winning photo for Sepember : The scores have been updated - go and have a look here. We are less than 50 days to go before the race ends. Keep the TBs moving and the cameras clicking as you document their travels.
  22. The mid month scores have been posted and we have now reached equality with 51 TBs having travelled or are travelling internationally and 51 which have remained within Southern Africa. That has altered the race positions but a lot can still happen before the end of the race. If you have a race TB in your possession, get out and go caching so that you can place it somewhere to keep it moving! Well done to all the TBs which are still in the race.
  23. I was looking at the Logo for the UK mega next year and the logo is pretty plain. I think the simpler the better, especially for printing on T-shirts, geocoins and other promotional material.
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