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I know this is not a geocaching Milestone, but CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew Myers and Heidi Crocker (aka Crystal Fairy) on the birth of their first child on 06 July 2010. A healthy baby boy weighing in at 3.6Kg!!! named Ayden Reece Myers! Congrats guys.....now your geocaching will take a back seat for a while :( .

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Well done to team Schutte for visiting my cache at Cradock Peak. It was such a surprise to find this SMS on my cell phone this morning. I wanted to do some caching but after this SMS I just had to be on standby. Looks like they had a wonderful time with a clear view and even found a little bit of snow on the 1st hang. Well done guys and I hope it was a great and wonderful experience. This cache was last found on 18 November 2008. It took 754 days for the second find. Not bad. Gerhard

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Congratulations to CINCOL on finally passing the 1/2 ton mark - well done on your 500 - slow and steady is how the tortoise beat the hare too. Good work where most of the caching time was in the Middle East with caches few and far between.


Thanks - and by coincidence it happened to your Cliffhanger EarthCache as well. :lol:

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