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  1. Here we go, should be easy!!!
  2. GCVCB4 Storms death walk We still have a DNF on this one.
  3. Sandpit Xmas 2012 published. It will be at Springside 08 Dec from 11h00 onwards. Hope to see many new faces.
  4. Take it Wazat. You were the second closest.
  5. Hi Doc You can also sugest that they create an free geocaching account and monitor those caches themself. Regards
  6. Correct area but wrong cache. Just up the road, Fort Selwyn GC17ZC9 Greetings Jip. Take it away.
  7. Correct area but wrong cache.
  8. We are starting the planning of the Sandpit Christmas Event. The planned date for the event will be Sat 08 Dec 12 at around 11h00 onwards so that the evening will be available for other functions. We will finalise the venue later, but are looking at the Krantzkloof Interpretative Centre.
  9. Thanks Peter. This should be easy. The closest cache to this.
  10. Thanks Peter. Where are we?
  11. Nelspruit Botanical gardens
  12. Please note that the event has moved: Lord William Charles Pub & Beer Garden in Pinetown confirmed as the new venue. The new Co-Ords are S29 49.353 E30 52.763. See you all at 13h00.
  13. Just a reminder on this weekend KZN Xmas bash. You will need to pay cash (pls. keep the right change) at Cumberland for your visit/stay. Also if you are interested as Noddy asked, what KZN normally do is to bring toys to the event that we donate to the underprivileged. Just mark them boy or girl.
  14. Thanks Johan! Put me down for camping. Have you got rates available please? Who wants to do the Waterfall cache with me? I still need that one. Edit: I have a spare tent, sleeps three easily or four very friendly people. First come first served. (I will be using the Roof Top Tent on the Landy.) PT The event is out for publishing with all the details. we have the whole campsite for ourself.
  15. Yes the year end is fast approaching. The KZN Xmas bash will be held at the Cumberland Nature Reserve This year we plan to make it into a sleep over for the guys that want to camp, but note that the event is not only for geocachers camping over, anyone is welcome as a day visitor. The event will be on the 26 Nov 2011 from 13h00 to 18h00.
  16. Hi Anton, How about a similar calculation, but only the distance between Events and CITO’s, so that we can see who is the most travelled social cacher in SA.
  17. How is this stats calculated where Multi’s and Puzzles concern as I know one off Rhino’s caches final you would need a boat to get to. That brings me to the fact that he has caches above 3000m and at sea level.
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