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Wooden Nickel Trading


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If anybody is interested in just collecting sig items other than coins we could post here. I have traded quite a few of my wooden nickels for other sig items, and thought maybe it should have it's own thread. This way it doesn't clutter the geocoins.


I have wooden nickels left if anybody would like to trade, also my kids will be getting their own soon.


Wooden Nickel

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I have a colored signature wooden nickel. I can do some trading.


Too funny Ladycacher. My coin was specially made from the maker of your coin who is a very good friend of ours !!!


If anyone wants to check out the maker. go to this website





He has great prices and is VERY fast at getting them to you. I am going to have him do some for my kids also.


I would like to say thank you to all that have traded sig items (including wooden nickels) with me since the posting!

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I have a few of my star-shaped wooden nickels left. They have a rocking horse and our caching names, year, town and state on them. We have horses and our farm name is Under a Shooting Star Farm.


I may do a second edition of the stars if there is interest. Of course, being made by hand, no two are exactly alike, anyway!

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Alright I am going to do a mass offer here. I appreciate all those who I have already made trades with, I thank you for the opportunity to acquire you signature items.


I would like to make trades with the follwoing people that have already stated they would like to make trades. Please PM me and I will respond to complete the deal. I guess I should state that I have wooden nickels I am looking to trade, I will even sweeten the deal by adding some poker chips.


* Team Hydnckr


* Mustcache


* smokey & the teacher


* maggieszoo


* ladycacher- I know we just completed a trade for your wooden nickels but I sure would like to get my hands on some of the nickels that are being made for the kids when they are completed. Please let me know if we can work something out.


* pghlooking- I already have your wooden nickels so I believe we made a trade awhile ago for sig items.


And anyone else that would like to make a trade for wooden nickels or any of my other signature items please feel free to drop me a line. Oh for those who are wondering here is a link that will show my signature items http://tinyurl.com/blhuy minus the wooden nickels.

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I've wanted to collect Wooden Nickles and Sig. Items -- especially those I get directly from the person themselves.


Here's my question. What would a fair trade be if I was to trade a regular geocoin for wooden ones? My coins are coming in at about $8 each -- and while it isn't strictly about the value, I am wondering.


The other alternative is to just make some wooden ones I guess....

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Always glad to trade geo-sig items for my plastic MrCOgeo GeoToken (2004).

I especially love coin sized sig-items! ;)


1.5" dia x .15" thick (poker chip thickness) with gold foil stamping

(You can check out my GC.com profile for more information)


All offers guaranteed to be at least responded to, eventually! :huh:

Email is much preferred over PM though!


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IMO...MRCOGEO plastic tokens are really cool, we traded a while ago.


In response to Lemon Fresh Dog's question:

I LOVE Geocoins. I think they are very cool. I'd love to make my own personal geocoins to trade for other personal geocoins....but I just can't swing the initial expense. This is why I'm now getting big into the sig geonickel trades.


SO, if you wanted to trade your sig geocoins for geonickels I think you could call the shots on the deal. Personally, I'd probably offer something like 10 geonickels, a handful of sig cards and a couple bucks plus some other local cachers swag to help meet the trade equal value of a geocoin. But that's just my opinion.



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I just wanted to share the way that I've been shipping out my wooden nickel trades.


I bought small ziploc style bags at Wal*Mart, they are 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" and you can get a hundred or so for a couple bucks in the craft dept.

I put the nickels in those then tape the 2 nickels side by side to an index card, place another index card over that and slide the whole thing into a standard small envelope.


Postage: whether I've sent 2, 3 or 4 nickels they all meet the weight for standard 37 cent postage. BUT...since they can't be run thru the machine at the post office, you need to add 12 cents worth of stamps to each envelope for hand sorting. Also, if you go to the post office to drop them off they want the envelopes handed right to a postal worker instead of put in the regualr mail slot.


Hope this is helpful to someone :rolleyes:

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I have some wooden nickels as well. I will try to get emails to everyone, but I am willing to trade for all of the above items. Mine are numbered, so if you want a specific number, let me know (up to 1000). Right now, the only ones that are not available are 1, 360, 490-500.

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sorry folks, gotta make a bump, topic fell onto the 2nd page.


Any other cachers out there wanna make trades for wooden geonickels ??


I've gotten some great trades with all the cachers listed here so far and am looking for more....as I'm sure they are as well.


Thx :D

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Unfortunately, I don't have a wooden nickel of my own yet, but if anyone is interested in cards or other items I would love to trade for your items. Whatever they may be. Here is a pic of my current laminated sig cards and my nameplate (made from polymer clay). If anyone is interested please feel free to e-mail me.


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Ladycacher, I received your items yesterday. Very nice. You should be receiving a package with my items soon. I found a few remaining homemade wooden nickels I made for a local CITO event, so I threw one of them in also.


Damenace your package is also on the way.


Thanks to all who have traded. Plenty left to trade for *ANY* sig items.

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I have an extra patch from the Geo Jamboree 2 event that was held in CT if anyone wants to trade. I'd prefer to trade for another geo patch or some other cool sig item.




I also made up some real quick poker chips of my own. I just drew everything on them. They're not fancy in the least bit! I made them to leave in caches, but if anyone just has to have one let me know.



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The positive response I've received from my CITO nickel has motivated me to finish the design of my standard nickel. This nickel is now avaliable for trade along with the other items shown in my eariler posts.




Thanks to everyone with whom I have been able to trade and I look forward to more.



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If anybody is interested in just collecting sig items other than coins we could post here.  I have traded quite a few of my wooden nickels for other sig items, and thought maybe it should have it's own thread.  This way it doesn't clutter the geocoins.


I've placed all of the Wooden Nickels (and tokens) I've collected into one list:




I'll trade my own SilverMarc Wooden Nickels for others. I keep one, but put the rest into caches whenever I can, so they'll get around!



September 3, 2005 @ 10:19 PM

N40° 46.565' W073° 58.756'

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Who does everyone use to make wooden nickels?

there is alot of coins, such as mine and ladycacher and her kids coins made by M&M Hunter. You can look him up at his profile to email hime for quote through the profile page. He is very competive on pricing.His coins are full color on both sides and are very great quality. I very much recommend him highly, as Ive reordered from him 4 times now.



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