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Geocaching Kit/pack


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I was wondering if anyone put together a kit they grab to go geocaching, and what it contains. After having forgotten to bring a pen along today, I thought I should make one.


I was thinking of a small pack... maybe a fanny pack... containing:

-- a good quality pen (that can write in poor conditions)

-- a short pencil, to leave in a cache that is missing a writing instrument (but had one)

-- a very small pocket knife, to sharpen a cache pencil with a broken point (encountered such yesterday) or to dig out cache wedged into a tight spot

-- one large, one zmall Ziploc bag, in case stuff in a cache is getting wet, or the old bag is torn

-- a couple of folded paper towels, in case a cache has water intrusion

-- a couple of items to put into a cache


Obviously, this is separate from the GPS itself. Any thoughts?

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Well, this topic has made the rounds before, but:


- a good flashlight

- spare batteries

- several baggies of different sizes

- good walking stick / hiking staff (to poke into places you don't want to put a hand)

- spare log book (incase I encounter a full one)

- pencil sharpener vice a knife (it does a better job)

- a friend (always need one of these, but I don't put it in my bag) :unsure:

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heres how i started


a small turkey hunting pouch with 3 compartments. 2 larger side ones and a small center one. got at walmart for $4


big compartment 1


ziplock bag full or trinkets for trade.

ziplock for trinkets ive traded for


center compartment


couple ziplocks to replace worn out ones i may find

small notebook with info on all the caches i have loaded in my GPSr

a few extra pens/pencils


big compartment 2


small first aid kit bandaids and such

2 emergency ponchos

pocket knife

extra batteries

small flashlight

small container of bug spray


and a 1 liter water bottle but that didnt fit in the pack


until just a few days ago i moved up to a backpack. :unsure:


i have the same things in the backpack and ive added some. and will probaly add more as time passes. but as of now heres what ive added since getting the pack


larger flashlight

more extra batteries

more first aid stuff (instant cold packs, gauze, and such)

toilet paper

few extra pairs of socks in a ziplock

few garbage bags cause theyre just so versatile

some other random, really useless stuff.


and you cant forget that 3 liter hydration bladder :D


i plan on adding some to it. probaly another flashlight or two. some glo sticks. some spare logs and more extra baggies. probaly a small camp shovel. more knives. and a collapsable fishing rod for those really hidden spots no one ever goes to :D


and i always have my walking stick now that ive found a suitable one

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oh, that is my geocaching specific pack :unsure: i just prefer to do caches that involve a nice hike. you dont have to be far from home to need the stuff i have in my pack, nothing is too crazy at all. it doesnt take long for rain to sneek up on you and wishing you had a poncho. and a #2 will sneak up on you too sometimes and instead of using your left sock, i have charmin :D and i know many times ive been out and came upon a hidden pond and wouldve loved to had a pole with me. maybe soon ill have one with me all the time. but it is my caching specific pack.


for city micros and such ill still use my smaller pack.

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I also carry a spare GPS in my pack (I'm a gadget freak and own 5). Found out the hard way to pack it in something soft to protect it from the rocks my son just HAS to have every where we go. I use a stocking cap to pack it in which is also a nice addition to the pack for those cold evenings when you misjudge that last .3 miles.......

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Our list is pretty similar to Greymane's; we also carry things like bug repellant (during "bug season" - heh) and some of those individually-wrapped wet wipes. I take my digital camera along in a separate bag.


As for this:


-- a good quality pen (that can write in poor conditions)


I'd definitely recommend Uniball Power Tank pens. These things rock...best pens I've ever used, and I'm a pen "collector" (nice way of saying I have way too many pens). Can't take credit for this find, though; I found out about them after seeing The Puzzler mention them in this post. :D

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We bring hand sanitizer and baby wipes, for those times when we OOOPS into a poison ivy patch. Also, a bottle of calamime lotion and aloe vera. I have a small plastic box with snacks (young kids and diabetic mom). Lots of CITO bags. Pens and pencils, plus a small clipboard (carpal tunnel makes it hard to write on non-solid surfaces). Extra logs, ZIP locks, and a small box of trinkets to trade.

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I also have a vest with numerous pockets and pouches which Julia got me for my last birthday. This lets me carry the essentials on my person without having to lug my caching bag with me wherever I go. The main bag usually stays in the truck when I go out. I refill pockets on my vest as needed from it. I have a battery pouch, a pouch for PDA, a pouch for GPSr, a pocket for a drink in the back, a clip for FMRS radio, and spare pouches for stuff like plastic bags and cache swag. It also has a pocket for pens. I wouldn't go on a serious cache run without it.

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I have a fanny pack that has two water bottle pockets on each side of the main compartment. In one I keep the Palm M500, in the other I have my water bottle. In the main compartment I have my cameras. In the zippered compartment in front I have:

  • Leatherman
  • flashlight
  • pen
  • small packet of Kleenex
  • film canister containing ziplock bags (for log books)
  • film canister containing CITO bags
  • four spare batteries
  • matches
  • whistle
  • tiny camera tripod (for self-portraits)
  • bandaids
  • lip gloss
  • snacks (almonds, raisins, dates, etc.)

Most of the caches I go to involve a nice long walk, that's why I carry so much stuff. In addition to this, I carry a "Swag Bag" -- right now I'm using an lunchbox-sized cooler. It is padded, has a shoulder strap, and can carry a fare amount of swag -- even really large travel bugs like one I picked up Saturday. Whether on the trail, or in a city park, it looks like I'm just carrying my lunch off towards a picnic site when I head out to look for a cache. :unsure:

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I hope y'all noticed that two of the more experienced cachers (Briansnat and AllenLacy) both carry a magnetic compass. If one is going well off the beaten path, it is usually a good idea to have a compass and a topo map of the area. For urban caching the map may not be useful but a compass can keep you headed in one direction. The further into the bush you go for a remote cache, the more you need a compass, map and water. :)



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I also have a vest with numerous pockets and pouches . . . This lets me carry the essentials . . . I have a battery pouch, a pouch for PDA, a pouch for GPSr, a pocket for a drink in the back, a clip for FMRS radio, and spare pouches for stuff like plastic bags and cache swag. It also has a pocket for pens.

You didn't mention that essential DEET pocket. Around Houston, next to a GPSr the next most essential thing is often DEET.

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