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Great Alaska Cache And Dash


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Being a newbie and still flush with my newfound sport I have an idea I'd like some feedback on.


I'd like to get an idea of the interest level for the following.


I work for Alaska Airlines and have these passes burning a hole in my pocket. I'd like to take 3-4 fellow geocachers on a 1 day trip to Alaska (Probably Anchorage with Fairbanks an alternative.) These are , of course, standby tickets but I carry a 20 year seniority with Alaska and am very careful when and where I fly. I would provide tickets round trip with the cost of vehicle rental split amongst the group and food/hotel a personal deal. (I know some of ya'll will go for days but I'm an old fat fart and need my sleep LOL)


This is not going to happen in the short term. I am looking at the following dates.

Aug 23-24 (probably iffy due to flight loads)

Sept 6-7 (Also Iffy)

Sept 15-16

Sept 22-23


(Need to do this during the week as my schedule has me working most weekends and my wife (definitely NOT a geocacher) pretty well has me busy with the weekends I do have off)


My schedule is actually a bit more free in Oct but is dependant on Duck hunting season being posted. Then again the weather can be iffy in ANC then also.


What I would like to do is put out 24 TB's over the next 2-3 months that people that were interested could seek out. At some time (perhaps early August) at some event (Perhaps a local CITO or some such.) I would put the copies of the TB tags in a bin and pull out the winners. I also intend in the next couple months to put out what I think will be a challenging cache and would put 1 TB in the cache for FTF that guarantees one of the 3-4 slots and another of the 24 TB's for STF. That leaves 23 TB's to scatter around in my travels.


This is just the start of an idea and look forward to feedback and guidance.



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Greetings from Fairbanks!


Your trip sounds like a lot of fun and I hope you get to use up your passes!


The period between Labor Day and the third weekend of September can be especially nice up here with lots of sunshine and fall colors. It's usually getting cold enough at night to knock out most of the mosquito population, so you'll miss out on the full effect of the Alaska State bird. Those that want to stay longer and fish can chase silver (coho) salmon up and down the stream banks. September is also moose hunting season, but there are not many caches stashed in prime hunting grounds.


One consideration for an August trip, though, is that until mid-August it's light around the clock, so your group could cache until they drop, rather than having to "resort" to night caching. On the other hand, there are three great night caches in Anchorage and one (I'll let others be the judge since it's mine) night cache in Fairbanks.


Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have logistic, terrain, or weather questions.

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My only dream for 15 years has been to go to Alaska. A couple of years ago we drove up to Edmonton and saw my first sign that pointed north that said Alaska. My wife had to grab the wheel to keep us going east. It was really hard to not turn north. Now you want to throw my hobbie into the mix...... :( Count me in...where are the TB's? :(

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Very cool idea! I assume you'll post drop news here?


Might want to consider doing a broader group trip beyond the free passes, maybe as a mini-fundraiser for WSGA or other group. I'd consider paying my way, if timing were right (and I don't snag one of the passes :( )

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TB's #'s 21 thru 25 are out and about. GO GETTEM


Will be setting out more as time goes by and will post here when they are out. Already have 3 people watching TB#1 which is the ONLY TB that guarantees a spot on the team. Had to do some editing of all the bugs so those of you who are watching the bugs may get a kick in the mail. I had to add "FROM SEATTLE" to all the bugs.


Note: These are not vouchers. These are my "Buddy Passes" and require me to travel with whomever is going. I am a 20 year employee of Alaska Airlines. (Well I will be May 30th LOL.


If we want to do a CITO or some such event around the drawing the date/place is not set in stone but it was what I could come up with looking ahead on my work schedule.


Another thought I had. To preclude anyone from getting multiple TB's in their possession and holding them to increase their chances. ONLY 1 TB per person. Multiple TB's will be unceremoniously tossed from the drawing. If you have grabbed one and bump into another leave it for the next guy. Let's play nice now.


5 more TB's will be launched next Thursday/Friday.

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As the TB's say. The TB's may be passed and moved at will. 


Come drawing day the TB's will have to be presented to be put in the pot.  That should inhibit any overt hoarding of the TB's  FAIR enough?

I claimed #21 tonight from Pirates of the Kent-Meridian: CurseOfTheGreenBox, seemed kinda fitting somehow.....


If TB's will have to be presented to be put in the pot, sounds like incentive to hang onto it, till Aug 17th at least :laughing: . And obviously you must be present at the drawing to win a spot.


It's your game, what's the call on the passing on of the bug?

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I see someone has two of them now.  Hopefully CENTS will contact them and clue them in on the rules.  From Land Rover's log, I don't think that cacher reads the forums.


Already sent the e-mail requesting they drop the extra bug and join in and read the forum. Yes I will be watching closely LOL.

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Even holding extra bugs without adding them to the drawing will increase your chances since there will be fewer bugs in the drawing.


As CENTS said, let's play nice here.

If I have evidence of inappropriate TB grabbing/holding etc. If a bug "disappears" from a cache without being logged in a reasonable period. I WILL disqualify the offending TB's by editing them and planting a big old red DISQUAL on the TB page.


I will then put out replacement TB's eg: ACD TB XX-2 etc. I figure if I don't get a response in a reasonable period of time (7-10 days) and/or the bugs are not put back up for grabs as requested in my e-mails then it's up to me to take such action as I feel necessary to make the game as fair as I can. I am keep all e-mail traffic related to the game so when showtime comes the record wil be clear.


I doubt I can make everyone happy but I will do my best to make this a good experience for all who participate. Who know's, if all goes well this might just be the 1st ANNUAL Alaska Cache-n-Dash. If it becomes an onerous issue then it will probably be a one time deal.


Just trying to give a little back to the game even though I've only just started learning it.

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I have my entry now as I picked up #22 from Clark Creek Cache this morning.


We all know what it means to play fair and hopefully we can all do that. My intent now is to only trade this TB for another assuming CENT5 does put out an automatic winner. I like #22, it sounds like a winner to me.

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I think any way you want to run the contest is just fine with me. Your right that you're probably not going to make everyone happy, but hey it's your contest and if someone dosen't like they don't have to play. Being that this is the first time you've done this there may need to be rules added as you go, you can't think of all the possible abuses ahead of time, of course I think you should disqualify al of the TB's except #23 but that's just my opinion. :D;). I hope that this does not turn into something evil and that you get as much enjoyment out of the contest as I do as one of the winners. :unsure::D

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Hmmm, we'll have to do something to draw CENT5 up north.

Well I've been duck hunting 15-20 times a season for 11 years on the Skagit so I think you can count on a few up that way. And I have committed to replacing Colters Run (GCG794) in the near future though my schedule and the weather/tides have made me postpone the run 3 times in the last 2 weeks. Actually I am supposed to be doing it today but the kids have Dr. Appt's. It's sitting on my workbench ready to go just not got the timing right yet. SOON I hope. Everytime I get the canoe loaded up the dog goes NUTZ. LOL


The only reason I ended up that far south yesterday to kick this off was the Jeep TB in Liam's Incredible Cache. It was my 1st Jeep and it's part of something my kids and I have been cooking up to go out next week. The few cachers that have found my only other cache Lakeview (Where's the water?) (GCN3NN) have an idea of how my mind works. My daughter said "ARE YOU NUTS?"


OH -- If the WSGA would like a bug for an event I'm sure something can be arranged.


But I'm digressing here. Back to work on the cache.

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Got a note from Right Wing Wacko of the WSGA. TB's #2 and #3 have been set aside for the WSGA to do with as they see fit.


Sent another e-mail to the person in possession of TB's #24 and #25 requesting contact and compliance with the rules. Disqual in 8 days.

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If I don't win, can I pay my own way and join you? :blink:

There is no way I can adequately respond. Sir, I would be honored if you would join the group and will personally hand you TB#1-1. (TB#1 is still going out.)


(Looks like that Ford Focus I reserved won't cut it (ROFLMAO)

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:blink::blink: Stumbled onto a TB for the Alaska dash. I now posess two of the valued treasures through a series of events that led my daughter and I to a little adventure at Clark's Creek then to Liam's. Didn't realize that collecting more than one would be taboo. TB will be set free ASAP.
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:blink:  :blink: Stumbled onto a TB for the Alaska dash.  I now posess two of the valued treasures through a series of events that led my daughter and I to a little adventure at Clark's Creek then to Liam's.  Didn't realize that collecting more than one would be taboo.  TB will be set free ASAP.

Excellent- I figured it would be ok. Glad you found the forum and sent me a note. GOOD LUCK!!!

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If I don't win, can I pay my own way and join you? :blink:

I have considered this as well. A caching road trip to a place I've never been, but always wanted to go. And it'll be daylight for the whole time. I'd seriously consider paying for myself, depending on costs of course.


That is in case I don't win... :blink:

Well since this is the third time this has come up I guess I best respond as best I can. Logistically speaking to get a reasonable deal on plane tickets you have to book 60 days in advance and have a specific travel date. The winners, however will need to be flexible as to travel dates because these are not confirmed seats. They are standby passes. A VERY high priority pass with 20 yr seniority but a pass none the less. Typically mid to late Sept and early Oct. are very good for travel mid week. Now if we have a bunch of fellow geocachers with tickets heading up at the same time well we may or may not make it at the same time.


I would absolutely LOVE to fill a 15 pax van and have a ball. Is it realistic. Dunno right now and probably won't know till a week before we pull the trigger on the trip.


As to the "Daylight the whole time" Daylight hours Sept 20th is 12 hrs 24 min with an average Hi temp of 52 and a low of 40. If it goes into Early Oct. It's 11 hrs and ave hi/lo of 44/34.


My whole intent of this "Game" as it were, is to share the Alaska experience in some small way. I've been there literally hundreds of times. (26 times in the 1st year with Alaska Airlines.) To this day when the wheels thump into the wells after take-off headed north I am still thrilled beyond belief. I have been truely blessed. I have taken MANY people up there on their 1st Alaska trip and LOVE the kid like twinkle in their eye's. The wonder, as they look, for the 1st time, over the massive ice fields on descent into Anchorage. The windows steamed a bit like kids looking out the window for Santa.


I'll share 1 story. My wife and I took another couple to Kodiak in September to fish for Silvers a few years ago. The rivers were open above the bridge and my wife had run into a Superior Court Judge that was staying and fishing at a resort at Kelsin Bay. He showed her a "Honey Hole" where the Silvers were stacked in like cordwood. We fished the hole 1 day and I did not tell the group that I saw evidence of a sow and yearling cub Brown bear in the area. The next day we went back and were fishing about 10 AM when the sow poked hr head out of the brush about 50 yds away and woofed at us. It felt like the whole world stopped spinning for a second. We moved out and she moved in. Sometimes we are NOT at the top of the food chain. Thats a truely Alaskan experience.


ALASKA- Just the name conjurs up visions of Huskies and sleds and the rugged individuals that call that massively wonderful state home. I'd like to meet some and spend some time with them and come away calling them "Friend". Oh and maybe grab a Cache or three.

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Another way to get up here is to cache in your frequent flyer miles. 20,000 miles on Alaska Air will put you in a "Saver" coach seat. These seats are sometimes hard to come by on short notice and other times they suddenly come available at the last minute. An alternative is to book a "Peak" coach seat or a "Saver" first class seat for 40,000 miles. "Peak" will let you fly anytime there is a seat on the plane. We've been pleasantly surprised at times to find a Saver first class seat for the same number of miles as a Peak coach seat for last minute trips. Alaska Airlines has several partners (NW, American, Continental to name a few) that will let you use miles to go to Alaska, though the number of miles jumps to 25,000 for a Saver seat.


Re: The amount of daylight...We have a VERY long dawn and twightlight period relative to "Outside," so even on equinox with an official 12 hrs 20+ minutes of sunlight, we actually have 15 or so hours of usable light. We're not much past Spring Equinox today with 14 hours 20 minutes of daylight, but Civil twilight adds an hour to each end of that and nautical twilight adds even more time to that. There are easily 16-17 hours of cacheable light right now. Check out this Fairbanks Weather Link and scroll down to the astronomy section to watch our daylight grow.


As 1stimestar said, drop us a line when your travel dates come nearer and we'll be ready to roll out the welcome mat if you make it all the way to the interior and Fairbanks.

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If I don't win, can I pay my own way and join you? :)

Activated Alaska Cache-N-Dash TB #1-1.

This TB is for Moun10Bike should he chose to join the team.


It in no way diminishes Alaska Cache-N-Dash TB#1 which WILL BE the ONLY other TB to guarantee a slot on the team. Should Moun10Bike chose to join us the team size will be 6. (Which maxes me out for passes I have available at 12.) If not team size will be 5.


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The few cachers that have found my only other cache Lakeview (Where's the water?) (GCN3NN) have an idea of how my mind works.  My daughter said "ARE YOU NUTS?"

No "Are you nuts?" is a micro, can't leave a TB there :) .


But any around that general area would be quickly snatched up by a local cacher. :D


Do I hear an Alaskan cache machine brewing?

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Do I hear an Alaskan cache machine brewing?

Come on up! Just be aware caching is a little different up here with a cache density of about one cache per 1000 square miles, or roughly one cache per area of the state of Rhode Island :).


Alaska caching is certainly more about the experience than the numbers. That said, Fairbanks and Anchorage are pretty nicely covered with more caches appearing each week. A Cache Machine could generate a hundred or more finds during a weekend for the truly motivated. Come on up during May-August and cache around the clock without a flashlight, though you would then miss out on Operation Blue Moon, Mission: Impossible, Tactical Advantage and Operation Arctic Knights.


On the other hand, RLTW, Northern Trekker, Shovelman, Cav Scout and I drove 200+ miles roundtrip from Fairbanks to Delta Junction and back to log five finds and one DNF.

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The few cachers that have found my only other cache Lakeview (Where's the water?) (GCN3NN) have an idea of how my mind works.  My daughter said "ARE YOU NUTS?"

No "Are you nuts?" is a micro, can't leave a TB there :) .


But any around that general area would be quickly snatched up by a local cacher. :D


Do I hear an Alaskan cache machine brewing?

Wadda ya mean ya can't leave a TB in a Micro. Who's rule is that? LOL


Just dropped one in Lakeview (Where's the water?) (GCN3NN) Well I hope a Geocoin will do. It is considerably wider than a TB and tough to fold ROFLMAO.


Think outside the box.

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Well, I just wanted to let you all know that I picked up the #25 Alaska Cache-N-Dash TB. Since it being my Birthday today, I am felling pretty lucky that #25 will be picked for the trip :D . I am pretty much open to any date right now. Mid-week is cool. I have a bunch of vacation that I haven't used yet. I am looking forward to the drawing.


Best of luck..


Terrible Ts

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OoooooK we have the following TB's out and in possession:



ACD TB #21: McLaughlin's Marauders

ACD TB #22: WeightMan

ACD TB #23: LandRover

ACD TB #24: runemtight

ACD TB #25: Terrible Ts


Not in posession yet but considered issued:


ACD TB #1-1 Moun10bike





Fair warning here. TB's # 16-20 Will go out Thursday night/ Friday morning. and #15 this weekend will go to a CITO event cache to be placed. After that they will come 1 at a time over the next few weeks with #1--- well I'm working on #1 and it won't be pretty. hehehehe

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I'm just catching up on this topic and it all sounds like great fun. I travel to Alaska several times a year on fisheries business and I'll be in Anchorage the first week of October. If somehow the event gets delayed until that time I'd love to join in. I've found about 10 downtown Anchorage caches (and even placed one) but none anywhere else in Alaska and it'd be great to get out and about in the wilds somewhere. peace, fishiam (edited for grammar and formatting)

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It seems I made a math mistake again since you are picking 4 winners it's a 1 in 6 chance.  Isn't that right Weightman?

To clarify. There will be 3 DRAWN winners. TB #1 is a guaranteed slot making 4.


As the host I'm #5 and it looks promising that Moun10bike will join us making a team total of 6. Which as I said has me maxed out on passes at 12 available for this shindig.



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