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Cach-cadian's Once A Month Club


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There are three new view caches out there, between Keystone Point Lookout and Chumstick Mountain Lookout. Mr. Gadget hid one on that peak you can see from Wenatchee if you look north from town. It's that pointy peak just right if Burch Mountain. I hid two today also on the Entiat Ridge Summit road. Now the lookout caches (Keystone and Chumstick) have company. Entiat Ridge road is a good road, even for a car. If anyone is interested in going, make sure you pick a clear day like today as the views up there are pretty awesome. For example, here is a picture of Glacier Peak from Chumstick Mountain:



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Entiat Ridge road is a good road, even for a car. If anyone is interested in going, make sure you pick a clear day like today as the views up there are pretty awesome.

Yeah, but how about getting from Entiat to Keystone, and over to the entiat ridge road? Is that section doable in the family van? I thought Toodles said the Keystone road was really rough.

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I was talking about the Entiat Summit road, which if you start at the Entiat River road, drive up Mills Canyon road, connect to the Entiat Summit road, all the way to Chumstick Mountain, then you will be on good well traveled roads. If you want to get to Keystone Point, then you take a less traveled, unmaintained spur off the Mills Canyon road. I wouldn't say it is rough, but it is narrow, with a lot of brush grown up on both sides of the road. So if you don't mind the screeeeeetch sound of brush contacting the side of your car along the way the last mile or so, your van should make it fine.

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The only major problem on the way up Mills Canyon would be the possibility of meeting another vehicle. The road is a one track and few places to bypass. Some one may have some backing up to do.

Another way up to 360 deg. Point of View, would be up Swakane Canyon and then turn on FS Rd. 5215-130. What we had seen of this road, it was not as narrow from the top down to the parking area for the cache. From there you can go over to Keystone LO site. Keep in mind Hunting season is around the corner and the traffic will be an issue.

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Yes, I'm quite happy now. ;)


Good job on the FTF at UTM. That's neat you could see your shadow last night. I bet the hills looked pretty cool in the moonlight.

Fantabulous. ;)


The clouds were heading across the moon when Gadget started up, so I don't know if he got as much of a show...

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When are you going to learn it's "He" that must be obeyed.  I tell my wife that I'm going geocaching, and have dinner ready when I get back.  :drama:


PS.  I'm glad she doesn't read these forums.  :lol:

Oh you SO KNOW I'm printing this up and taking it to work for her! :lol::drama:


Hope the couch is comfortable!! :drama::lol:

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:lol: Couch I wish. It's the dog house I'd have get comfortable in. :drama:

LOL . . . And you know what would be keeping your bed warm while you're in the doghouse don't you? I saw the dogs sitting on her lap getting all the love in the vehicle while you climb hills for silly boxes.


So whats the count up through Oct on our cache hides comparison chart?

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COME ON CACHE-CADIANS. Get out there and hide some caches. I'm getting stir crazy to hunt some local caches.


The month of November is more than half over, and only 3 caches have been hidden in a 20 mile radius of Wenatchee:


Must Love Dogs, by Team Mensch

UTM, by The Navigatorz

Travel Bug Drive Thru and Repair, by g-people


Thank you Team Mensch (I'll get your new one this weekend). Thank you g-people.


Let's go people. Rah Rah. You can do it.

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A few have asked about the Wenatchee hides stats (20 mile radius of zip 98801), so here it is. Even though the number of hides each month seem to have slowed down, 2005 has been a good year.


Here are the total number of hides per year (December excluded) from 2003 to 2005:


Jan-Nov 2003: 105 Hides

Jan-Nov 2004: 108 Hides

Jan-Nov 2005: 166 Hides


There have been 8 "best months" in 2005 (Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov).


What's been interesting to note is the following:

1) The first half of the year consistently has more hides than the second half of the year.

2) The busiest quarter of the year is Apr-May-Jun.

3) December is usually the slowest month of the year.


2005 has also seen new geocachers get started and become as obsessed with this crazy sport as some of us who have been doing it for a few years. This has been good not only because it brings more hides, but new ideas and challenges.


PS. Some have asked why 20 miles, why not 50? I started keeping track of the number of hides in the Wenatchee area nearly 3 years ago. 20 miles seemed to take in the Wenatchee area, and nearly to Leavenworth, Quincy, Entiat, and to the top of Blewett Pass. Even though we hide caches beyond that radius, keeping stats for an area larger than 20 mile radius would have extended into the Ellensburg area. 50 miles would have included hides in the Yakima area. So I had to stop somewhere and 20 miles seemed to make sense at the time. Anyway, it's useless information, but I find it interesting, and I'm sharing it because others have found it interesting too, and have asked me for an update. Bottom line is, even though geocaching seems slow right now, it is alive and well in this area and seems to keep getting better in not only numbers, but quality and diversity as well. Thanks everyone for your efforts. The Navigatorz (statistician) :lol:



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Thanks Nav for this update on our caching activity. One other thing I think would be an interesting stat, "would be the number of finds logged to our caches in this 20 mile radius". Yes in April we did have the WCM and a lot of caches were found by outsiders. Since then there were a lot of cachers from outside our area that have discovered our caches. I checked the 21 caches I have within the 20 mile radius and there are 277 log entries. I did not have any hid until after the WCM. Take away all of the local cacher finds, there are still a lot from outside the area who have visited these caches.

Another thing that is very important thing to consider is the people locally who have put out the effort to make this work. A real great special group. At times it would appear there is some hostility by what appears in the forums but we are having a lot of fun. I do not see this taking place in other areas. We also have a lot of outsiders looking in and seeing how much fun we are having. Lets keep up the good work and continue to lead by example. -G-

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:cry: Your Merry Cachemas gift(s) have been hid. They awaiting approval by the reviewers.  Should be up before Cachemas. :D  :D  Hope you find them before spring. :cry:  :D  :lol:

Very funny, I'm out of the area and you hid a new cache? Fine, I hid yours down here in Eugene...no maybe Sacramento...ooo wait...DANA POINT. Come and get it... Muahahahahaha :lol:


Merry Christmas all. My wishes to all: a year of fully charged batteries, fast satellite aquistions, dry cache containers and a full tank of gas.


Robin :D

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There is a new cache I hid for Christmas for everybody to find. Have fun caching for it this weekend in between Christmas activities. Thanks to all the new cache friends I have made this year and I look forward to cacheing with you all again this spring and summer.





Blue J ;)

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;) Very funny, I'm out of the area and you hid a new cache? Fine, I hid yours down here in Eugene...no maybe Sacramento...ooo wait...DANA POINT. Come and get it... Muahahahahaha :D


Robin :P

Hey Robin, no sweat. My hunch is that you could make a FTF when you get back. :P:D

At the present time there is a puzzle cache out there that has The Navigatorz STUMPED. :D;) He had to give up after an hour trying to solve it :D:D

HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS in Sothern Calif. :P -Gene-

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Merry Cachemas to all, I had hoped to sneak away by myself today and do a little caching, but the elves wouldn't let me go. To much to do, to much food to cook, so many relatives to keep happy so I didn't get to sneak out. Oh well. Looks like I now have several to do. Wonder what the cops would think of a grandma out by her self, :P prowling around in the wee hours of the morning after Christmas. :P


Hmmm, would ya all come bail me out if I need it tomorrow. :P Nah, I better not try it. :D:D Merry Christmas ~ Tudles

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Merry Cachemas to everyone also.

I was able to get out and do a little geocaching today in Monroe. Believe it or not, no rain, temp was 55 degrees, and there was even patches of blue sky over there.


Happy 2006!!!


Oh that reminds me, I'm hiding a cache tomorrow, and I'm calling it 2006.


What did you say? What kind of cache will it be?


A Puzzle cache. Mwahahaha :P

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Boy Patudles, enjoyed caching with the cops to get FTF on 12/26 !  This is starting to be a pattern isn't it?  ;)

Hmmmm Isn't this kinda like wanting to get your hands caught in the cookie jar? This just gave me an idea for a cop friendly or cooroperative FTF cache just for Patudles. It would be a cache complete with spring loaded hand cuffs just for the FTF. Then she could get that free ride.

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I just hid my December cache, so watch for it to pop up. :laughing: I think I hid at least one cache a month with the exception of November, which I missed. But I don't feel to bad missing it. Navigatorz & I have hid so many we have had to disable some to make room for new ones. ;)

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Well, the year is about over. Being the statistician that I am, I was curious as to how successful the idea Patudles had at creating this one-hide-a-month-club. I tallied the number of hides by those who committed to hide one a month this year. The numbers are impressive. ccmin didn't commit in the forum, but she exceeded the average of 1 per month so I counted her hides too. We can forgive Barnabirdy(s) since they live so far from civilization. ;)


Mr. Gadget wins the most hides award, a staggering 40 hides, and he even started later than everyone else (February 10). Way to go Mr. Gadget.




Mr. Gadget #2 40

The Navigatorz 36

xy,xx,xy,xy,xy,xy 23

Robinego 17

Patudles 16

ccmin 15

Ambrosia 12

Barnabirdys 9


Total 168 hides in 2005


I think that's great, 168 hides by only 8 geocachers. If we add hides by the newer geocachers, and (ahem) those Misses gals who don't show their faces :laughing: there must have been over 200 hides this year.


Way to go everyone. It's been a fun and very active year.

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