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Dear Nav,


AAAAAAHHHHHHH! The answer to the question "ever notice blah blah blah?" NO!!! The word "convert" gives me a rash! :laughing:


You must be referring to the first sentence in my new cache Time to Geocache. Don't give up so soon. Gadget almost has it solved. He just called and had the West coordinate correct and was working on the North coordinate next. You're not going to let him get FTF, are you? :lol:

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Never thought I would get FTF on this going at lunchtime. What a lovely surprise! BTW NAv thanks for the coin. I went to track the coin and then realized it wasn't activated-re-read the cache pg and realized it is a souvenior. Thank you for that extra special treat! Now the rest of us have to hide for March!

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