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Cach-cadian's Once A Month Club


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How do you KNOW when we have just LEFT Wenatchee???

Hmmm...that means you just did a drop too.... and in the words of Xy.....Whereizit? Whereizit?, Whereizit? :huh:


As far as the caches up the 97, I was on a bus with 42 16,17 and 18 yr olds so just stopping was not an option. (of course, I would have paid dearly to get off a few times :tired: ) I did a search and came up with very few. Of course, it's a bit more difficult since the maps do not show the detail once you look into Canada. Canada becomes a big grey blob :rolleyes: . If there are better ways to search for caches in Canada, let me know and Moun10bike's new routes and polygons don't include inland BC. I'll be up there enough to make good use of any search techniques you can dispense. :)

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Hi y'all I want to be a part of the once a month club!


Ok I know it's not feasible, but I did want to let ya know I've thinking of y'all and I've placed two very pretty drive by's. Especially for when you dry side folks come to visit us wet siders.


Skykomish, Grott area.




I've been lurking in your thread.



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I've thinking of y'all and I've placed two very pretty drive by's. Especially for when you dry side folks come to visit us wet siders.


And you know we appreciate it. :D We almost always pick up at least one SG or Lucy & Rickie cache when we sneak over to your side of the mountains. Everytime the new caches come out at the end of the week I see all your caches and want to come find them. I am sure we will be headed over there sometime this month so keep those drive by coming for us. :blink: And give us a peep every now and then when you're lurking!

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There's a new cache out there in Cache-Cadia Land. Just hid it this morning. Located at a nice view of the valley. The Cache contains a FTF button, a WA State Geocoin, and a Yellow Jeep.

Nice placement with view! Now I can take that spot off my list to hide one in. Now lets talk about XY. Doesn't he have a job or something to do during the daytime. :laughing:

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Your welcome, glad you enjoyed it. I think I enjoy hiding caches as much as finding them. Stay tuned for more this spring from me in the Squilchuck - Beehive area. Just waiting on the snow to melt.

Might be nice to wait till after the cache machine to put those caches out. It is prime area for the campers.

I was 2 miles away for legitimate work. Day job stuff. And it was lunch time.
Hmmmm, seems I 've heard that line before. :laughing:
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Nice cache location: Rock Island Rapids.  Enjoyed the photo.


It was nice to finally be FTF again.  It helps that I work right across the hiway from the cache.  Sorry for the disappointment XY. 


Not really. (snicker)  :P


Uh yeah. Heard where the location was and thought....Silver platter....cache... here ya go Nav. :P That's ok, you've been a little dry lately for the FTF's since you've been gone and hiding a lion share of the caches. Now Xy on the other hand needs to get a desk-bound job! I'm really beginning to wonder if he works at all. I've called his cell phone and he's at my location less than 10 minutes? What gives with that? I want his "job". ;)


I rehid my February (had to tweak it's location) and need to submit it tonight. It would serve Xy right if I hid it at the top of some mountain where only Hummers can go... ;)

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Geez, you guys are impatient. I was gone for the long weekend and had WAY too much to do before we left. Who knew in a family of 5 I had to pack and plan for 4 and then plan for the house/animals too? The geo-ignorant spouse...? naw, he grabs the car keys and says, are you ready? :surprise:


I will submit it tonight barring any keyboard interference from neglected cats/dog/kids/geo-ignorant spouse or washing machines. Besides, Nav and 'Toodles were out of town over the weekend too so this just gives them and equal edge! :anibad:

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Besides, Nav and 'Toodles were out of town over the weekend too so this just gives them and equal edge!  :P

Yeah, that means that xy will get it. :surprise:

Patudles, did we just get insulted? :anibad:

Oh, I love ya guys. :P

Hmmm, I'm lost, :P whats going on here. What's with all this XY stuff anyway. He's just a babe cutting his teeth. :P Us more mature cachers can let him run himself in the ground. :P Besides we still have what it takes (I think we do) :P so he doesn't worry us any. What does it take anyway? I don't think I ever did figure that one out. :) And yes, Ambrosia, you better say you love me. If you want anymore dates with that handsome All41. You know I hold the trump card there! :P

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Because Team MisGuided has no life other than to approve our caches, it's up and ready for you to rush out under the guise of "work" <_< . Can't anyone around Wenatchee/Rock Island/Quincy fake a work related injury so Xy has to do some real work? Hey Toodles, got a chain saw and some fake blood? :unsure: Or wait...Nav, don't you have some work at Rocky Reach tom'w EARLY? <_<

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Hey, got it!!!  FTF!!!!  Yeah me!!!  Where was everyone?  Nice cache Robinego!!


Just Kidding.  ;)    gotcha again.  :)

I know better since I already got "the call" this morning. But hey, I tried! I believe Toodles already grabbed my 2nd hide as well. I didn't tell you guys about that one because I was trying to slip one by you all :) . Hard to do when she's up all night trolling the website and Xy is out of the house at the butt crack of dawn! :(

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And today I get this membership to AARP in the mail.  Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm too young to turn 50.  :)

LOL , I've been throwing those away for the past . . . . well let's just say little while. Who do they think they are trying to tell me I'm old enough to belong . :D I'm sure they have the wrong info. Then to top it off my church has the audacity to invite me to their seniors club. Arrrrgh! Nope, I'm not ready for that one either. :)

Edit: addition. . .

Now, why do I get up at dark:thirty? Just to prove something? You bet! B)

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