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Mark "the Cat" Children In Need Event - Bug Race

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Part of the fund raising for the Mark "the Cat" Children In Need Event is a travel bug race with an as yet unnanouced Grand Prize donated by Harrogate Hunters.


Although the rules are a little bit woolly at the moment, I feel the time is right to start the ball rolling. I have made up a number of bugs (27 as of this moment, all with a laminated tag showing a different breed of cat on one side and a narrative on the other explaining about the event and a little about the influence that Mark had on the UK geocaching scene over the last couple of years. Each tag is numbered.


The general idea is that travel bugs will be simultaneously released in various parts of the world and gain points under an as yet undecided system involving miles travelled and times found by different cachers. I know it's vague, but it will become clearer when I've had time to think of some rules.


My proposal is to sell entries for 5 pounds to cover the cost of the tag and postage to far flung parts of the world plus a donation of however much you feel like giving to the worthy cause. No minimum, no maximum, no publicity. There will be no league table showing who gave most, I'm not into that kind of thing.


Now here's the rub. Anyone who purchases a travel bug in the next week. ie before next Saturday, will have their bug released in some part of the USA. I am going to Austin on the 8th November and will give some to my friends there, some will be mailed to people I know in other parts of the USA. All will be released into the wild at around the same time after the Event on the 21st November. So although you will not get the 4000 odd miles for the transatlatic trip, you will have your bugs released in prime geocaching country.


Anyone who wants to have a bug released over there, please email me slytherin@REMOVETHISgeeksquad.co.uk for payment instructions. Cheques made payable to "Children in Need". I have decided against using Paypal as they take a cut out of the money.


This offer is not restricted to UK geocachers. I have had enquiries from the States already. Anyone, anywhere in the world can buy a bug and participate in the race.


As well as the main prize, there will also be a special "Numbers" prize for the bug that clocks up the highest mileage by fair means or foul. Mileage can only be claimed by a bug being present at a geocache (real or virtual) but the bug can travel from cache to cache by whatever means is available - post, plane or carrier pigeon. Use your initiative.


Anyone who doesn't get a bug prior to the event will be able to get one on the day, subject to availability.


Also, I'm still looking for raffle prizes, so if you have anything please let me know.


I hope this is all crear to everyone. :mad:

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The long and laborious task of activating all the bugs has started.


#1 is in Mark's name and the travel bug page is here.


The others will follow much the same pattern. If anyone has any suggestions for changes in the wording or the format, please let me know before tomorrow as it's easier to cut and paste than is is to go back an amend loads of pages.


All 27 bugs are sold and over 300 pounds has been raised so far.


I am getting some more bug tags that will be available for sale/donation on the day so don't worry if you haven't got one yet.



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Will we be adding our TB's to our own accounts Alex?



No, I have registered all the bugs. Do a travel bug search on "Charity" and you should see them all. I decided that it was easier to have them all in the same place. Apart from anything else, it makes the cheat's race a little harder as no one (except me of course) known the tag number of their bug.


I have sorted out four locations for starting points. Sacramento c/o Hornet, Austic c/o moi, Seattle (someone from Austin is going there on exactley the right day, and Arizona. So a fair spread of locations.


I'm in Dallas right now (the wonder of free wireless internet) and three lots of bugs are here with me. They were all sealed up by a blindfolded Mrs Slytherin, so I have no idea which 6 bugs I have in my envelope and will only know when they are released in Austin on the 21st. By which time I will be back in the UK.


So, all is going well. While I am in the States four new caches will be placed near to the event location, so everyone will have something to do apart from drinking!!

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I wish you would have said that we wouldn't be logging them as our own bug, I don't mind the donation to CiN but wouldn't have wasted a fiver for a bug that's not our's.


Des & Bren


If that's the way you feel, I will send you your money back.


I don't see how anyone can think of a charitable donation as a waste of money. Takes all sorts I suppose.


I will check the bugs I have, if yours is amongst them I will bring it back home with me and sell it to someone else.

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