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  1. Try Paperless Caching on "Follow The Arrow" web page. There is some very usefull information and tips there. www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk/resources/paperless.html
  2. Caches in the Lake Garda area may be found by exploring Google Earth Map.
  3. Unfortunately will be unable to attend, as will be in SE Hampshire this week-end preparing to travell to the New fForest to meet Cushag. She will l be in transit from Southend on Sea. Hope you all have a good meet. Cheers, NIBBO
  4. Staples Office Supplies have a range of griplock bags
  5. With reference to:- “The one in question is "aiii que dolor"(GCG42B): owner not on since Feb 15. That cache is difficult to be certain about, and confirmation is definitely required” I sent an e-mail to the owner on Monday 28th Feb 2005 and received a reply on 2 March 2005. Unfortunately I did not have the answer complete correct, therefore did not log it. Perhaps part of the reply I received might help to answer the problem. “If you want the answer I can email it to you, but it will be in a few weeks. I am having some problems in reaching an internet cafe these days... so my answer can be a lot slower” Cheers, NIBBO
  6. Reference number of caches on the I of M, there were only two when I started, and one of those was original indicated as being in Ieland. Whilst locating the first two another one appeared, which was duely located. On this first excursion into the realm of "Virus Found in Plastic Boxes" was escorted atround by a young lady whose eventually got the "Virus" and becameknown as`Cushag.
  7. If any body is about between 25th May and 12th June I shall be on the Island. 4x4'sare not really necessary, as you would not be able to use them across country. Citroen AX with driver was good enough for Seasider last year!
  8. Add one more to the list,and for Lunch Two medium size boxes`if possible. NIBBO
  9. Take a look at Avery Denison Home Page. Example of labels available: White Heavy Duty Labels - Laser - L7068 Durable polyester labels for outdoor, industrial and warehouse use. Waterproof, weatherproof and resistant to oil, detergent and grease. Stick to metal, glass, plastic and wood. Size 199.6 x 143.5 mm Amount per sheet 2 Colour White Usage Ideal for use outside. Can be used in freezers. Printers Laser Features Markproof UV resistant. Working temperature -40 to 80 degrees http://www.avery.co.uk/uk1/home/home.jsp Cheers, NIBBO
  10. There appears to be 15 on the Island Cheers, NIBBO
  11. Sorry left the initial "G" off the geocache ref code. Link http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=89020
  12. As a jumping of point try El Jameo CGRDH
  13. <<who else do we know who uses AOL? >> I do also
  14. Cushag is not alone on in Malta, but with me. On return to UK hopefully a few caches will be found before returning to IOM.
  15. Congratulations , have just seen that Happy Humphry, has acheived "the ton" Cheers, NIBBO
  16. First on Isle`of Man. Not bad for a "Come over"
  17. Cushage finds 100th cache despite weather conditions. 98th cache involved a quick trip to Sweden. Congratu lations. NIBBO
  18. Does anybody know if this event is still a going concern for the August Bank Holiday Weekend? Cheers. NIBBO
  19. Unfortunately I am not a "tailless friend", but a quadruped from the south of England across for a holiday. In fact a "Hampshire Hog", born and bred,and still living in the county. Very interesting day as chauffer. for the Manx Mission, and one way of seeing sites that many tourists never see. Thankyou for those that set up the caches. Cheers, NIBBO
  20. Pub meal will be OK with us, at Port Erin. Wednesday evening meet will also be all right, as it will be within 15mins of College if necessary. Venue, will it be The Viking, Cluepot or George Hotel? Will leave it to HH's knowledgeof the local watering holes. NIBBO
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