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Avatar Creation Requests, Submissions, And Help.

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Ok, I've been trying all night to change my avatar. I have a design that I want to use as a sig item and I have the image saved on my computer. I've done the upload part, but when I go back to change my avatar image, it's not there. I've tried logging out and back in. I've "uploaded" it several times and each time it shows up on that page, but is no longer there when I go the the change avatar page. I'm sure I'm just missing something simple. Any ideas?


P.S. I've loved all the avatars in this topic. Very talented people here!

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I'm hoping someone can help me with a simple logo. I'd make it myself but don't have an art program yet. I need a gps unit with a scuba tank valve on top and the words "SCUBA CACHERS" on the screen, maybe superimposed over the four geocaching logo colors. This needs to be a jpeg 300 X 300 in size. Thanks for the help!

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I really like this one. The guy is in a perfect position. Just one issue with the bike itself. Did anyone notice that there is a derailure on the rear of this bike. Problem is this is a track bike, and in track racing, only single speed, fixed gear bikes without shifters, derailures, or brakes are allowed. Besides, it shows a derailure but no shifter, not on the down tube, not on the bar ends, and not on the hoods.


Just messing with you Amish Hacker, all that is true, but dont bother fixing it. I am the only one obssed enough to find that. GREAT WORK

ya but you missed the most important thing ifn yall wanna nitpik -- there ain't no front axel -


buy hey -- this is a stylized image - ain't sposed to be a photo -



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Im looking for some help making one for us. Im a firefighter and wife is a teacher so we want something to do with Smokey The Bear and a teacher or schoolhouse or whatever. Would love some help making our signature avatar and pic for personal items.


Thanks everyone! Love alot of the ideas allready made up..

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Ok my turn to ask for help


This is the logo for C.A.C.H.E.


Originals are lost. only this size remains.


I need an 88x31 version of it. And quite honestly I wouldnt mind seeing suggestions for a better logo.


Anyone care to help??



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C.A.C.H.E.jpg <- Same size as the one you posted


C.A.C.H.E2.jpg <- 88x31


Not the best...but quick :rolleyes:

any chance to see it with the black letters white? or am I being picky?

hey! it's got purple in it, what more could you ask for?

Ungrateful son of a gun, thats what I am.

heck! even my words are a lovely shade of orchid. and you're not even my approver. :rolleyes:

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Hey AmishHacker. How about helping out a fellow Hooiser. We named ourselves Team Racedog in honor of our pet greyhound. So far, I haven't been able to find a suitable avatar. Think you could come up with something using a running greyhound? I prefer that it not be too cartoonish but hey, beggars can't be choosers. BTW, I like the one you did for Greyhounder using the geochache colors. Very cool. I had no idea you Amish were so handy with computers. Thanks.

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Please add this to your list.


This is for a stamp and has to be line art.

"If you are producing the image on the computer, produce it very large. It must be lineart, no shades of gray. BMP, GIF, TIFF, or low compression JPG all work. EPS raster files and CorelDraw 10 or earlier versions work, too."--from CR's instructions.


"I was thinking along the lines of....A blood hound holding a magnifying glass, possibly with a dog track in the center of the glass. And the text, ...You've been found.....trail hound!


A round stamp with a dog track in the middle and Trail (on top) Hound(bottom) following the curve of the stamp

What do you think? Is it do-able?"

-Trail Hound


Thanks guys,



Hi again - I'm back from my trip, and would like to give this on a go.


I like to work in line art (vector gfx) best anyways.

Just posting so you know something is in the works.

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So I worked on a couple from the bottum of AmishHackers list, I thought I'd start on one from the top (oldest) part of the list.


For robertlipe


1st attempt.




2nd attempt. remove the hands




3rd attempt. change arrows (possibly my favorite of the three)




and as an avatar...



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FisherBear - The list is on page 11.


For Robertlipe.


Try 4 - added other elements - too busy in my opinion - I do not like it.




Try 5 - Tried moving the sat out of the exchange path and just indicationg PC and

GPS exchanging info - also too busy for my tastes.




Try 6 - Changed the globe to better make space for the sat.

This one does not look bad to me - Still like #3 maybe, but 6 would be my second choice.



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Hey Everyone, I was needing some help on a avatar I was wanting for my screename. I've been using my company logo as my avatar but it just doesn't go with my geocaching name. I was wanting to get a stamp made from CR & Sissy so I just need it to be simple black and white lineart. I've been trying to draw this myself but have quickly learned I have no artistic abilities whatsoever.


I'm wanting something looking like a profile of Charlie Brown standing in his shorts and hiking boots. It would be neat if he had on a backpack and was holding a gps in his hand. The fun part was I was wanting him to be wearing a football helmet with LSU on the side of the helmet.


Can someone take pity on this creatively challenged cajun and help me out?



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I've been following this thread for a long time, and thinking how creative all these designs are. I thought I didn't need to ask for help, because I've got a logo saved elsewhere that I'll use.


Well........that file has been lost to the bit bucket sometime in the last 3 years.


So here's my request. Simple and clean. I'd like a fist clenching a lightning bolt, like it's being thrown, or wielded above the holder's head. Don't need much for color since it's just 2 items, but it would be nice to have the bolt bright yellow or gold (but I'm open to suggestions).


Thanks (if anyone has the time!)



(Since others have asked: wx is a ham radio abbreviation/slang for 'weather'. I build & maintain weather stations for NOAA. Hence, 'Weather Maker.' Get it? :unsure: I'm so creative. :lol: )

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NOTICE - hosting of avatars created by Dino_Hunters is changing.


I am posting all AV sized jpg files here with links to GC.COM hosting. If anyone sees a broken IMG link in this thread to a graphic that they did not get downloaded, please send me an e-mail and I will get you the file.


Please download or link all the AV files from these next posts. Thanks.





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