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Avatar Creation Requests, Submissions, And Help.

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Can anyone give me hand. I think this will be easy. I would like to modify the Maryland State flag so that the yellow and red sections are replaced to reflect the geocaching four colors. My skills on a computer are so limited that I could not even cut and paste a copy of the flag into this image.


Thanks in advance.

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I would I would like to say again that there are some very creative people here. There have been some great Avatars created here. I have no talent. The best I could come up with is a half USA half Canada flag.

Who are the Wildwoods? We are Mr. Wildwood Mrs. Wildwood & Kidlet (our 14yr old daughter)

Mr. Wildwood is Canadian and has only lived in the USA for 4 years.

Mrs. Wildwood & Kidlet are American

Wild: Because Mr. comes from the Wilds of northern Canada

Woods: Our last name is Wood

We love the outdoors and hiking the trails around here. The wilds of Iowa are not the same as the wilds of Northern Canada. Instead of waking around the corner and coming face to face with a black bear and her cubs, now all we have to worry about is a squirrel with an attitude. <_<

I was thinking more of a mountain landscape background. Mr. lived close to the Rocky Mountains. Mrs. & Mrs. were married on a mountain top. We also love to canoe.

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Thank you for your work in this thread. Can I make a couple suggestions. First try and create the Avatar in the Avatar Size (75 pix width). Your images look good big but are hard to make out when little. I usually get the idea and try a big one but when I convert to small I have to rework the graphic. I do not just resize and leave it at that.


Also, try putting the gray back ground on images that would just have a white one. It looks better in the fourms...you can screen shot the fourms and copy the color over.


Thanks again



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We four (Paul..me, Caroline..wife, Julie..daughter & Doug..son) are "Uniacke Raiders" located in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Skyarcher was good enough to make the avatar you see but I was wondering if anyone could work in a bike, canoe, highway, GPS combo thing into an avatar for us?


I'm a highway engineer, with a bike, a red canoe and a Magellan Sportrak Map.




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My Avatar is supposed to be animated.  It revolves on all the other forums I use.  While it is rare to see an animated Avatar on this forum, I know it can be done.  One user uses an animated version of Sauron and it works fine.

Whenever you upload a new image to GC.com (including avatar photos), it converts to a JPEG file. Some forums allow you to upload an animated GIF file or link to an existing file hosted on another site...but not this one. Sorry!


Edit: Some users might have old GIF files; back in the day, you could upload pretty much anything to GC.com--but that's long since gone.

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For the record, I once spied (and saved) a fake geocaching "logo" that turned out to be NOT the Groundspeak logo at all, it just kinda gave the impression that it was on first glance. Different graphics in each of the colored squares. Bit of a different shade of each color.


If any of you want me to post that as a gc.com logo substitute, it could probably serve as a way to "bend" the Groundspeak rules in a kind of pretend way without really messing with them at all. ;)


Let me know if you need this uploaded here.

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Sorry, here's a pic of it.

It is a triangle within a triangle the inner triangle has a clipart of hotdog and the bottom of the first triangle has (The Hotdog) typed in it. 188b2d0a-e0f8-4687-845c-569f004ca96e.jpg

all that needs to be done is make it bigger and more dynamic. thanks :P

Okay... seriously, when I looked at it before I couldn't even make anything out. It looked different. Anyway, here's my take on it:



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Hi, how about one of the avatar masters create a thread thats all about tips and tricks for avatar creation I would but I the best I can do is the pic 3 post a above I think It would be better if someone would be telling the tips and tricks instead of asking for them anyway just a idea that would help take some of the load off here. :P

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