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How Did You Pick Your Username?

Team Noltex

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I used to work for an educational software company as a software tester and many of our programs required a login or a first and last name. I started coming up with different logins & first last combos by picking a noun or adjective and a cutesy animal name. Super Puppy, Sick Kitty and Space Weasel were some of my favorites and I started using superpuppy as my login for other things. For online games I use Valkyrie though, more intimidation factor there. :D


Edited for spelling... <_<

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No the Guppy series (there are several) are the first of the oversized cargo planes and are propeller based. They are basically a modified Boeing B-29, known later commercially as the B-377 StratoCruiser.


The Beluga is a jet based on the Airbus A300 and is bigger.



Boeing is coming out with a new larger one based on the B-747 to support the 777.


Now back to your regularly scheduled programming....

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As I've never posted in the forums before, this seems an appropriate topic to break the ice, so to speak. I've used this nick for many years in many fora. fishiam is a combination of a character from my favorite Dr. Seuss Book (Green Eggs and Ham) named samiam and my profession - as well as a passion - fisheries biologist.

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I always have trouble coming up with screen names, and those I thought of were already taken here. So I thought and thought about it and all I kept coming up with was that I needed a new user name. Bass Ackwards came to mind, but before I could try it, I stumbled onto the bass ackwards useR namE. Although, as much as I post, I pro'lly shoulda' used the old 'Dave12345...' that gets defaulted on most sites.


Resu Eman

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So my name is the same as a famous actor. Everyone I meet recognizes this name and ALWAYS says something to me much like the following..


So, how is Lois Lane?... huh huh huh

Lookout, Lex Luthor is right behind you!!!... huh huh huh

Was your horse made of kryptonite... huh huh huh

Dude, I heard you died... huh huh huh (recent)

... and every other combination you can think of.. seriously!


I have heard it all and it will never stop, ever. I am not kidding, its been going on for YEARS. :D


Years ago I decided to embrace my destiny and accept my fate.

I just shortened the name and spelled it "differently" for that kooky effect.. indeed.

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Been trying to think how to answer this... Actually, my favorite user name is one created on a MS game site once that used a random user name generator. One time I logged in and it generated 'showiest snail' :laughing: I can't explain why, but that still cracks me up. But, it's kind of unwieldy. I came up with Little Blue a year or so ago for another reason and used it when I created an account for geocaching. The funny thing is, I had *no* idea that it was a name outside of your login. I guess I just never thought about it. But then I went to a WSGA meeting, and of course people used their cache names, because that's how you see posts from people. Funny how now it seems more natural to call the cachers I've met by their cache names rather than their real names! Still, it feels kind of strange to hear myself called Little Blue. Feels like I've got some kind of spy alias! :wub:

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I was nicknamed "Pebble puppy"when I was young,because I loved to

collect rocks.I still have more than a passing interest in geology,so I dusted

off that name to use again.It goes well with Geocache,don't you agree?


Winners are just losers who kept trying----anonymous

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I guess I should tell the world what Arabesque means. It was the name of the boat Cachin-Ferret and myself lived on for about 5 years. Cachin-Ferret and myself lived on a sailboat in and around the Seattle area. We never got to do any LONG distance traveling like we wanted to. Guess we were having to much fun and found our self’s with a baby! So we sold the boat, moved to land and became like everyone else. When we started to get into Geocaching the name Arabesque just fit. Webster’s College Edition dictionary gives this definition, “A position in which one leg is extended straight backward and the arms are extended, usually one forward and one backward.”. I thought that describes looking for/getting many caches so it stuck and I became Arabesque.

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What does a Polish girl get on her wedding night that is long and hard? Her new last name.

I was at the Olympics and asked this guy if he was a polevaulter and he said "no I'm Ukranian but how did you know my name was Valter?".


My handle is from the early days of CB radios and my need to always stop when in Virginia, to buy my dad a brand of cigar which wasn't available in Ontario. It also was the logical step from the everpresent handle "flying dutchman".


I half excepted to see someone in this thread with the user name of "broken rubber". Nah, that IS how muggles come to be?!!!



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I haven't been in the forums lately - too busy having children I quess. I find it absolutly hysterical that the World's Largest Edible Clam looks like, well you know...... The Wolrd's Largest, eh um.....


It never ceases to make me giggle.

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AnalogDog is from a progression of names that I have called myself over the years. At first I was Tridog, in dogged pursuit of triathlon. Then I got married and on ebay.


Tridog was taken, but AlphaTridog was not, so it became the name of choice for a number of years and still exists for me on eBay.


But recently, I have become AnalogDog because Alpha is nothing I want to fight for, and in most tech forums I am an old guy, old enough to remember before the digital days.


That well describes me with GPS. I cut my teeth with GPS in 1992, when there were so few satellites in space that to log a point meant working at certain times of the day. What we have now is nothing short of amazing.


I am puppy dominated, too, my beagles are a big deal in our lives, only surpassed by our little son, the GeoBaby.



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One of my other hobbies is Outdoor Survival. That hobby takes me out into the forests with almost to literally nothing carried with me. The user name OccidentalErrant .. is a combination of two words. Both words are adjectives with the Errant part that could be used as a noun. Since I like to wander around in the woods.. camping or (practicing survival).. I picked Errant and the other is because I am a westerner in the US. But then, Occidental has a much broader meaning than just the US geographical meaning I give it here and it fits as well with the traditional meaning to it. OccidentalErrant fits this mileau of Geocaching also.

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