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  1. Thanks! I'll forward the link to him.
  2. Thanks! I'll forward the link to him.
  3. I have a friend who was enquiring about the foretrex 201 as a wearable gps. I don't know a whole lot about it, but I don't think that they have map capabilities do they? Has anyone used this model for hunting? Like it? Is there other GPS models out there that are able to be 'worn' on the arm?
  4. I like to do a lot of things, but my hobbies - those habitual activities that take up gobs of time - are collecting world paper money, writing music and Aikido. If you'd like, you can listen to some of the stuff I helped to compose @ www.burningpeace.com I'm not with the band, but I played with and still collaborate with the lead singer, and several of their songs are ones I have either written or contributed to. They are pretty darned good and hearing them makes me pine for the 'good old days' of when I was still playing. If the satellites fall from the sky and I can't geocache anymore, maybe it'll free some time so I can get into it again. Are there other aikidoka who like to geocache? I was thinking that it would be cool to have some caches based on the philosophies - like "Way of the Mountain Echo" and "Pine, Bamboo and Plum".
  5. I went out yesterday and trekked about 2 miles. But when I returned, I downloaded my tracks and waypoints into the computer and I noticed that there were two lines leading about 4.4 miles north, across a river and through snowy wilderness. I did not go there. The two lines going North mergeat the destination, and one is going there and the other is returning. Odd thing is, it shows me going there at a steady 18 miles per hour , and as soon as I get to the furthest point, I return at 1,228 miles per hour. Now, I have heard of the speed going wacko on units from time to time, but I haven't heard of the unit tracking to places unvisited and unknown. All I can assume is that the receiver lost connection while I was walking along, and 'somehow' things thought I was 4.4 miles North and when it locked back onto me the track returned from it's mysterious journey. I feel kinda' ill at ease about this. I mean, it's just weird to have it go off at 18 miles per hour on its own. Anybody ever have something similar happen to them?
  6. I little while back I was in Riverside State Park in WA and I was walking back to the car with my wife and son. We saw that something up the trail was moving and wondered what it was. We had not seen anything like it before and it was a bit up the trail and in some scrub, so we walked slowly up and saw that it was a squirrel. But this squirrel had something that looked odd in his mouth, and it was about the same size as him, thus the earlier confusion. We asked ach other "what the heck does he have"? and we slowly walked up. He then bounded for a tree and we all distinctly saw that it was a severed human hand. Gross. Well, we thought that we had better track this little guy and see where his hiding spot for it would be and noted the direction he came from, so we could report it. The little fellow scampered up a tree and we hurried over to it and the critter came around to our side and we got a good close up view of the hand. It was obviously bloody at the stump and stiff. Then we all became aware of one thing. It was one of those Halloween props! Man, did we have a good, relieving laugh. And me without my camera. Funny how things like this only happen when I don't have it with me.
  7. an odball thing could be a travel package of toilet seat covers. I actually got these in my christmas stocking as a joke! I have since seen them at Rite Aid and WalMart in their toiletry section. They are in a small 2 X 2 package. I have thought that it might even make for a good "Log" in a cache I have planned.
  8. I always have trouble coming up with screen names, and those I thought of were already taken here. So I thought and thought about it and all I kept coming up with was that I needed a new user name. Bass Ackwards came to mind, but before I could try it, I stumbled onto the bass ackwards useR namE. Although, as much as I post, I pro'lly shoulda' used the old 'Dave12345...' that gets defaulted on most sites. Resu Eman
  9. My brother in law and I both have the sportrak map and we are very happy. I am in Eastern Washington State and my map covers 175 miles north to south and 140 miles east to west. This is a pretty square area, but it can be configured to a skinny little rectangle if needed - which I used to drive to the coast in August. The 140 by 175 mile area pretty much is the extent of the memory for adding the TOPO maps that it came with (Included streets and topo), but it has a world wide base map in it. I would believe that a lesser map that used only the topo or only the streets would use less memory and cover more area. I have had a great time with it, and it is pretty simple to use. It is my first GPS and I have had it since last spring. I use it a lot when I work to navigate the streets of my city and it has never let me down. My brother in law had dropped his quite a few times, and it has held up surpisingly well. If you are in need of driving long distances, then maybe you could step up to the Color or Pro, or whatever, but to use for a roughly two hour driving radius, and the street maps and Topo for hiking are wonderful. There seems to be a lot of Garmin users around, and I have read great testimonials for them as well. One thing to consider though is the price of the maps. My brother in law had the GPSr and the Map Software, so I only bought the GPSr and used his CD, which saved me a retail of 70-75 dollars, though I have seen it cheaper online. THere are other mapping software options you can use too from what I have read in these forums, so you might want to look into that as well.
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