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  1. There is one school of thought... that I am going to now.. That schools curriculum describes geocaching as a game and then a sport. The curriculum also attempts to define the purpose of the game/sport. Question: What is the purpose of geocaching? Is the purpose to locate a position on the globe using a GPSr.? (or) Is the purpose to find treasure? What reasons are there treasures hidden in geocaches and for what purpose? Should we go back to the beginnings of the activity to find the answer? Questions to ponder. Anybody up for homework?
  2. I would sure like to know what service they are using. The services that I have seen on the internet all charge more money on a monthly billing for the service. Of course, they are offering a worldwide coverage for that amount. I would also assume that maybe a search and rescue organization might get a cut rate due to the nature of their business/activity. I am still in the browsing category for service companies however, I have not ventured to contact them yet.
  3. Hmm, I am getting the feeling that ham radio operators get bored with it? I can imagine that ham radio is there when it is needed on a national or local emergency crisis but is generally a niche kind of thing. Operators knowing when the particular person they want to talk to is on the air to begin with and then just keep it off until that time? Ok, then I am looking at a satellite phone set up then and just bite the bullet for the cost of the phone. That would be in the same range as radio equipment anyway, if I were to get set up in that venue correctly I assume. Gee Whiz kids,, I can even use it at home...
  4. The closest activity that I have to recreational two way radio use is the CB Radio many years ago... I know, I know.. I do have a lot of professional experience with the use of two way UHF radios and some with HF so am familiar with some of the aspects of Ham Radio operation. Other than that? Nadda. But what I am looking for is any way of communication (emergency type) that will work, be it UHF, HF, cell or satellite phone to hog calling and yodelling. I have an interest in backpacking and camping and am planning to do that alone or with a small group. Therefore emergency communication is important to me. Although Satellite Phone service is comparable to regular cell phone service in cost, the actual telephones are really expensive even in rental IMHO. From that reference and one of efficiency and reliability, I am comparing the options of two way radio vs. satellite phone service. No, I am not licensed at this point. If I were to use that option though I would study for and take the test(s) as necessary. However, Ham Radio operation in and of itself is not a major interest of mine. Edit: addendum
  5. Hmm, I'll have to check on the repeater availability. The area I am mostly out in is the Gifford Pinchot, Mt. Adams area (includes roadless areas there). Currently I have Verizon (can you hear me now?) and No... I can't hear anybody when I am out there... lol. Go figure.
  6. Is the cache still there? I notice that the owner of it hasn't visited the geocache.com site since last Sept. Edit: Has anybody contacted him?
  7. Hi, I am traversing in deep forest in the Pacific Northwest, USA. I am out of range for cell phone operation there. I need communication for where I go. Which is best to use, Ham radio two meter? or should I splurge for a satellite phone?
  8. Hmm, While it is always good to find 'traded up items' in a cache.. with a pleasant surprise.. There are several factors at work here. Consider these: 1. Maybe the person that is picking and dropping can't afford anything nicer. 2. People may tend to go with the flow... (if they see junk in most of the caches that they have found, then that would be considered the 'norm' to them. Why bother with improving value of items traded?) 3. There are a lot of people still out there that want something for nothing. I will admit that spending all the time, energy and gasoline expense to participate in Geocaching is frustrating when a person sees the same type of trades over and over again. That would indicate that maybe there needs to be a way to enforce guidlines a little better. There are also those that don't put value into caches because of the possibility of the cache being found by muggles. It is a vicious circle at this point.
  9. Good luck... Been through the Fresno area... although some time ago.. it is a nice area to live in.. warm.. Don't forget... that no matter where you go, there you are.
  10. You're right Stunod.. that editing of the height and width does make a difference... Thanks to all .. I'll close this one now. email or PM me..
  11. Thanks guys.. I got it done and is now on my profile page..
  12. Hi, I was wondering what the URL of that lower 48 states map was that I can put on your profile page to show where I have been geocaching? Anybody know? I am starting to get few built up and think that the map is a nice addition to the page.
  13. I live in Vancouver... Be glad to get ya started.. I use a GPS V (5) but the etrex shouldn't be too much of a jump for me. PM me or email off my profile..
  14. What I would do is to just act naturally. You have a right to be there. If muggles bother you... (other people).. or look at you funny.. just hold your GPSr up to your ear like a cell phone.. The regular citizenry does not have the authority to really challenge you for being in a certain spot.. All they will probably do is call the Police.. If the police respond while you are still there.. just explain what you're doing and show the officer(s) your GPSr... All Police officers should know what a GPSr is... afterall, they use them in their squad cars in most Police Departments.. Edit: spelling
  15. I am not from that area.. but always thought that the Olympic Peninsula was a nice area to visit... need to get up there someday.. also there is the SanJuan Isl. area.. Look for outdoor parks in those areas.
  16. I'll agree with that...avidly... and not only for those that live in PNW... All you have to do is look at the result (in regards to this topic) of the earthquakes and Tsunami in Indonesia to know that Outdoor Survival Skills are needed by everybody in the world..
  17. After my own heart... I thought I was the only one that had an actual interest in outdoor survival..
  18. Super glue works wonders??? But you didn't hear that from me...
  19. Try this site.. http://www.gps4fun.com/ Or? if your in a hurry, Circuit City at Jantzen Beach.. Fishermans Marine next to GI Joes at Hayden Meadows. Then of course, there is REI.. They moved from the Jantzen Beach area to someplace in NW Portland. Welcome to the clan.. If you aren't using a GPSr.. you must be caching by Orienteering? That has got to be a challenge.. would be interested in learning that.. in fact I am studying that aspect of it. Edit: The Geomunch is at the shilo Inn restaurant off Airport Way 2nd Sunday of month.. in case Sparrowhawk didn't get around to telling you. See ya there.
  20. Ah, and the air pockets like bubble wrap will cushion it if dropped on the ground.. n'est pas?
  21. Hmmm, Ok,,, Fess up, Where was it misplaced... ? No skatin' under the table on this one.. gotta tell us what happened... come on...
  22. Well, you'll figure out somewhere to hide the next one.. Don't forget to check out what else I said.
  23. Yeah, I know it is how you play the game.. but I am not in competition with anyone... so, to me it is just an activity. and I don't play the 'game' of golf.. I can't see chasing a little ball around a field either..
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