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How Long To Get Cache Approval?

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Keystone Approver approved my cache in under 20 minutes after posting it. Your cache will get approved, sometimes it takes long then other times. The Approvers all have lives outside of caching, even thought that is hard to believe at times. Here in the Northeast the weather is the best it has been in a long time, so people are out doing things like visiting family, washing the car, caching, and resting up after a great CITO event.

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I see that your cache is one of several that are pending in Massachusetts, and also that it is a multicache.


The reviewers, during busy periods like this marvelous spring weekend, will sometimes tend to list the easier caches first and work on the more time-consuming submissions later. I noticed that on your cache page, you did not provide the coordinates for the other stages of your multicache. If you could please go add a "Note to Reviewer" to add in this essential information, that would help greatly in minimizing further delay in the review of your cache.


I am sure that the volunteer who covers New England caches will take a look at your submission in the near future.

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as long as it takes.



I 've had some almost immediately (couple hours) and some took several days. Remeber - they are volunteers and do it in their spare time. They give up a lot of extra time when they could be out caching! Be patient, but once you submit coords for a new cache, they are in the queue, and I think, if I'm right about this, the approver would be able to know if, besides existing caches, there are any new submissions that are within .10 miles of your cache. In cases of multi caches they need all the information for each stage.

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Remember that when the site slows down on the weekend for you, it affects the cache reviewers at least as hard. I got as far as the main page for the reviewer section of the website, where I could see that there were more than 600 caches waiting in the queue. I gave up trying to access them.


Each cache review requires multiple page loads, for logs and status changes and popping up maps and so forth. More so if it is a multicache with several waypoints to check. When you can only process three caches per hour, knowing that there are 50 more waiting, it's frustrating!


Please, be patient with the volunteers concerning cache listing turnaround time until Jeremy finishes implementing the server improvements that he's hard at work on. Thanks.

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I must say that putting a detailed note for the admin is a really really good idea... the more you tell them off the bat, the less questions they have when they look at your page. The less questions they have, the less time it will take them to approve your cache.

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Thanks Kitch. B)


Bear in mind that we are volunteers. Sometimes things happen. I'm feeling much better now, but I got a rather nasty *taste* of food poisoning on Monday. I didn't do much on Monday except hit ClayJar's Official chat. The pills the doctor gave me made me sleepy and woozy, so I didn't look at many caches. The site was cranky on Sunday, so it put me way behind. I am finally catching up, but this is a gentle reminder that sometimes life gets in the way (though it wasn't that gentle on me). We do appreciate it when you all bear with us. We know we have a tremendous responsibility to our fellow cachers and we don't like to fall behind.


Now, where's my soup! :mad:

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