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Kar Of Team Shibby Reaches #100


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Great to meet you on this monumental day B) I remember when I saw your first posts in the forums.. how psyched you were. You had 100 projected in a couple of months.. then you slowed down... then you got steady. Now there's a cacher that's not going to burn out... fit it in your lifestyle, that's the ticket to endurance in this game. Ok sport..whatever you want to call it.. part of life is the way I look at it. Big part, good part, fun part.. whatever B) Hope to hike the trails with you again. Congrats!

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Thanks everyone for all the kinds words! It was great meeting alot of you the other day as well as seeing a few I have met before! It took us a long time to hit this 100 mark! A lil over 2 years...LOL. This game/sport combines two things I love. Electronics and Nature, In that order! So Im in it for the long haul!!


Kar of TS!!

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What a fantastic way to hit 100! I look forward to caching with you again really soon. Jonboy has suggested we organize another trip like this on the other side of the river, plenty of caches so I'm hoping BrianSnat plays with his topo maps again really soon, but not in May. Please not in May, I'm caching to Florida and taking Mom to the Mayo Clinic. If that doesn't work, we'll try the Mustard Clinic. :) Again, way to go Kar!

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